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Batan and Sabtang Island - Compressed 2D1N Tour
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Batan and Sabtang Island - Compressed 2D1N Tour

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Visit the most well-known places in the Batan and Sabtang islands in just 2 days!

See the Song Song Ruins, a cluster of roofless old stone houses that have been abandoned after a tsunami hit Batan in the 1950s

Explore the Dipnaysupuan Japanese Tunnel, an interconnected network of tunnels that served as a shelter for the Japanese Imperial Forces during World War II

Check out the Honesty Coffee Shop, an unmanned and always open store famous for its "drop box" payment system

Good for:  Taking Pictures, Natural Wonders, Fun-Loving Families

Tour Itinerary

08:30-09:00 Hotel pickup
09:00-12:00 Mt. Carmel Church (Tukon Church) Tukon Radar Station Idjang Viewing point Dipnaysupuan Japanese Tunnel Valugan Boulder Beach Basco Town Proper Casa Real and KM Zero Basco Cathedral Vayang Rolling Hills Naidi Lighthouse
12:00-13:00 Lunch
13:00-17:00 Chawa View Deck Mahatao Shelter Port (pass by only) San Carlos Borromeo Church Blank Book Archive Tayid Lighthouse Racuh-a-Payaman Loran Old Naval Base Alapad Song-Song Ruinds Honesty Coffee Shop San Jose de Ivana Church House of Dakay Old Spanish Bridge White Beach (pass by only)
17:00-17:30 Hotel drop-off

What You’ll Experience

Want to see the best of the Batan and Sabtang islands in just 2 days? Easy! This compressed tour will take you to the most popular locations on the two spectacular Batanes islands, from Mt. Carmel Chapel, to Naidi Hills and Lighthouse, all the way to the Diura Fishing Village, Racuh a Payaman (Marlboro Country), Tayid Lighthouse, Song Song Ruins, and much more. Your 2 days will be packed with so many amazing stops that by the end of the tour, you’ll be head over heels in love with the otherworldly beauty of Batanes.

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Batanes, Philippines
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Batan and Sabtang Island - Compressed 2D1N Tour

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Next Available Date: Mon,17 Aug 2020
Duration: 2 Days


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