Budget Hotels in Kuala Berang, Hulu Terengganu


Kuala Berang is the largest town of Hulu Terengganu district, Terengganu, Malaysia. It was the first capital of Terengganu before moving to Kuala Terengganu. In Malay language, ‘kuala’ means rivermouth and Kuala Berang eventually got its name due to the location where the Berang River meets the Terengganu River. It is also said that, the locals, however named it Kuala Berang after the bamboo species known as ‘buluh berang’ that grew wildly along the banks of Berang River and Terengganu River. Back then, the Chinese called the place as Fo-Lo-Ann. In 1887, the historical Terengganu Inscription Stone was found in Kuala Berang. Hence, it is believed to be the earliest human settlements in Terengganu. Other artefacts findings are also captured at the Bewah and Taat caves at Lake Kenyir which draws the attention of archeologists. The same goes to the location of Pahang local warriors’ graveyards such as Tok Gajah, Tok Indera and Tok Pauh, which are all in Kuala Berang.

How to Get There

By Plane

There are flights to Kuala Terengganu provided by Malaysia Airlines, Air Asia and Firefly. From the airport, guests may hail a taxi to reach Kuala Berang.

By Car

People driving from Kuala Lumpur may drive through the East Coast Expressway (LPT) exiting at Gemuruh exit before continuing the journey towards Kuala Berang.

By Bus

The express bus terminal is located at Kuala Terengganu. Among the available express bus services are Transnasional, KKKL, Mutiara Express, Sani Express and many more. From the bus terminal, guests may hail a taxi to reach Kuala Berang.

Tourist Attractions

Lake Kenyir

Kuala Berang serves as the gateway to the famous Lake Kenyir. Lake Kenyir is the biggest man made lake of Malaysia and even in South East Asia. Tours around Lake Kenyir usually contain a visit to a few of the popular attractions such as a visit to popular waterfalls like Lasir, Lata Terap, Petuang, Soak and Tembat. Most popular caves in Lake Kenyir are Bewah and Taat, where guests may encounter the amazing Tiger spiders. Another common reason for visiting Lake Kenyir is the angling activities. The identified best fishing spots in Lake Kenyir are Cacing, Leban, Petuang, Saok and Sungai Terenggan. Anglers come over to Lake Kenyir to try to catch species such as the Kalui, Kawan, Kelah, Kelisa, Lampam Sungei and Toman. The best time for this activity is during the monsoon season which lasts from October to March yearly.

Kenyir Elephant Conservation Village (KECV)

Kenyir Elephant Conservation Village (KECV) was built in 2012 with the aim quite similar to Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary in providing a safe place for elephants to roam freely in the protected, wild forest setting. The place is clean and elephants are well taken care of. Activities include elephant rides, elephant bathing, elephant feeding, education shows, photography opportunity and canopy walkways.

Kenyir Waterpark

Kenyir Waterpark is located at Poh Island, one of the islands within Lake Kenyir. It takes around 10 minutes by boat from the Lake Kenyir’s Pengkalan Gawi jetty to get to the Kenyir Waterpark. Among the attractions available as the waterpark is still in its Phase I execution are giant slides, Playstation areas consisting of paddle pool and splash pool, paddle boat and Ninja Warrior stations.

Terengganu Inscription Stone

Terengganu Inscription Stone was accidentally discovered by an Arab merchant named Sayid Husin bin Ghulam al-Bokhari on the banks of Sungai Tersat or Sungai Tara, Kampung Buluh in Kuala Berang after a flood. The text on the stone becomes proof that confirms Islam has been the cause of governmental system as well as the official religion in Terengganu.


AJ Hotel Kuala Berang

This is a simple city hotel located among shophouses lot intended for budget travellers. It provides decent facilities and comfortable for safe stay. It has a convenient, strategic location enabling easy access to places of interest.

Anggerik Impian Hotel

This hotel treats its guests with warm satisfaction. It offers nice, basic accommodation with standard facilities. The rooms are well maintained, clean and quite spacious.

Orked Guesthouse

This guesthouse provides homestay accommodation that is suitable for family or sharing with friends getaways. Staffs are very friendly and always ready to assist with guests’ requests. The rooms are properly furnished with standard amenities that brings comfort for its guests at all times.