Luxury Hotels in Pangkor Laut Island, Manjung

Pangkor Laut Resort

Pangkor Laut Island


Pangkor Laut Island is an island in Manjung District, Perak. It lies within the state of Perak, about 85 kilometers from Ipoh and about a 3-hour drive from Kuala Lumpur. The name of the island comes from the Thai 'Pang Ko', which means Beautiful Island. It actually concerns a group of islands with Pangkor as its main island, and next to that a trio of smaller islands that are Mentagor Island, Talang Island, Giam Island. Fishery is an important source of income for most of the island's' inhabitants. The major industries of the island are tourism and fishing.

How to Get There

By Plane

If your option to come by flight, there is only one option which is by Berjaya Air which flies direct from the Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport to Pangkor Airport. Berjaya Air provides thrice weekly flights from Pangkor Airport to Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport in Kuala Lumpur vice versa. Flights depart every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

By Bus

The cheapest means of transportation to Lumut would be via bus. From Lumut Bus Station, you can get to Pangkor Island via ferry which arrives every 30 minutes and will take 40 minutes to Sungai Pinang Kecil.

By Car

If you travel from South and North you may use North-South Expressway to reach Lumut. If you travel from south you can take exit Bidor heading to Lumut. If you travel from north you can take exit Changkat Jering and continue your journey until you reach Lumut.

Tourist Attractions

Fu Lin Kong Temple

This is the largest Taoist temple in Pangkor Island. It hosts a large variety of different artifacts and display items even a miniature version of the Great Wall of China for you to explore. You will also enjoy the scenic view of the garden compound where the temple is located. There you can enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

Pasir Bogak Beach

Pasir Bogak claims to have the "Greatest Swimming pool in the World." Pasir Bogak is a beautiful white sandy beach with clear crystal water. Around the main area you will find plenty of hotels, all within minutes’ walk from the beach. The rock formation located along the coastline of the beach is unique and is what makes it different than other beaches in Pangkor Island. The beach offers a variety of watersports activities for tourists. Pasir Bogak Beach is also accommodates the perfect spot to view the amazing scene of Pangkor Island’s sunset.

Batu Bersurat

Batu bersurat is located close to the Dutch Fort, in Pangkor Island. The etchings show the picture of a tiger carrying away a child. There are also two round-shaped leaves, and the letters "If Carlo 1743" and "VOC". The "VOC" probably refers to the Dutch East India Company. There are several theories about the inscription.

Pangkor Fishing Villages

On the east side of Pangkor Island there are three fishing villages facing the mainland that is Sungai Pinang Kecil, Sungai Pinang Besar and Kampong Teluk Kecil. In fact it's a long strip of villages that continues to Pangkor Town. Although the villages are small they are interesting to visit. Many of the houses are traditional and some are built in the sea on stakes.

Pangkor Market

Don’t forget to spend time exploring the shops in Pangkor town. There you’ll find vendors selling dried fish and noodles, fresh fruit, and other staples. You can also find restaurants and cafes where you can get a good cup of coffee, and you can spend some time checking out the local antique shops. Don’t forget to see the beautiful scenery along the road.


Pangkor Laut Resort

Pangkor Laut Resort is a 5-star luxury hotel in Pangkor Island, is the perfect choice for you who are looking for luxurious treat for your holiday in Pangkor Island. This resort offers accommodation by the sea or surrounded by tropical gardens. It features 2 outdoor pools, an award-winning spa and 7 dining options. Get pampered with the most excellent services and make your holiday memorable by staying here.

Hotel Sfera

Hotel Sfera is ideally situated in Manjung, designed for both business and leisure traveller. The distance from Pangkor Laut Island is within 12.89 km. This 4- star hotel is the splendid choice for you who are seeking for a luxury and comfortable accommodation for your holiday. Get precious and unforgettable moment during your stay at Hotel Sfera.