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Lake Kenyir Resort, Taman Negara

Pengkalan Gawi, Hulu Terengganu, Tasik Kenyir, Hulu Terengganu, Terengganu, Malaysia, 21700
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Ro D
Awesome nature - poor hotel
Huge resort with almost no guests and sleeping reception stuff. After a five hours drive from Belum we just wanted to jump into the pool but only found a dirty, greenish something that already hosted many tadpoles. Handing us towels assuming we would enter this water - I felt really offended. This experience is topped when it comes to food. Malaysia the food heaven is not at all to find here. We are really not picky and eat a lot but this was not food that they have served. The outside chairs were already rotten und no one seemed to bother about the dirt. The only positive to mention is the fantastic nature that surrounded us and the chalets balcony that gives you direct view to the Lake Kenyir. We have heard that the state has bought this place partly and since that time the quality and service has declined disastrously. One year ago my friend also went here and was experiencing great food and a clean place. He also used the pool back than. What a shame and waste - such as great place actually.
Friends getaway - Jul 14, 2016
Alexandra S
Worst stay in whole Malaysia - pls don´t go there!
1) Arriving: Me and my boyfriend arrived a bit before the official check in time. The man from the reception said the room would not be ready, we should wait two hours in the entrance hall. And then he left... No one there anymore! No offer what we could do! Just an empty entrance hall and two hours of waiting... 2) Booking a tour Part I: As we had two hours time until we could check in, we wanted to check out the different tours. On the door was a sign "Pls contact the reception". But we just got from the reception and they send us to the sports room?! And the sports room sends us to the reception?! Doesn't make sense to me... After a while someone came by! Yes, we can book a tour for the afternoon but only if we pay for more guests! Why should we do that?! All your tours got very expensive this way for the both of us but sure, we could understand the situation that there are no other guests at the resort who have done a booking. We said we would think about it! 3) Waiting...and the swimming pool: As we had to wait for two hours I thought me and my boyfriend could jump in the pool already! NO! Almost no water left, just some dirty rain water, plenty of bugs and leaves in there! Outside a sign "not for use!" Honestly, even for decoration it is not nice to see it! So, we were disappointed that the big pool area, which was also part of the room charge, was not for use! 4) Check In: I realized that the guy from the tour booking just said that the resort is almost empty. No guests! But why is the room not ready?! We went back to the reception to ask for it. And surprise: all of the sudden there were other rooms which are ready... Here I would like to mention that it's ok to wait as we were there before the official check in time. But maybe you can make a note here if you would like to offer a friendly customer service to your guests: why not offering the guests a welcome drink when they have to wait for two hours? Why not offering them a different room when there's almost no guests?! Offering guests something is in general always better than ignoring the guests. 5) Booking a tour Part II: Finally we made it to the room! At 2pm! Me and my boyfriend talked about the several tour options. And we made a decision, called the reception and they said that they will check and give us a call back! After 45 min (!!!) we called the reception again! Unfortunately no one managed to call us back... Yes, we can book a tour but have to pay in total for 6 person! You can imagine that the price is extremely high! We discussed the price again and could find a solution quickly! That was good for a change! But still, we paid 300RM which is absolutely the most expensive tour which we have paid so far! To be sure, we asked clearly if the weather will be ok for a 4hour tour?! "Yes, no rain today! Don't worry!" So we walked back to the reception! Pick up time was actually 3pm, pls remember that we first called the reception at 2pm! Enough time to organize everything! No! The Lake Kenyir Resort didn't manage to arrange anything! 