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Hotels near Bakalalan Airport (BKM)

Bario, Miri · 0 hotels available

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Popular hotels near Bakalalan Airport (BKM)


Bakalalan Airport  (IATA: BKM, ICAO: WBGQ) is an airport or commonly referred to STOLport in Bakalalan, a town in the state of Sarawak in Malaysia. A STOL port was an airport designed with STOL (Short Take Off and Landing) operations in mind, usually for an aircraft class of its weight and size. Bakalalan STOLport serves the rural area of Bakalalan in Sarawak. The STOLport serves Malaysia Airlines' MASwings, which flies to and from Lawas STOLport three times a week. Bakalalan Airport has flights to Bario and to Lawas using 19 seater DHT aircraft. It flies 3 times a week to Bakalalan.

In event of heavy raining or cloud, flight will be cancelled accordingly. You need to weight all of your luggage prior to boarding the aircraft. Road access is possible via a 125 km former logging trail from Lawas using four-wheel- drive vehicles, but the road conditions can be particularly bad in the rainy season and the journey takes at least six hours. Bakalalan is strategically located about 152 km from Lawas town and approximately 4 km from the border with Kalimantan, Indonesia, making the settlement the easiest point of access for visits to Kayan Mentarang National Park in Krayan, Kalimantan. Tourism industry has increased in recent years: interestingly, Bakalalan now has a 9 hole natural golf course. Their rich natural heritage is a priceless treasure to its existing 1,200 inhabitants and 8,000 other migrants, as well as visitors.

Apple farming has been developed in Bakalalan since 1990. In fact, the town is the first in Malaysia to grow the fruit successfully on a commercial scale. The first Apple Fiesta in Malaysia was held in Bakalalan from 29 to 31 March 2007. It has become an annual event and tourist attraction, based around the Apple Lodge in Kampung Buduk Nur. The cool mountain climate made Bakalalan famous in producing their brand of temperate fruits such as apples, oranges and vanilla, prized “Highland Adan Rice” with fine, sweet grains and mountain salt – which are sold in both domestic and international markets. But there is more one could explore even within Bakalalan, a name derived from Kelalan River that irrigates the padi fields in two of the nine villages – Buduk Bui and Long Langai and Ba means wetlands in Lun Bawang dialect. The others are Buduk Nur, Buduk Aru, Long Lemumut, Long Ritan, Long Rusu, Long Rangat and Pa Tawing.

How to Get There

Bakalalan is strategically located about 152 km from Lawas town and approximately 4 km from the border with Kalimantan, Indonesia. If you are traveling to Bakelalan via Bakalalan airport, you can contact your homestay or lodge to arrange for a transfer from the airport. No public transportation is available in Bakalalan.


Apple lodge Bakalalan

Apple lodge is just at the opposite side of Bakelalan Airport, literally just next to the runway! Apple Lodge is located in Kampung Buduk Nur in Bakelalan. Your stay at Apple Lodge will absolutely give you a perfect experience. Indulge with the nature of the Borneo island here. Welcoming you to the lodge is a beautiful fishpond surrounded by a flower garden. At the reception counter, you will be amaze with the nicely decorated lobby with traditional handcraft and beautiful image of mountain and villages. The lodge staffs are so warm and friendly to provide you with all the necessity while staying here. This lodge is usually fully booked during the Apple Fiesta, so if you are planning to join the fiesta or visiting Bakalalan, make sure you do the reservation few months earlier.

Juliasang Homestay

Juliasang Homestay is an astonishing and unique house next to the field in the middle of Buduk Nur Village in Bakalalan. The 2-storey homestay is just 300 m away from the Bakalalan Airport. It provides 6 rooms with 3 course meals included, each room for 5 persons. Centrally located, it is opposite the tele-centre and about 15 minutes walk to the apple farm and other tourist attractions.

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