Luxury Hotels in Tanjung Tokong, Penang Island


Tanjung Tokong is a small suburb in the town of Georgetown, Penang. Located just at the north-eastern side of the capital of Penang, George Town, this placed used to be a small fishing village. However, it has transformed into a higher end residential suburb of George Town in this recent decades. Tanjung Tokong was believed to be the first Chinese settlement on Penang Island, years before Francis Light docked into the island. Started as a fishing village, followed by rapid urbanization program, the place is now filled with high-rises residential buildings. In 2004, Tanjung Tokong is one of the places that badly hit with the Indian Ocean tsunami, as its location on the northern coast. The name Tanjung Tokong is from the Tua Pek Kong Temple located on the northern part of the neighbourhood – the word temple in Chinese is ‘tokong’.

How to Get There

By Car

Driving into Penang Island is one of the usual method of transportation chosen by most from the mainland of Peninsular Malaysia. The drive has a choice to take a ferry or drive on the Penang Bridge.

By Ferry

There is only one port at the mainland that provide ferry services directly to the Georgetown’s port terminal which is in Butterworth. Here, the ferry services cater for all land vehicles, from the smallest motorbikes, to those big lorries. Pedestrians also can embark the ferry to get across from the mainland to the island and vice versa. The distance between the ferry terminal in George Town is only eight kilometres away.

By Plane

Getting into Penang Island is easier than before with an international airport built on the island. Daily flights from KLIA, Singapore, and Hong Kong. There are even flights coming in from South Korea and also China. From the airport, it will take roughly around forty minutes to reach Tanjung Tokong as the airport is located on the southern part of the island.

Tourist Attractions

Tua Pek Kong Temple

The temple where Tanjung Tokong got its name. Tua Pek Kong Temple is not only the most important temple in Penang, it is also one of the oldest temples in the region. This is the temple that is believed to be the original Tua Pek Kong temple that eventually spread the worship of Tua Pek Kong throughout Malaysia and also Singapore. Tua Pek Kong is a man named Zhang Li that came from the Hakka Clan in China. He had fled the back-then troubled China and headed to Sumatra but his boat was struck by the wind and accidentally, landed on Penang Island. He then settled there with his two companions. He came to Penang about forty years before Francis Light and after his death, the people in Penang Island started worshipping him. These people were the ones that built the Tua Pek Kong Temple. Today, the Tua Pek Kong Temple is still use as place of worship. Though it is not decorated as spectacular as other temples in George Town, this temple is filled with histories, making it very significant to the locals. Full festivity is held on the 14th night of Chinese New Year while the rest of the days in the remaining year, the temple remains quiet. This temple is located just twenty minutes’ worth of driving from the centre of Tanjung Tokong.

Glass Museum Penang

This is a privately owned, specialty museum. Here, visitors will get a chance to see the techniques of creating glass-based decorations such as those used in window panels, light fixtures, and souvenirs. Here, they also have the longest glass artwork in Malaysia, as certified by the Malaysia Book of Record. The artwork size is 40 feet in length and 4.5 feet tall, with the theme of 1Malaysia. Glass Museum is just 5.4 kilometres away from the centre of Tanjung Tokong and the drive will take approximately sixteen minutes.


Home Suites by Marina

A luxury hotel that is just eight kilometres away from the centre of Tanjung Tokong. This place has received many great feedbacks regarding the comfortable and clean room, and also the stunning view of the Penang Strait that most of their room faced. The place is also equipped with a swimming pool and tennis court for its patrons to enjoy. Free Wi-Fi and wired connections are provided in each room.