Luxury Hotels in Sibu Town, Sibu


Sibu is a town at the central region of Sarawak and the capital of Sibu District in Sibu Division, Sarawak. The town is located on the island of Borneo. Sibu is the largest port and commercial center in the Rejang Basin and the gateway to Central Sarawak. Located at the confluence of the Rejang and Igan Rivers, approximately 130 km from the South China Sea, Sibu is a thriving modern town with a vibrant center and a bustling, crowded waterfront. Sibu is one of the three towns in Malaysia which consists of a predominantly Foochow-Chinese population. Since the majority of the town population is made up of Foochow and Hokkien Chinese, Mandarin Chinese, Fuzhou dialect and Hokkien Chinese are commonly spoken. The majority of Sibu Chinese is multilingual and able to speak both Malay and English. Indigenous languages such as Sarawak Malay, Melanau, Bidayuh and Iban are also spoken.

How to Get There

By Plane

You can board flight Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia to Sibu Airport. Malaysia Airlines flies two times daily between Kuala Lumpur and Sibu and AirAsia flies direct non-stop three times daily to Sibu. From airport you may take taxi to downtown Sibu where the journey takes 35 minutes away.

By Boat

Sibu wharf terminal is located at Kho Peng Long Street near the Rajang river waterfront. It provides an alternative means of transport for the people living along the Rajang River. You may take boat from Kuching and Kapit to reach Sibu wharf Terminal. There is daily express boats connect Sibu and Kuching via Sarikei and Tanjung Manis.

By Bus

You may take bus to reach Sibu Town. The town of Sibu has two bus stations. The local bus station is located at the waterfront near the Sibu wharf terminal. The long-distance bus station is located at Pahlawan Street, near the Sungai Antu region. The local bus station at the waterfront serves the town area, Sibu Airport, Sibu Jaya, Kanowit, and Sarikei. On the other hand, the long-distance bus station serves Kuching, Bintulu, and Miri via the Pan Borneo Highway.

Tourist Attractions

Iban Longhouse

One of the many major attractions in Sibu is the Iban Longhouse. It is a must visit destination when you first step foot in Sibu. There, you can have a unique experience in understanding more about their customs, lifestyles and cultures. Besides, you can take a look at their special and traditional outfit, not to mention their own cultural dance and traditional music. There, you can have a taste of the traditional rice wine named 'tuak' and enjoy Iban's local delicacies.

Tua Pek Kong Temple

To experience more of the multiple cultures of Sibu, you can pay a visit to the popular temples in Sibu which is Tua Pek Kong Temple. The temple is the oldest and well preserved in the whole of Sibu. You can climb the pagoda to have a whole new different view of Sibu.

Sibu Town Square

Sibu Town Square is the largest town square in Malaysia. Once here, you may walk to the waterfront (at the end of the square) and see the confluence of two great rivers, the Rajang and the Igan. This waterfront is popular for the locals to hang out and also for recreational purposes.

Sibu Central Market

Shopping experience in Sibu is a must as the Sibu Central market is the biggest indoor market standing in the whole of Malaysia. Fresh vegetables, fruits and also live poultry can be seen around in the market.

Sibu Night Market

The Sibu Night Market was established in 1973. Sibu Night Market is located in the town center. There are uncountable local delicacies waiting for you to have a taste. Besides, souvenirs and fashion items can be found in the night market too.


Premier Hotel Sibu

Premier Hotel Sibu is a 3-star hotel located in the heart of Sibu town is an ideal hotel for business and leisure traveler. The hotel located 17.5 km from the Sibu Airport and only 1 km to Sibu Town Square. Premier Hotel Sibu is a good choice for travelers who are looking for affordable and comfortable stay in Sibu.

The Paramount Hotel

Staying in The Paramount Hotel is a good choice when you are in Sibu. Situated in the heart of Sibu, this 3-star hotel is within 15-minute walk of Sibu Town Square, Sibu Heritage Centre, and Tua Pek Kong Temple. Whatever your purpose of visit, The Paramount Hotel is an excellent choice for your stay in Sibu.