Luxury Hotels in Balok, Kuantan


A small village by the beach in Kuantan, about 30 minutes out from the city centre. Located along the coast, it is a beautiful place to experience what the locals do daily. Its beach, the Balok Beach, is popular among the locals but less known to the tourists.

How to Get There

By Car/Motorcycle

Driving is the only way to get to Balok as there is no public transports available. The availability of taxi is also scarce. Driving or riding a motorbike are the best choice to go around Balok. The trip from Kuala Lumpur to Balok is three and half an hour.

By Bus/Taxi

There is also a bus trip from Kuala Lumpur to Kuantan Bus Station is also available and from there, take a taxi for about half an hour. The price for the taxi trip should be based on the taxi meter or fixed ticket price from the stand; make sure to know the price tag first to prevent from being distort by some of the dishonest taxi drivers.

Tourist Attractions

Balok Beach

Being a small village along the coast, the biggest and the star of attraction of the place is definitely its beach, the Balok Beach. It is the strip of beach along the village.

The Balok Beach has a white, fine-sandy beach, served as both recreational area and also their economy sources. As a recreational area, the Balok Beach is perfect place to be. It has crystal clear water and the beach is shaded with lots of coconut trees, growing high above it. The locals also had built some small coffee shops, selling hot drinks, thirst quenching, fresh coconut water and also some homemade snacks, mainly fish crackers and fried bananas.

The locals also sell fresh seafoods, freshly caught from the sea, along the Balok Beach. Apart from that, some of them also sell processed seafood products like local snack, the keropok lekor, and dried, salted fishes.


Swiss Garden Resort

One of the top choices hotels near Balok area, this hotel has received such a tremendously awesome reviews from its customers. It is a cosy hotel by the beach side, with very friendly services, and comfortable, clean rooms.

The resort is only 12 kilometres from Balok, and despite it being quite far, it is one of the best choices to spend your beach gateway. The resort is also completed with sports and recreations facilities such as an outdoor tennis courts, a game room, fitness and a beach volleyball court; playing on the warm sand by the beach. Who wouldn't want that? After a tiring day exploring the beach, customers can enjoy a massage at their spa or maybe a sauna to get rid of more sweat. The room price for a night starts at RM284, and with all the great facilities the resort has to offer, why not give it a chance to make the gateway extra special?

Residence Inn Cherating

Another resort by the beach. Residence Inn of Cherating is known for its superb location. Located about 500 metres away from the main road, slightly secluded from the busy motorway, this hotel offers a great deal of money. Its price tag is cheaper than most of the hotels in its vicinity but this doesn't mean that it disregards what the customers want from a stay. This hotel provides with a very comfortable stay in their three-floors inn.

The resort has three swimming pools, one for adult, another two for children. Take a dip in it, or maybe walk just a little bit further and reach the beach that is in the hotel's compound. If not in a mood for a swim, the hotel also has some games that it offers to the customers such as darts, canoeing, cycling, fishing or even horse-riding; not every hotel offers horse-riding, right?

The price for its room starts at RM181+ per night. One helpful tip here, do ask for a room at their newer wing, it is nicer and cosier.