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Look for cheap monthly car rental services in Jakarta area. Book a monthly car rental from a trusted Traveloka partner

Monthly Car Rental in Traveloka

Car rental is always the right solution to meet your mobility needs. After presenting daily car rental services in various cities in Indonesia and a number of other countries, Traveloka is now back with its newest service.

For those of you who need regular transportation facilities with a longer period of time, Traveloka has presented a monthly car rental. You can use a monthly car rental for a variety of daily needs, from business, personal, to travel.

Monthly car rental can also be a solution for those of you who have high mobility every day. Using a car will certainly feel more comfortable, free, and efficient. You don't need to be confused anymore in finding a reliable mode of transportation. From now on, just find the best deals for your monthly car rental, from the best Traveloka Lifestyle SuperApp partners. Traveloka's monthly car rental service will soon be here for you, at this time, you can convey your interest in advance through the form we have provided. Our team will contact you as soon as this service becomes available.

Why use monthly car rental service through Traveloka?

Panduan Kuliner Pilihan

Time Saver

Rent a car at your fingertips, anytime and anywhere. Compare cars from our trusted partners in one platform, finding the right one for you is now easier than ever.

Direktori Restoran Komprehensif

High Quality Service from Trusted Partners

Our trusted partners provide quality service to ensure that your trip is safe, comfortable and memorable.

Penawaran Spesial dalam Genggaman

Real User Rating

No more wrong decision. Real ratings from other users help you find the right car rental choice.

Monthly Car Rental Vehicle Available

Monthly Car Rental Partner

How To Book

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Benefits of Using Monthly Car Rental Services

Renting a car monthly gives you a variety of benefits. Here are the benefits when you book a monthly car rental on Traveloka.

Cost Efficiency

The first reason why you should take advantage of a monthly car rental is to save more. This is because you can get a more affordable price quote ordering a daily car rental. What's more, if you definitely need to use a car every day, then a monthly car rental is more profitable for you. Not only for daily mobility, monthly car rental is also suitable for those of you who are planning a long vacation in a destination. This monthly car rental service is suitable for use by companies that need to send their employees for routine service or operations.

More Practical

By renting a car directly on a monthly basis, you no longer need to have a new car. You feel like you have a private car that is ready to help your travel mobility every day. Just use the rental car according to your needs, whether going to the office, going to the mall, visiting friends and family's houses, and so on. Not only that, with a monthly car rental, you no longer need to bother going back and forth to a car rental provider. Either to pick up the car, or to return it every day. Your time feels more optimal with a monthly car rental.

Complete Facilities

You don't have to worry when booking and traveling using a monthly car rental for business purposes. This car is equipped with special care, where in this car a HEPA filter is available to maintain your health.

Book a Monthly Car Rental at Traveloka

After knowing the various conveniences and benefits with the presence of monthly car rentals at Traveloka, now there is no need to take advantage of them. Simplify your mobility by choosing the best transportation for all your travel needs. Immediately convey your interest in ordering a monthly car rental via Traveloka via the link we have provided below and our team will contact you when the monthly car rental service is available.