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Kea Farm & Green Cow


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Situated somewhere nearby the Equatorial Hotel, Kea Farm is always busy all-year round. Kea Farm is one of the major reasons that caused massive jam between Tringkap and Brinchang (especially during public holidays and weekends). Due to the massive jam here, sometimes you’ll be trapped for an hour or so to get between the townships. Cameron Highlands is made up of eight neighbourhoods. The three townships are Ringlet, Tanah Rata and Brinchang. The five settlements are the Bertam Valley, Kea Farm, Tringkap, Kuala Terla and Kampung Raja. All are separated from one another by a considerable distance. The most popular towns of the retreat are Tanah Rata and Brinchang. They are about 4 km apart.

How to Get There

By Car

It is very easy to get to Kea Farm by car. Kea Farm is connected from Simpang Pulai (Ipoh) at East-West Highway, or about 45km away from Tapah exit, up the fantastic mountain road to the Blue Valley to Cameron Highlands.

By Bus

The main bus station is at Tanah Rata. Only long distance buses operate here and run hourly to most of the main destination in Malaysia.

Tourist Attractions

Mount Brinchang

At 6,666 feet above sea level, this is the highest point in Malaysia which is accessible by car. At the top of the mountain is a radio and television station. Close to the installation is a 15 m high “Observation Tower”. This is the best place to get a good view of the Cameron Highlands and the neighbouring state of Perak. The taxi fare to the summit and back can amount to as much as RM100. Before heading this way, it would be wise to negotiate with the taxi driver to see if the trip could include a visit to the nearby Mossy Forest and the Boh Tea plantation which is located at Sungei Palas.

Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands is the smallest district in Pahang which is located in the north- western corner of the state. One of the most popular hill resort in the country, this highland destination still retains much of the charm of an English village. Although massive development in the last decade has changed the landscape of the highlands, it remains a popular destination for those who wanting to escape the hot weather of the lowlands. Being the primary agricultural region of the nation, you will find an abundance of vegetable farms dotted all over the highlands. Cameron Highlands is also the leading producer of flowers and tea in Malaysia. Be prepared for a lovely sight of tea plantations and beautiful flowers you won’t see flourishing elsewhere in Malaysia. Located on the Titiwangsa Range at about 1500 metres above sea-level, the temperature here can drop to 16 ˚C or lower at certain times. Cameron Highlands is made up of 4 main townships followed by smaller settlements at different elevations. The first town from the south is Ringlet, followed by Tanah Rata, Brinchang, Kea Farm, Tringkap, Kuala Terla and Kampung Raja.


Copthorne Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands is home to tea plantations, valleys, and strawberry farms, and when you stay here, you will wake up to cool mountain air and lush greenery. Copthorne Cameron Highlands is a 4-star hotel, which offer a choice of 316 full-service guest rooms and apartments, all furnished with modern amenities. With scenic views of the surrounding nature, an indoor heated pool, multiple meeting rooms, and a range of dining options at the peak of the highlands, your stay here will be nothing less than memorable. Stay and discover the distinctive of Copthorne hospitality in Cameron Highlands.