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Cheap flights to Tehran (IKA)

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Flights to Tehran, Iran

Never has it come across the mind to pay a visit to Iran? Well, this beating heart of Iran, Tehran will exceed your expectations, only if you know where to look for! Indeed, the capital's ambiance may be of somewhat flummoxing and overwhelming especially for first-timers as this most populous city of Iran is always jam-packed with traffics, filled with loud buzzes of the crowds and the atmosphere reeked with a haze of thick fumes. Nonetheless, on the brighter side of Tehran is a city of intriguing contrasts that will spark wonders. It is divided into two different regions, the north and the south. Northern Tehran is more prosperous, modernized and expensive, meanwhile southern regions are cheaper and less attractive. This city too boasts many incredible architectures, historical sites and breathtaking nature from its botanical garden, parks and snowy mountains. Touring tips in Tehran is best to make it short but with repetitive visits.

Airport in Tehran

Imam Khomeini International Airport

Approximately located 55 kilometers southwest of the city center, Imam Khomeini International Airport is the primary international airport of Tehran. This airport caters destinations from all over the world such as Russia, Austria, China, Dubai, Turkey, Qatar, Greece, Vietnam, Indonesia and many more. It is also a home base for Iran’s international airlines like Iran Air and Mahan Air.

Mehrabad International Airport

Despite the name, Mehrabad International Airport receives only domestic flights. As of the year 2007, all international flights are directed to Imam Khomeini International Airport. Several airlines that operate here are Iran Air, ATA Airlines, Mahan Air and others.

How to Get Cheap Flights to Tehran?

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When is the Best Time to Fly to Tehran?

Despite the wide variation in temperature, Tehran is a year-round destination for all types of travellers. Nonetheless, it goes down back to your very own preferences from the kind of weather you love to travel in up to the crowd size you are comfortable with and from the activities that you would want to try out till the most important factors of all, your financial status!

This city is greatly blessed with a Mediterranean climate which defines its mild, wet winter but blazing hot and dry summer. Summer arrives in Tehran by June up till August. The heat waves here hit quite hard with the average high temperature of 36.9oC and low not lesser than 23.8oC during the night. Some may go up to the 40s. It is best to avoid travelling during this season if you are not fond of the heat. A stroll under this extremely blazing weather will merely leave you tremendously drenched both in sweat and in the dust!

But despite the heat, summer is still the favorite season among tourist to head here. Thus, making it the peak season for tourism in Tehran. Mark you, prices will be skyrocketing during this time of the year. Do book and purchase your tickets, lodgings and tours in advance! Meanwhile, Tehran welcomes winter by late December till February with an average high of 11.2 to 16.7oC. Winter here ain't that harsh, making it pleasant for you to enjoy skiing. Some professional skiers claim that Tehran has one of the best track for skiing. What's more, head on to their world-class ski resort!

Taking into account all the factors, March to mid of May is pegged to be the best recommended time to fly here. Putting these aside, another noteworthy factor to consider is the local's celebrations. Mark your calendar on the 20th March for the ancient festival of Nowruz that celebrates the Persian New Year and the coming of spring. It is an event dated as far back in 3 000 years ago. Next, an Iranian festival named Shab-e Chelleh is a celebration of winter solstice where gatherings with families and friends to read and share poetry from famous Iranian poets.

What are the Top 3 Things to Do in Tehran?

Azadi Tower and Azadi Museum - A tour in Tehran is incomplete without a photo of its significant landmark, Azadi Tower. This inverted-Y-shaped tower stood tall and mighty in commemorating the two 500th anniversary of the first Persian Empire. The entrance also leads directly into Azadi Museum's basement floor so that you can visit both at once!

Tehran City Theatre - Located right in the heart of the city, Tehran City Theatre is Iran's premier centre for art performances. Despite the decades old, its unique cylindrical architecture is still a great view to behold. A great place to be during, especially during the sunset, for you'll be able to enjoy lovely street performances by young Iranians.

Tochal Telecabin - A much-needed respite the air of the city center, Tochal Telecabin offers you a panoramic view of snowy mountains during winter with an endless fresh mountainous breeze. It might be the world's most extended gondola lift lines, which connect a valley in Tehran up till its last station in Mount Tochal with an altitude of 3 740 meters. Thus, giving excellent access to much of its skiing and other exciting recreational centers on the mountain.

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