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Royal Observatory Greenwich

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A must-see attraction at one of London's top attractions, located in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of GreenwichStand with one foot in the eastern hemisphere and one in the west on the Greenwich Meridian Line!Enjoy one of the most-loved views of London across Greenwich Royal Park and the River Thames
Good for: Fun-loving Families

What You’ll Experience

Ready to be in two places at once? Stand with one foot in the eastern hemisphere and one in the west at London's Royal Observatory in Greenwich. At the home of space and time, you'll learn all about the Greenwich Meridian Line and GMT, and how it was chosen to be the Prime Meridian of the world back in 1884! You'll hear stories of astronomy, space and the stars, and you might even leave with fresh dreams of exploring the world.

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Royal Observatory Greenwich, Blackheath Avenue

Royal Observatory Greenwich

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Duration: 2 Hours
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