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South Korea
Nuguna School Uniform 1 Day Rental @ Hongdae
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Nuguna School Uniform 1 Day Rental @ Hongdae
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Stroll around Hongdae in a trendy Korean school uniform
Take lots of fun pictures with your friends in a cool indoor photo studio
Choose from a variety of school uniform designs, from typical school uniforms to K-pop idol styles
Take advantage of provided tripods and selfie sticks to use for free inside the studio
Good for: Free Time, Beauty Geeks, Free Spirits

What You’ll Experience

Come and explore the lively streets of Hongdae dressed in a Korean school uniform, just like they do in your favorite K-dramas. You'll get to choose from a variety of uniform designs, from typical school uniforms most used in real life, to more unconventional styles often worn by K-pop idols. Take advantage of the shop's indoor studio set as a fancy classroom, where you can also borrow tripods and selfie sticks for free, or take your uniform out for a walk and feel like a Korean school student for a day!

Location Details
Jinyuone Building 5F, 55 Mapo-gu Seoul KR, South Korea
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Getting There
Get off of Exit 7 of Hongik University Station (Subway Airport Railroad line / line 2), go straight and turn right. You’ll see a 7/11 on the first floor, and that is the building where NUGUNA is located on the 5th floor
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