Luxury Hotels in Teluk Kumbar, Penang Island


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Teluk Kumbar, a small fishing village in the southern part of Penang Island, located between Bayan Lepas and Balik Pulau. Like most of the places in Malaysia, Teluk Kumbar got its name from the characteristic of the place. Teluk, meaning bay in English, is from its location which is situated at a bay by the sea while Kumbar is a type of thorny palm plant that grows wildly and abundantly at the inner hilly area thus naming the place Teluk Kumbar was appropriate. Nowadays, the hilly areas are not filled with the kumbar plants as they were cleared out to make places for the durian orchards.

How to Get There

By Car

Driving to Teluk Kumbar from the mainland of Peninsular Malaysia is one of the usual choices. The drive will have to go through either the Penang Bridge or via a ferry ride.

By Ferry

The sole port operator in Malaysia that provides service between mainlands Malaysia with Penang Island. Penang port links the ferry terminal in Butterworth in the mainland Malaysia to the one in Georgetown, the Raja Tun Uda Ferry Terminal. It operates daily with a fleet of four ferries during the peak hours (from 5.20 am to 10 pm) with an interval of 20-30 minutes while only one ferry from 10pm to 1 am with an interval of one hour for each trip. This ferry service caters for both pedestrians and also vehicles, from bicycles to those huge lorries, with different prices. Do check the price and buy the ticket accordingly before embarking the journey. From the ferry terminal in Georgetown, flag down a taxi to go to Teluk Kumbar, about half an hour away.

By Plane

Flying into Penang Island is easy as it has an international airport there. Flights come in from all over Asia, including from China, Hong Kong, South Korea and Singapore and also Indonesia. KLIA is one of the most frequent flights origin into Penang International Airport. The distance between the airport to Teluk Kumbar is just ten minutes’ drive.

Tourist Attractions

Penang Yellow Bus Teluk Kumbar Depot

This one of the historic bus depots in Penang. Located near the Lexis Suites Penang, this is the place where the vehicles of the defunct Penang Yellow Bus Company are sent to for repairs. Though the company is no longer in service, this depot has become an attraction for both the locals and the tourists equally.

Hainanese Mariners Lodge

The lodge was built in the pre-world war II days as a common lodge and clubhouse by the Hainanese sailors as a place to stay whenever they were called to the Penang’s port. The lodge was eventually becoming an integral part of the Hainanese community. The lodge now displayed the classic characteristics of a traditional Chinese shop-house. It has restored to its beautiful former glory and definitely making a great place to enjoy the history, not to mention, a photography session.

Penang Hill

A definitely place to go to when visit Penang Island. It is located a bit far, with almost an hour drive, from Teluk Kumbar but a trip to Penang is not completed without a trip to the Penang Hill, especially for that first visit in Penang. Penang Hill covers a number of hills with the highest point is the Western Hill which is 833 metres above the sea level. Back in the British Colonial period, this place was a retreat for the British officers but now, it is a popular tourist destination. The top of the hill is accessible via the Penang Hill Railway from its base station at the Hill Railway Station Road. From the top of the hill, the whole town of Georgetown is visible and it is such a great view especially during the night. For Malaysian tourists, do bring your MyKad for special price.


Lexis Suites Penang

It is a luxury, brand new hotel in Teluk Kumbar. It has received impressive reviews from its patrons, with rating of 8.9 over 10 stars. The location in Teluk Kumbar makes it the best place for a quiet retreat. Comforting and cleanliness are what make their customers keep on coming back. Four types of rooms available with the price starting at RM518 a night, and each rooms are provided with their own private pool, what is not to like about this luxury retreat?