6) The tour: We should wait "for a bit"... At 3.30pm finally drive to the jetty! But no boat there! Again waiting... It was 4pm when we finally got on a boat! Once again, pls remember that we called at 2pm... But now it was time for an expensive boat tour for 4 hours! Here we go... Guess what?! After 10 min it started raining! First not too much, it was ok to continue. So we went to a waterfall which was very pretty! But it surprised us that these big and famous waterfalls were so dirty. Trash everywhere! But that has nothing to do with your resort. Next stop should have been a Herbal Island. Ok, let's go... But no! It started raining so much! The rain was heavy, loud and flooded the whole boat! Towels, backpack and all cloth were wet within a minute. Plus cold wind around, made me very sick and now I have a bad cold, just by the way!!! We couldn't continue and had to slowly drive back to the jetty. Totally wet and freezing! How can someone send us on a boat tour with such heavy rain? Thunderstorms were out there and i don't need to tell you that it's extremely dangerous on a boat! It was kind of playing with our lives! Just for a little bit of money?! So we were back at the resort at 6pm! Two hours before arrival! Summary: we were gone half of the time and have seen only half of the tour. Easy thinking that we only want to pay half of the price. Almost 45 minutes we had to wait - with wet hairs and wet cloth on - in the cold entrance hall until someone helped us regarding our complain and the discount. 7) General situation: Back in the room, we actually used the first equipments. TV not working! Toilet flush running all the time! Furniture extremely old, used and dirty. 8) Dinnner and Breakfast: 8.30am, we arrive at the breakfast. We were really looking forward to it. Dinner was not that good but ok! Only prices were the highest I have seen on our Malaysia tour so far... 12 RM for a fresh juice?! Not even on Perhentian Kecil it was so expensive! But now it was time for a breakfast. But what else do you offer than fried noodles, baked beans and sausages?! Nothing! Bread and/or toast was gone! At 8.30am! Gone?! When do you want me to get up on my vacation to get some toast?! That was not only disappointing, it was also extremely unprofessional! 9) Check Out: Usually checking out is easy. You drop the key, say good bye and leave. But not at the Lake Kenyir Resort. Do you know that as the general manager?! As the credit card machine is broken, someone has to call a bank first and do a recheck on us. But yes, we have to wait! And wait and wait and wait... At the end I mentioned all troubles which I just explained and I honestly said that a discount on the total room charge would be fair, friendly to offer and showing a good will. Answer: "Sorry, we charged the credit card already". Yes, that's ok but don't you have money in cash. As my boyfriend told the receptionist correctly "money is money, doesn't matter if on a bank or in cash" 10) Summary: you might have the impressionen of that me and my boyfriend we criticize everything. In general it's not like it. But at the Lake Kenyir we really had troubles so see positive things! Yes, the view is nice! But unfortunately that's kinda it! The service was not professional, no one gave us the feeling of supporting us or try to help us. We rather had the feeling we should pay everything first and then it's our bad luck if it's not worth it... Also the room charge might be a bit too high for what the resort offers in these days. I really believe it might have been a wonderful place ages ago... But it changed! It's not like that anymore! And the worst is that a good, friendly and organized stuff doesn't cost anything! PLUS: I send TEN mails to the general manager afterwards - NO REPLY AT ALL!!!!
Couples - Jun 25, 2016
Mareike T
This hotel urgently needs major renovations!
The location at Tasik Kenyir is amazing. The resort is located in the woods along the lake. From the bungalows you have an amazing view across the lake and the terasse is a great place to relax and read a book. However, these are the only good things about this resort. The room probably hasn't been renovated since it has been built, the couch was dirty, the tv from the 1990's. In our bathroom were a million ants and the toilet flush wasn't working properly. The pool area needs a make-over as well, as there are many loose tiles, the stairs into the pool were broken and open cables inside the water. Overall it didn't seem safe (I wouldn't let children play around this pool!!). The resort's restaurant was very overpriced and the food horrible. I did a jungle trek tour, which was supposed to take 2 hours and ended up taking 25 minutes. The guide's excuse was "if it is 40 people going on this trek, it would maybe take 2 hours". After we complained he took us to the butterfly farm, which was really sad, because in the area it is too hot for many of the butterfly species, thus they die within a few days (there were dead butterflies all over the floor).... This place could have a lot of potential - but in it's condition right now, DONT go there!
Friends getaway - Apr 25, 2016
Excellent View and Rooms
Very Nice Place to stay but the food is horrible. It is a long drive from town, and I would suggest to bring supplies from town if you do not want to venture into town. It is peaceful and very beautiful. Excellent for a weekend retreat.
Couples - Apr 22, 2016
The website is one thing, the reality another
