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East Java
Kawah Ijen, Baluran, Pantai Bama - Start Banyuwangi - 1-Day Tour
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Kawah Ijen, Baluran, Pantai Bama - Start Banyuwangi - 1-Day Tour

During PPKM, contact the venue before visiting to check operational hours.
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This tour has great value, the guide and driver are very friendly and informative. This is the best way to see Kawah Ijen, Baluran, and Pantai Bama. The guide will get off the car with us at each stop and conduct a guided walking tour. Hotel pick-up and drop off also available. So we use the same car and driver (and guide) for the entire tour. We really enjoyed and appreciated for the on-time schedule and updated coordination also the travel documentation. What a really nice! Thank you

Yuning T. N. - Sat, 15 June 2019

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Witness the mesmerizing view of Mount Ijen and its magnificent craterSee the beautiful blue fire underneath the mountainVisit Baluran, East Java's national park where you can take plenty of pictures as if you were in Africa's safariRefresh your mind by spending time at Bama Beach
Good for: Free Time, Adventure Junkies, Nature Enthusiasts, Culture Vultures, Fun-loving Families, Free Spirits

What You’ll Experience

Witness the incredible view of Mount Ijen as well as its famous crater. Hike to the top of the mountain and marvel at the beautiful blue fire on your way to the top. This tour will also take you to Baluran, a national park located in Situbondo, East Java. Here you may as well take as many photogenic pictures as you want with the scenic view in the background. End the journey with a trip to Bama Beach where you can lay down for a while and enjoy the beautiful scenery around you.

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Liburan Malang. Baluran National Park. Area Hutan/Kebun, Sumberwaru, Banyuputih, Situbondo Regency, East Java, Indonesia
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Kawah Ijen, Baluran, Pantai Bama - Start Banyuwangi - 1-Day Tour

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