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Hokkaido Bus Tour

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Explore Hokkaido's popular fields by bus from Sapporo Station
See a vast lavender fields at Farm Tomita
Admire the 15-hectare panoramic flower gardens of Shikisai-no-oka
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Tour Itinerary

Depart at Sapporo Station Bus Terminal (08:40)
Break at Iwamizawa Service Area (09:25 - 09:40)
Campana Rokkatei (11:00 - 11:20)
Lunch at Furano Wine House, included (11:30 - 12:20)
Farm Tomita (12:35 - 13:35)
Shikisai-no-Oka (14:05 - 14:50)
Blue Pond (15:15 - 15:40)
Biei Roadside Station (15:45 - 15:55)
Drive by Biei Patchwork Road and Seven Stars Tree
Break at Sunagawa Service Area (17:40 - 17:55)
End of tour and drop-off at Sapporo Factory, Sapporo Clock Tower, or Sapporo Station Bus Terminal (19:10)

What You’ll Experience

Explore the country's largest and northernmost prefecture, known for its natural hot springs and vibrant fields. From Sapporo Station, head to the Campana Rokkatei to enjoy panoramic views of the Daisetsuzan mountain range. Have lunch at Furano Wine House before visiting Farm Tomita that features 13 flower fields and 12 attraction sites. Meanwhile, stroll through the panoramic flower gardens of Shikisai-no-Oka and see the bluish white waters and white birch forest of Shirogane Blue Pond.

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Sapporo Station Bus Terminal, 2丁目 北5条西 中央区 札幌市 北海道 Japan

Hokkaido Bus Tour

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Duration: 10 Hours

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