Luxury Hotels in Tambun, Kinta


Tambun is a small town outskirt of Ipoh. Ipoh is the capital of Perak, Malaysia. This area used to be a mining area for tin ore. Tambun was one of the main produce of tin ore. Hence they are known as the main town of tin ore. However in the year 1990, the new town Tambun was built. The town has now become the trade city, business, industrial as well as tourism city of Perak. Tambun is only 12 minutes away from the state capital with the distance of 7.3 kilometre.

The locals use Bahasa Melayu as a form of communication. It is the first language and is widely used. However the locals may have a dialect in the language. Another language that is commonly used is English. These 2 languages help those of different background to communicate despite the differences.

How to Get There

By Car

Tambun can be accessible using the North – South Expressway Northern Route. From Kuala Lumpur, visitors may head north towards Ipoh. As a matter of fact, it is much easier for visitors to exit at Ipoh then make their way to Tambun. Tambun is only 7.3 kilometers away from Ipoh. Visitors wouldn’t even have to take the highway to go to Tambun. There are a lot of signboards that may assist visitors in making their way to Tambun.

By Bus

From Puduraya Bus Station, visitors can get bus tickets from all sorts of bus companies to head to Ipoh. Some of them are Plusliner, Transnasional and Sri Maju. There are a lot of buses that make trips almost every hour. The fare on the other hand is around RM30 per way. Then visitors may take the local bus and head to Tambun. The fare will be less than RM5.

By Train

Another alternative to go to Tambun would be via train. From KL Central, one may take the train to Ipoh. Currently the trains towards Ipoh are all using electricity. It takes the same amount of time as a bus or a car that heads to Ipoh. The fare is around RM35 per way. Then from the Ipoh Train Station, visitors may either take the bus or the taxi to go to Tambun.

Tourist Attractions

Lost World of Tambun

This is the main attraction of Tambun. It is a water park built in November 11, 2004. The park is 40-acres wide. The park is also built in the surroundings of limestone hills. The park has many attractions. They are Water Park, Amusement Park, Petting Zoo, Tiger Valley, Hot Springs & Spa by Night and many more. Sometimes the park creates a promotion whereby they pay 1 time for around less than RM200 and they will get an unlimited access to either the Hotspring or the Water Park.

Pomelo Farm

Tambun is famous for the large produce of the fruit pomelo. People even name the fruit as ‘Limau Tambun’. In this area, many of the locals have planted the pomelo tree. It has grown very well in the soils of Tambun. Many have come to Tambun to get their hands of a few of the pomelos.


The Haven Resort Hotel Ipoh - All Suites

This is a resort that is located very conveniently in the heart of Ipoh therefore not so far from Tambun town. It is also built with great facilities such as infinity pool, a fully-equipped gym, spa, jogging track, tennis court, badminton and squash courts, ballroom and conference facilities, an amphitheater and shuttle van services. Moreover they also have an inhouse café that can cater to Asian, Western as well as Mediterranean cuisines.

The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat

This hotel is only 0.7 kilometres from Tambun and around 10 kilometres from the city centre. Hot springs and a health club are featured at the hotel besides them having a spa service there as well. This hotel also aims to make their guest feel relaxed by making the hotel adult only hotel.