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East Jakarta
Taman Mini
Taman Legenda Keong Emas Tickets - Easy Access
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Taman Legenda Keong Emas Tickets - Easy Access

Cipayung, Jakarta Timur
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What Others Are Saying

Recommended untuk tempat liburan bersama keluarga

Oki O. H. - Tue, 26 February 2019

Keluarga saya begitu enjoy berwisata ke taman legenda apalagi anak-anak saya begitu sangat terkesan. Untuk taman legenda tingkatkan lagi pelayanan dan wahana permainannya.

Robert M. N. D. - Tue, 1 January 2019

Fun place... All in one entertainment. Kids enjoyed it very much.

Pipit Y. - Mon, 29 March 2021

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Enter faster by showing your e-voucher at the Traveloka Easy Access booth
Get on fun rides that are suitable for the whole family, like Ferris wheel, merry go round, and more
Travel to the prehistoric era and be an archeologist for a day at the dinosaur-themed attraction
Learn more about Indonesia's rich culture and folklore at Teater Legenda
Good for: Entertainment, Fun-loving Families

What You’ll Experience

Planning to have a fun family outing this weekend? Make sure you include Taman Legenda Keong Emas in your itinerary! Located within Indonesia's famous Taman Mini Indonesia Indah area, this theme park is an easy ride away from Jakarta and surrounding cities, making it the perfect spot for a short getaway with your children.

Enjoy a fun-filled adventure with your whole family in this recreational and educational theme park. Take the kids to try fun and thrilling rides like Ferris wheel, merry-go-round, and pirate ship, or enrich their knowledge on Indonesian rich culture by watching a short movie centered around the Indonesian legend of “Keong Emas”. While you’re here, be sure not to miss the dinosaur installation that will take you back to the prehistoric era!

Take in a panoramic view of the park from the top of the Mata Legenda ride

Watch out for the dinosaurs!

The thrilling Bajak Laut ride. Want to try?


Praying room
Wheel chair
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Taman Legenda Keong Emas, Jalan Raya TMII, Ceger, Cipayung, Ceger, Cipayung, Ceger, Cipayung, Kota Jakarta Timur, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 13550, Indonesia
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Taman Legenda Keong Emas Tickets - Easy Access

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Opening Hours (Local Time) : Wed,10:00-17:00
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    What You'll Experience

    The Excitement of the Family Picnic at the Taman Legenda Keong Emas

    Taman Legenda Keong Emas is part of the popular tourist area of ​​Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII). Located in Jakarta, this destination is a tourism icon that has been inaugurated since 1975. Visiting Jakarta is not complete if you haven't visited TMII and seen various attractions in it.

    Located near the main entrance of TMII, Taman Legenda Keong Emas is quite easy to reach. It is also one of the favourite destinations among many attractions in this area, especially for children. What are the exciting things you’ll find in it?

    Rides in the Taman Legenda Keong Emas

    Before visiting a tourist spot, it’ll better if you first find out what interesting things can be found there. Preparations like this will make travel plans more effective and efficient. Likewise, when you visit Taman Legenda Keong Emas, identify the following must-see spots:

    Dinosaur Adventures

    Like entering a time machine, you can go back in time and meet prehistoric animals in this area. The Dinosaur Adventure offers an exciting experience that’ll make visitors amazed. The reason is that the design and layout are as natural and as close as possible to the original. The dinosaur sizes are made similar to the original ones with great detail. Moreover, the dinosaurs hiding behind the bushes can make noise, move, and even spout water. Thus, you might want to bring spare clothes just in case. For children, adventure with dinosaurs is undoubtedly exhilarating and memorable.

    Beos Train

    Another exciting ride that can be enjoyed at Taman Legenda Keong Emas is the Beos Train. It is a small train that’ll take you through the entire area. To get on this train, you must enter a mini station and buy a ticket. Not only children, but adults can also take this train ride.

    Legendary Eye

    You can also enjoy the excitement of swinging in the sky by riding the Legend's rides. Shaped like a windmill, Legendary Eye is a term used to refer to Ferris wheel rides.

    Selur Caterpillar

    Don’t forget to bring your children to try the Selur Caterpillar ride during your visit to Taman Legenda Keong Emas. It is a snake-shaped mini roller coaster. Selur rollercoaster is very safe, and the curves are not too steep. If your children like challenging rides, this one is very suitable for them to try. Adult visitors can also take this ride, too.

    Uphill Car

    Like Selur Caterpillar, the Uphill Car rides will invite children to spin around the available route by using articulated cars. Interestingly, the course is uphill and downward, thus creating a fun sensation for the mini car drivers.


    The Pirates is one of the rides in Taman Legenda Keong Emas shaped like a ship. It’ll swing fast enough to make passengers feel like they’re flying in the air. There’s a safety iron in each seat, so this ride is safe for children.

    Facilities at the Taman Legenda Keong Emas

    In addition to these rides, Taman Legenda Keong Emas also provides several public facilities. Some of them are:

    Souvenir Shop

    In this place, you can buy souvenirs in the form of mini-dolls of various shapes. Most of them are dinosaur dolls in multiple types. For those of you who like everything about dinosaurs, don't forget to buy it as a souvenir! This souvenir shop is quite complete, neat, and easy to find in the garden area.


    Because Taman Legenda Keong Emas doesn’t allow visitors to bring outside food and drinks, you must prepare some money to buy it in the tourist area. There’s a restaurant serving a variety of menus for lunch.

    There are more other public facilities that make the visitors feel comfortable travelling in Taman Legenda Keong Emas. To enjoy all this excitement, you can buy Taman Legenda Keong Emas entrance ticket for Rp150,000 per person. With Taman Legenda Keong Emas promo rate, the entrance ticket is priced at Rp111,000 per person. You can get this special price if you buy it through the Traveloka application. Besides, there are still other promos, namely the all-in-one Ramadan entrance ticket so that the Taman Legenda Keong Emas ticket rate is only Rp76,800 per person. This price is valid only from May 6 to June 4, 2019. So, are you ready to go on an adventure at the Taman Legenda Keong Emas?

    Entrance Tickets

    • Ramadhan all-in-one entrance ticket Rp76,800
    • All-in-one entrance ticket Rp111,000