Let's start with the positive: what is good about this resort? 1. The setting. It is extremely beautiful, natural scenery. But I am glad we came now, because I see and I understand that the lake will soon be ruined by the monstrous developments that are going on. 2. The staff are all very nice and friendly, even though they are poorly trained. 3. Lily, one of the front desk staff, is exceptional. She will “go the extra mile” for guests. Cornelius, one of the nature guides, too, is excellent. My negative comments below do not apply to these two superb members of staff. 4. The buggy service is quick and efficient. As for the rest, the way this resort is kept and run is shameful. Here are some of the things that are, in my opinion, very wrong with this resort: 1. The welcome. When I arrive at a resort, I would expect to be given some orientation as to the layout of the resort, the amenities available, restaurant arrangements and serving times. None of this was provided until I specifically asked. We were simply taken to our bungalow and left there, without any explanations. 2. The staff are not well trained. The above (point 1) is one example of this. Speaking in general, we would like to feel that the staff are spontaneously ready and well-prepared to look after our needs. At this resort this is frequently not the case. Another example is the service in the restaurant: it is slow and inattentive to diners needs. I hasten to add that this is not the staff's fault, it is the fault of those responsible for their training. 3. The general condition of the bungalows. They need a new coat of paint, just for a start. The roof of our bungalow needed repairs. The fittings around the wash basin were black with grime. The air conditioner unit could not be turned off. It could be turned to “fan only” but could not be completely switched off, unless the key ring was removed from the main circuit breaker (an event which would also disable the lighting). During the night the air conditioner would repeatedly begin to make a loud, continuous clicking noise, preventing us from sleeping. Other guests too, reported having problems of different kinds with their air-con. The units are antiquated, do not work properly, and are not energy efficient. They need replacing as a matter of priority. 4. There was litter around our bungalow, and others, that was never picked up and taken away by the staff. 5. The dereliction of what used to be called the “spa”. High-end resort? The resort doesn’t even have a massage therapist available. 6. The restaurant menu, quality of food, and service. I can honestly say, I have never experienced such a bad restaurant in a resort that pretends to be high-end, or any other restaurant for that matter, except in properly third world countries. Their website boasts a restaurant with an extensive range of dishes. The reality is that the menu is limited, it is the same for lunch and dinner, it is the same every day, and half of the items on the menu are not available. The food, whether Malay or European is badly cooked. The grilled meat is always over-cooked. A fellow guest reported that the chef had even managed to burn her spaghetti. It is difficult to see how that is achievable. The Malay food was mostly uninteresting and very mediocre. The restaurant is truly a pathetic failure. 7. The lack of organisation in providing activities and services. I and other guests repeatedly asked the front desk to inform us if anybody else wanted to go on the same excursions as us, and they repeatedly failed to do this. We all later discovered that if they had informed us, we could have formed a group of sufficient number to achieve the minimum number for the excursions. There is no proper trekking available, either - just a short two hour hike along a well trod path. 8. Wifi Internet. What wifi? The connection was so slow it was virtually impossible to use. 9. Their Internet site advertises a bar and live music. There is no bar, and no music. If you go there, go just for the setting, and go now before it's too late. They are building a large car park / marina complex near the resort to provide for the hotel / duty free shopping mall complex they are building further up the lake. And they advertise this as a place to take an eco holiday. What a tragedy!
Couples - Apr 20, 2016
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    Lake Kenyir Resort, Taman Negara is located in area / city Tasik Kenyir.

    There are plenty of tourist attractions nearby, such as Sultan Mahmud Airport (TGG) within 42.32 km, and Redang Airport (RDN) within 72.98 km.

    About Lake Kenyir Resort, Taman Negara

    Be ready to get the unforgettable stay experience by its exclusive service, completed by a full range of facilities to cater all your needs.

    Have an enjoyable and relaxing day at the pool, whether you’re traveling solo or with your loved ones.

    24-hours front desk is available to serve you, from check-in to check-out, or any assistance you need. Should you desire more, do not hesitate to ask the front desk, we are always ready to accommodate you.

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    Enjoy luxurious treats and incomparable experience by staying at Lake Kenyir Resort, Taman Negara.

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