Luxury Hotels in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

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Cameron Highlands is the smallest district in Pahang which is located in the northwestern corner of the state. Besides, Cameron Highlands is also the leading producer of flowers and tea in Malaysia. There are main townships followed by smaller settlements at different elevations. The first town from the south is Ringlet, followed by Tanah Rata, Brinchang, Kea Farm, Tringkap, Kuala Terla and Kampung Raja. Located on the Titiwangsa Range at about 1500 metres above sea-level, the temperature here can drop to 16 ˚C or lower at certain times.

How to Get There

By Car

You can use the North-South highway/E1 and Route 59. It usually takes around 3 hours and 7 minutes’ drive from Kuala Lumpur city centre to Cameron Highlands, depending on current traffic.

Tourist Attractions Nearby

Tanah Rata

Nestled at an elevation of 1,440 metres (4,720 feet) with a daily temperature range from 19 to 26 degrees Celsius, the name “Tanah Rata” actually means flat ground in the Malay language and it refers to the relatively flat area on which the town is located amidst the surrounding hills and mountain peaks. Tanah Rata has banks, bars, money changers, sundry shops, cyber cafes, tour counters, restaurants, fast food outlets and even a Starbucks cafe. Visitors often choose to explore the surrounding sub-mountain forest here as there are numerous jungle trails with varying lengths and difficulties conveniently accessed from this area. Some trails that are popular include the Trail Number 4 from Parit Falls among others leading to mountain peaks such as Gunung Beremban (1,812m), Gunung Mentigi (1,535m), Gunung Perdah (1,551m) and Gunung Jasar (1,670m).

Tringkap, Kuala Terla & Kampung Raja

This is where you will find the markets, vegetable farms, flower gardens, bee gardens and butterfly gardens. The first town on this route is Tringkap which is a small farming community where you can see lots of pickup trucks and old land rovers parked along the road. A few restaurants and shops catering to the local community can be found here. Kuala Terla, another small farming community with a similar look as Tringkap and it is one of the big agricultural regions of the highlands after Bertam Valley and Ringlet. Kampung Raja is the last town on the map and this town is getting its share of development. This is also a primarily an agricultural town and most of the businesses here cater to the local residents. Since the opening of the Simpang Pulai road, this town has become the gateway to the highlands from the north. Blue Valley which used to be at the tip of the highlands and was the remotest area before the 90's is now accessible via the two new roads to the highlands.

Hotels Nearby

Copthorne Cameron Highlands

Copthorne Hotel is Cameron Highland's largest and highest resort perched on a dramatic plateau near 1600 metres high overlooking Brinchang Valley and Butterfly Garden and Butterfly Farm while Brinchang town is less than five minutes away by car.Located at Kea Farm along the main road to Tringkap, the rooms on floors of the main building offer dramatic views of plantations and farms draped across the landscape. Guests can also enjoy facilities such as a swimming pool, gym, sauna, spa and more.

Heritage Hotel Cameron Highlands

Heritage Hotel is situated at 1300 meters above sea levels surrounded by lush tropical forest with a birds’ eye view of the panoramic town of Tanah Rata. It is equipped with 238 rooms with low rise Tudor style boutique resort situated on a hill in the town of Tanah Rata. Surrounded by elegantly sculptured gardens reminiscent of the old English countryside set in a lush tropical rainforest as background, the hotel blends tradition with modern comfort for discerning travellers with personalized services from friendly staff.