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Damai / Santubong


Santubong shares an interesting tale of jealousy and rage which had a tragic ending. Long ago, there were two princesses from the kayangan or heaven, Princess Santubong and Princess Sajinjang who were invited by the people to live and rule among them. Princess Santubong, the more beautiful of the two sisters, had many suitors, got married and subsequently become pregnant. The envious Princess Sajinjang became angry and started to claim that she is more beautiful than Princess Santubong.

A huge argument ensued between them as Princess Santubong would not agree. In the end, Princess Sajinjang became violent and hit the head of Princess Santubong with her pounding pestle. Princess Santubong fell off to the ground and the place where she fell is marked with the existence of Mount Santubong that looks like a lady lying on the horizon. Just before Princess Santubong fell, she threw her weaving loom’s beam at Princess Sajinjang, breaking parts of her body, which scattered into the sea, forming the islands in the area, namely Pulau Kera, Pulau Burung, Pulau Satang, Pulau Talang-talang etcetera. The rest of Princess Sajinjang’s body also fell to the ground and become the other mountain nearby to the Mount Santubong.

How to Get There

By Plane

There are flights to Kuching provided by Malaysia Airlines, Malindo Air, Firefly and Air Asia. From the airport, guests may hail up a taxi to reach Damai/Santubong.

By Car

Most major internal roads are dual-carriageways and Damai/Santubong may be linked to other towns in Sarawak by highways, namely Kuching-Serian Highway, Kuching Bypass, Kuching-Kota Samarahan Expressway and Matang Highway.

By Bus

The main bus terminal is the Kuching Sentral that serves long distance destination to Brunei, Sabah and West Kalimantan. From the bus terminal, guests may hail up a taxi or another inter town buses to reach Damai/Santubong.

Tourist Attractions

Makam Sultan Tengah or the Tomb of Sultan Tengah

Sultan Tengah was the first and the last sultan of Sarawak. When he died, Sultan Tengah was buried together with his family members at the location known as the Tomb of Sultan Tengah.

Sarawak Cultural Village

For insights of Sarawak cultural heritage, people may head out to the Sarawak Cultural Village at the foothills of Mount Santubong. This village showcases the various replicas of Sarawak major ethnic groups’ houses and its community way of life. On several scheduled intervals, there will be cultural performances too. It is also an award-winning “living museum”, which is the official venue for the world-renowned Rainforest World Music Festival.

The Cursed Crocodile Stone or Batu Buaya

The local legend has told the story of inhabitants of a village called Kampung Landeh, who enjoyed harmonious living, until the arrival of a crocodile from Ulu Landeh. The crocodile terrorizes the villagers and killed many in the process. There were many attempts to kill the crocodile but failed. One day, a brave warrior by the name of Panglima Merpati Jepang stood up for the challenge and manage to behead the crocodile. The head drifted to the river mouth of Santubong River and was washed ashore. As the head was so large, it remained ashore forever and over the years, it became a rock.


Damai Beach Resort

This hotel is situated along the sandy beach of Teluk Bandung. It features contemporary decorated guestrooms with the scenic breathtaking views of the South China Sea. The hotel offers great comfort topped up with full-fledged services and facilities such as the saunas, fitness centre and swimming pool. Guests enjoy a pleasant stay and the feel of relaxation within a calm, beach environment.

Damai Puri Resort and Spa

This hotel provides spacious guestrooms that come fully furnished with modern stylish mix of old and new, East meets West woody tones expressed in clean minimalist lines. Guests are also given the access to facilities including the use of gymnasium, freeform swimming pools and bars within the property. These advantages allows for a perfect family getaway, free decision to live, work and play.

Pullman Kuching

This hotel offers an ultimate, positive vibes accommodation starting from the welcoming at the entrance right up to fulfilling its guests’ expectations of entertainment activities, dining experiences, fancy designed decorated rooms with facilities and many more. The hotel inspires imagination and gives an everlasting memories.

Hilton Kuching

This hotel features contemporary decorated guestrooms with the captivating Sarawak River views. The hotel offers great comfort topped up with full-fledged services and facilities such as the saunas, fitness centre and swimming pool. Guests enjoy a pleasant stay and the feel of relaxation within a city environment.

Grand Margherita Hotel

This hotel is Sarawak’s first international hotel. It features contemporary decorated guestrooms with the scenic Kuching Waterfront views. A quick run along the perimeters allows guests to feel the pulse of Kuching town and offers a holiday photo opportunity with the famous Cat Family Statue. Guestrooms are well furnished providing precious and exclusive comfort.