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Bali, Indonesia

Bali has remained as one of the world's top island destinations for decades and it's easy to see why. From white sand beaches to a thriving nightlife, this tropical paradise has something for every kind of traveler. The seaside temple of Tanah Lot, cascading rice terraces of Ubud, and black volcanic beach of Amed are only some of the beautiful views that can be found there. Diving spots at Tulamben and Nusa Penida also offer a glimpse of the vibrant marine life encircling the island. Nature aside, Bali is also known for its delicious food, ranging from beachside seafood stalls to world-class fine dining restaurants. The island is constantly changing, with new constructions at every corner and hordes of tourists from across the globe. Yet, the Balinese spirit — reflected in the locals' genuine warmth and Hindunese spirituality — keeps it as one of the most alluring places to lose yourself in.

Top Things to Do Around Bali

Kecak and Fire Dance Show at Uluwatu Temple Tickets
As a result of Kaikeyi’s machination, the Crown Prince of Ayodhya Kingdom Rama was exiled from the palace. Accompanied by his brother Lakshmana and his wife Sita, Rama made a journey to the Dandak Forest. As they traverse the forest, Ravana was enamored by the beauty of Sita and made plans to abduct her. After separating Sita from Rama and Lakshmana, Ravana abducted Sita and took her to Lankapura. With the help of the monkey army led by Hanuman, they finally defeated Ravana and reclaimed Sita.<br /><br />Set in the stunning temple of Uluwatu, this one-hour performance will bewitch you with a retelling of the Ramayana epic that follows the abduction of Sita by Ravana, the search for Sita by Hanuman, and the battle between Rama and Ravana. This fascinating performance is surely not to be missed by anyone visiting Bali!
RM 29.60
RM 27.82

Bali Zoo Tickets - Indonesian Nationals and KITAS Holders
Located in Singapadu, Bali Zoo is home to over 500 animals from around the world, making it the perfect destination for you and your family to learn more about wildlife. From Sumatran elephants, orangutans, bearcats, Bengal tigers to African lions, you can meet them all here and more. Simply walk around the zoo area and you'll be able to encounter many animals that are happy to meet you, too! <br />Throughout the day, there are a variety of events that you can participate in, including an interactive feeding time. Various activities are also available, such as the Night at the Zoo to see the animals' behavior after the sun comes down. The zoo also serves as a conservation site for a wide variety of species, so you can be sure that all the animals living here are as happy as they can be!<br />Say hello to the African lions!Meet friendly and adorable orang utansSee a wide variety of exotic animals like the lemur and moreChildren will love their time interacting with cute, fluffy animals at the petting zooDon't forget to enjoy a splashing good time at Jungle Splash Waterplay, with no added fee!
RM 29.60
RM 26.04

Waterbom Bali Tickets
Step out of your hectic daily routine and enjoy some water adventure at Waterbom Bali! Pump up your adrenaline by sliding down world-class slides, each one is constructed and maintained with international safety standards. The park also boasts lush greeneries and is equipped with water systems proudly represent the beautiful island of Bali — everything is thoughtfully designed to make sure you have the best experience.<br />Spans on 3.8 hectares, the park presents a wide range of water rides for all kind of adventurers. Surf up and ride the waves with Flow Rider. If you're a thrill seeker, challenge yourself to try Asia's steepest slide, The Climax. You can also try numerous exciting slides like the Boomerang, Superbowl, Phyton, Open Green Viper Slide, and plenty more! Families with children can keep the little ones busy in the Kids Area or enjoy a relaxing time in the Lazy River.<br />Experience the thrills of well-designed world-class slildes like the Green VipersTry to beat the wave at Flow RiderChallenge your loved ones to race on a fast slide like the Twin RacersLet your children have a blast at the Kiddy SlideEnd your day by relaxing in the Lazy River
RM 100.64
RM 92.58

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Why We Love It

unforgettable moment and also the coolest kecak dance I’ve ever seen

Damiara S. P.
on Kecak and Fire Dance Show at Uluwatu Temple Tickets

This zoo is nice, clean and not smelly. I really enjoyed strolling there with my family. Recommended place for family trip

Cynthia D. P.
on Bali Zoo Tickets - Indonesian Nationals and KITAS Holders

Very nice park. All sorted out with wristbands. A must visit spot in Bali. Food is inexpensive too. Truly amazing experience. I got discount tickets from Traveloka at last minute.

Sathish N.
on Waterbom Bali Tickets

More about Bali

About Bali

Tourist attractions in Bali seem to be able to captivate anyone who visits. The title of “the Island of the Gods” is firmly attached to this small Indonesian island. From nature, cultural tourism, culinary, to shopping, you can do it all in Bali, one of the most beautiful islands in Indonesia. Although only covering 5,780 square kilometers, almost every inch of Bali is a tourist destination. You can easily find the most beautiful beaches in Bali, such as Kuta or Dreamland. Bali's arts and culture can be found by visiting a tourist village. The splendor of Mount Agung as the highest mountain in Bali will also mesmerize your heart. The Garuda Wisnu Kencana or GWK statue has become an icon of Bali Island crowded by tourists, especially during the holidays. Likewise, the temples are magnificent and rich with a sacred atmosphere as a place of worship. Children-friendly tourist attractions such as zoos, water parks, to turtle’s captivity as one of the rare protected animals are also popular. Along with the rapid development of tourism in Bali, accommodation for lodgings has also emerged. It means you won’t have trouble finding a hotel here. However, it’ll be easier if you do a search and booking through a travel application, like Traveloka.

