Luxury Hotels in Pangkor, Manjung

Pangkor Laut Resort

Pangkor Laut Island


Pangkor Island is an island haven located in the Manjung district of Perak. Relatively small at 8km2, it nevertheless houses an abundance of wildlife. For a time, the significance of the island extended from the purpose of refuge for fishermen, merchants and pirates to a trading point within the Straits of Malacca. It now houses a population of approximately 25000, sustained by means of marine-based products and tourism. While comparatively smaller than other popular islands such as Langkawi and Tioman, there have been great efforts made since 2005 for the creation of Marina Sanctuary Resort, supported by the Malaysian Ministry of Tourism, which should see the island continue to cater even better for visiting tourists.

How to Get There

On the island itself, micro vans are available as taxis or you can alternatively rent a motorcycle for the day. To reach the island itself, there is the option of arriving by air travel to Pangkor Airport. Flights are available 3 times weekly departing from Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport in Kuala Lumpur, provided by Berjaya Air. By sea, developments made by the resort has shortened travel times to 7 minutes by ferry, in contrast to previous ferry services from Lumut. The service operates at 7:15 am – 8:30pm, with hourly departures on non-peak season and at 15-minute intervals during peak season.

Tourist Attractions

Dutch Fort

Dutch Fort was erected by the Dutch on a site known as Teluk Gudang. Built in 1670, its function was to deter pirates and local Malay rebels, storage of tin received from the Perak Sultanate, as well as establishing an outpost for trade. Strong as it was, it was later abandoned when a local warrior by the name Panglima Kulub led a small force to storm the fortifications. In 1973, the site was gazetted as a historical monument and reconstructed by the Malaysian museum department. Today, it is a popular tourist site within the island, a testimony to its once proud importance within the surrounding waters.

Pangkor Beaches

As the villages are located to the east, so the beaches are located to the west, and at Pangkor there are plenty to choose from. The most famous is Pantai Pasir Bogak, located to the west of the town of Pangkor. With adequate camping sites and amenities all around, the beach also offers good seafood served at the nearby stalls and water sports such as sea kayaking and jet-skiing. Alternatively, make your way to Teluk Nipah, made famous for the hornbills near its shoreline or for those feeling adventurous, to Teluk Segadas where a 15 minutes trail through a jungle route is necessary to reach there.


Pangkor Island Beach Resort

If your intention in coming to Pangkor is to discover its beaches, then Pangkor Island Beach Resort is your accommodation of choice. With its own pristine beach and located less than 2 km away from the famous Teluk Nipah beach, the premises offer services of convenience such as an in-house parking lot, a restaurant and a swimming pool. As the front desk is manned 24 hours a day and with air conditioning present, one can be sure that assistance and comfort is never far away. The premise is currently undergoing maintenance and scheduled to reopen in 2019.

Pangkor Laut Resort

For travellers looking for a dash of luxury, Pangkor Laut Resort is a great option to consider for lodging within the island. Here, guests are welcomed to choose from a selection of villas ranging from Garden, Hill, Sea to Spa class, all with a private balcony, reliable Wi-Fi connection and free breakfast included. In addition, having a 24-hour manned front desk ensures that assistance is never far away. Plus, the premises also offer services of convenience such as a free parking lot and a swimming pool. A perfect getaway for couples looking to reignite the passion within their relationships!