Budget Hotels in Batu Rakit, Kuala Nerus


Batu Rakit is a small town in the district of Kuala Terengganu. There are many beaches around the area however most of the area is fishing villages. Since it is a fishing village, many would come here and get some keropok lekor which is a local east coast snack. The town also has a lot of seafood to be offered. It is a definitely a town with good food.

Batu Rakit is an island within Terengganu state. Therefore the people use Bahasa Melayu as their main form of communication. However they do have their own slang when speaking. It is rather different than the normal Bahasa Melayu used in the other region of Malaysia.

How to Get There

By Plane

One can take a local flight such as Air Asia or Malaysia Airlines and Firefly and fly to Sultan Mahmud Airport Kuala Terengganu. It is around 27 minutes’ drive from the airport to reach the town. There will be plenty of taxis that will be able to take the visitors there.

By Car

Visitors from Kuala Lumpur may take the Kuala Lumpur – Gua Musang Expressway. Then the visitors may head on to the road towards Kuantan which will be in the right direction towards Batu Rakit. Once reached to Jalan Kota Bharu – Kuala Terengganu or route AH18 it is very close to head to the town of Batu Rakit.

By Bus

There are many buses from Kuala Terengganu that heads over to Batu Rakit. The buses has an alternate timing of 1 hour to go to the town.

Tourist Attractions

Terengganu International Endurance Park

This is a park initiated by the Sultan of the Terengganu state, Sultan Mizan. It is an equestrian park to encourage the sport of equestrian. It has a complete infrastructure for the sport as well as practice, and also competitions. The land is suitable for the sport as it has a trek of 160 kilometres with the view of the beach side and farms. The riders would have quite a challenge to get through the cold rainfall during the month of November as it is the beginning of Monsoon season for the east coast areas. However the park is catered to train the riders to not make the situation a problem.


Chalet Teratak Samudera Kita

This chalet is the best choice when anybody visits Batu Rakit. It is very easy to be found as it is strategically positioned close to public facilities. This chalet has many entertaining facilities that can be enjoyed by those who stay here especially if it is a family. It is suitable for family holiday. This accommodation is also very affordable for a place with outstanding service. They have 24 hours front desk service therefore they will be able to assist from the check in process to the check out process. They are available for any kind of assistance needed. This chalet also has Wifi available for use. They offer great comfort with excellent services. It is definitely a place that will make the visitors satisfy with their choice of accommodation.

Mawar Homestay 40

This guesthouse is one of the top choices when visiting Batu Rakit. It has a good location located near to Sultan Mahmud Airport. It is also close to other public facilities therefore it is very easy to locate the guesthouse. It has decent facilities as well as great services. The guesthouse offer many entertaining facilities that are suitable for the whole family who stays there. It has a 24 hour check in service. Therefore we will be able to assist with any queries that their guests have. The guesthouse guarantees a great hospitality at affordable prices. It will definitely not disappoint their guests.