Top Things to Do in Bali

Bali is never empty of tourists, even if it’s not the holiday season. This place is also a favorite destination for couples to honeymoon, as well as educational tours for school kids. Somehow, the tons of attractions in Bali can end up confusing tourists. Which one should you go first and after? To ease your concern, here are the recommendations

Dream Museum Zone Bali

For those of you who like art, it never hurts to visit the Dream Museum Zone Bali. This museum utilizes the sophistication of technology combined with art to produce an interesting illusion of paintings. 

Bali Zoo

Make no mistake: Bali also has a lot of child-friendly tourist destinations, and one of which is the Bali Zoo. From the name, this particular tourist attraction in Bali is presenting a variety of animals for children education facilities and tremendous excitement. Watching various animals isn’t the only thing you can do at Bali Zoo. You can also have breakfast with orangutans, enjoy the thrill of bathing elephants in mud puddles, and even enjoying the night at the zoo.

Bukit Campuhan

Are you looking for an exciting place in Bali to decorate your Instagram account feeds? Bukit Campuhan (Campuhan Hill) is the right place to go. It’s dominated by rice fields, valleys, and rows of trees, displaying shades that are so beautiful and natural. The beautiful hill is also known as Bukit Cinta Campuhan among tourists. You can explore the beauty of this hidden hill by walking through a path that looks like breaking the mountain. Morning is the best time to visit because the sunrise will look very beautiful from here.

Pura Besakih 

Pura Besakih (Besakih Temple) is the biggest temple on the island of Bali. This Bali tourist destination is at the foot of Mount Agung, so the fresh air and thick nuances of nature around it are a sure thing. As a place of worship, this temple is the implementation center of all activities from all temples built in Bali. Built since 1,007 AD, the exotic Besakih Temple becomes one of the destinations included in the World Heritage category. Since it’s a place of worship, women on period are not allowed to enter the temple.

Monkey Forest Ubud

As the name suggests, this tourist attraction offers direct interaction with long-tailed apes. Based on the narratives of the indigenous people, the monkeys inhabiting the area are considered sacred. Their existence shouldn’t be disturbed, and they’re allowed to live freely. Interacting with apes isn’t the only activity you can do here. The natural atmosphere offered by Ubud Monkey Forest is so beautiful and soothing. Being here makes you feel like you’re reuniting with nature. This is the best place for you who want to release the burden and fatigue.

Top Culinary in Bali

Exploring the exoticism and beauty of tourist attractions in Bali can make your stomach hungry. Your next itinerary is to discover Bali’s culinary specialties. Here are the following recommendations for you

Ayam Betutu 

Don’t forget to taste Bali’s typical culinary, ayam betutu (betutu chicken), when you’re here. Its spicy taste is very delicious, not to mention that the processed spices are also plentiful and vibrant. This culinary’s uniqueness lies in the way it’s processed, where herbs are put into the chicken's stomach.

Sate Lilit

Next, there’s another unique food called sate lilit (satay lilit). In general, the satay meat is stabbed into the skewer stick. While the meat of sate lilit wraps around the skewer instead. Of course, the spices are rich with Balinese distinctive flavor.

Nasi Tepeng 

Nasi tepeng (tepeng rice) This food originates from the Gianyar region and has a soft texture like porridge. It’s served with kidney beans, long beans, Moringa leaves, eggplants, and young jackfruit. Grated coconut is also added to complete the delicious taste. Its abundant spices and spiciness will dominate the palate.

Nasi Campur Ayam Bali

Nasi campur ayam bali (Balinese chicken mixed rice) has always been the typical food consumed by native Balinese people. You’ll find this culinary’s uniqueness upon served because the side dishes sometimes differ in each restaurant. Urap (some kind of vegetable salad), sate lilit, lawar ayam (chicken lawar), and shredded chicken are the side dishes that accompany this dish.

Where to Stay in Bali

Have you booked accommodation for your stay? If you haven’t, you can find many choices in the Traveloka application. Here are some recommendations you can consider

Legian Horizon

If you want to spend more time in the Legian area, Legian Horizon can be your option. This 4-star accommodation on Jalan Sunset Road is close to Seminyak Beach and Kuta Beach.

The Alea Hotel Seminyak

The Alea Hotel Seminyak can also be an alternative consideration for you who stay longer in the Seminyak area. This 3-star accommodation has luxurious amenities and not far from Seminyak Beach and Kuta Beach.

Daun Bali Seminyak Hotel

Do you want a luxury-filled accommodation? Daun Bali Seminyak Hotel deserves to be on your list. This 4-star hotel offers a charming natural landscape. The facilities are also full of luxurious nuances typical of the Island of the Gods. Not to mention, its location is very close to tourist attractions in Bali like Kuta Beach, Seminyak Beach, and Double Six Beach.

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