Budget Hotels in Inanam, Kota Kinabalu

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Inanam is a small town and one of the sub-districts in the district of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. It is located just about ten kilometres from the capital city. Inanam has a rather unique geographical make-up as the place is hilly. The town has an important play in the history during the World War II, as the base for the Kinabalu Guerrillas, the resistance group, actively operating to fight the Japanese army.

The town population is made up mainly by the Dusun and the Chinese people. However, in recent years, the Inanam town has been populated by immigrants from neighbouring countries, the southern Philippines and Indonesia – mostly came in illegally and living in squatters.

The Inanam town main economy sources are from the industrial sector and also agricultures, all thanks to its fertile soils.

How to Get There

By Bus

There are several local bus services available in Kota Kinabalu that caters passengers to Inanam town at cheap price at RM 2 for the twenty minutes’ journey.

By Taxi

Taxi services are also provided by the locals. One single trip to Inanam town from the capital will cost around RM20.

By Car

The drive from Kota Kinabalu city centre will take approximately 16 minutes to the town of Inanam, depending on the current traffics. If driving from the Kota Kinabalu International Airport, it will take an extra ten minutes or so.

Tourist Attractions

Kiansom Waterfall

A local favourite picnic place, the Kiansom Waterfalls, located about 15 kilometre out of the town. The locals call it as a waterfalls park as there are seven waterfalls. It is easily accessible by a paved road. The trip to Kiansom Waterfalls would take less than half an hour and there is a mini bus service, provided by the locals, to the waterfall at a cheap price of RM2.50 per person.

There is an entrance fee that will be subjected to every visitor but fret not, it is very cheap at RM1 per adult and the children, half of it. The waterfalls became the favourite for locals as it is clean, easily access, with fresh, crisp, clean cool air. The pools are also deep enough for the adults to wade through and shallow enough to be safe for the small children though some of them are quite deep especially on the second waterfall. There are no guards at any of the waterfalls, so swim at your own risk and please be cautious.

Mari-Mari Cultural Village.

Wondering how the local’s ethnics live their daily life? Or what are their traditional dances, crafts and arts, or dishes? Head to the Mari-Mari Cultural Village to know further, and deeper into the life of the local ethnic. It is located on the same route to the Kiansom Waterfall, about 400 metres before reaching the park. Here, there will be a tour guide bringing you around the village, helping the tourists to indulge further into the great experience of learning the Sabahan unique cultures. It also offers a great ambience and tranquillity to the visitors.


Inhotel Kota Kinabalu

A hotel in the small town of Inanam that has received quite a great number of reviews from its customers. The cleanliness, its cosiness and great services from the staffs are the main reasons behind its success. It’s just 450 metres from the town centre. The price for a room starts at RM125 per night.

Century Hotel Inanam

If you’re looking for a budget hotel, this is one to places that is worth the money. Also located in the small town of Inanam, this budget hotel is a part of a three-storey shop lot. The room for a night starts at RM53, and despite its very cheap price, the rooms are clean and very cosy. They also offer free Wi-Fi connection to their customers.