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American Airlines Office

4333 Amon Carter Boulevard
Fort Worth
Texas 76155

How to Book Online

To book American Airlines ticket online, do as follows:
  1. Select route in the search box (see How to Use).
  2. Fill in passenger's requested information.
  3. Select Payment Method.
  4. Finish transaction and American Airlines e-ticket will be sent to your email.

American Airlines E-ticket

American Airlines e-ticket is an eligible proof from booking a regular or promo ticket and you can use it for American Airlines flight. The next thing you do after receiving e-ticket is to print it out and show it during check-in.
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airline rating:
1.5 5 based on 1237 reviews

Standard Service: FullService

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American Airlines Profile

American Airlines (AA), previously known as American Airways, is one of the major airline company from the United States. Looking from the flight destination offered by American Airlines, it is the second-biggest carrier after United Airlines. However, looking at the number of carriers and its revenue, American Airlines is considered the biggest air carrier in the world.

The American Airlines headquarter is located at CentrePort, Forth Worth, Texas. Prior to moving to Texas in 1979, the American Airlines headquarter used to be located in Murray Hill of Manhattan, New York. The airline also has several branch offices in cities such as Washington D.C., Phoenix, Los Angeles, Miami, and New York.

The company, whose tagline is “Going for great”, was first established on 25 June 1936. With such a grand tagline in mind, American Airlines has received numerous international awards. The airline’s frequent flyer program, known as Aadvantage, has received the ‘Program of the Year’ award by Freddie Awards for four years in a row, from 2012 to 2015. Aadvantage has also been named the “Best Elite Program” for the United States region from 2014 to 2016.

American Airlines offers seven (7) different flight classes, which are the Flagship Suite, Business Class, Transcontinental, Domestic First Class, Premium Economy, Main Cabin Extra, and Main Cabin. Each class is equipped with sophisticated and up-to-date in-flight entertainment facilities that offers a wide range choices of movies, music and games, in order to give the best flying experience for each passenger.

First Class and Business Class passengers are entitled to a maximum of 32 kg of free baggage, while passengers flying in other classes are entitled to up to 23 kg of free baggage. Aside from one item of free checked-in baggage, passengers are also allowed to bring 1 carry-on and 1 personal item with them. These items can be placed in the overhead cabin above the seat, or underneath the seat at the front.

All passengers of domestic flights in the United States are required to check-in at the airport counter at least 45 minutes prior to departure, or 60 minutes prior to departure for international flights. American Airlines also offers an online check-in service, available from 24 hours and up to 45 minutes prior to departure (domestic flights), or up to 90 minutes prior to departure (international flights). However, passengers are encouraged to arrive at the airport at least two (2) hours prior to departure for baggage check-in, go through the airport security, and boarding.

American Airlines Fleet

Airbus A319 Airbus A319
125 aircrafts
Airbus A320 Airbus A320
51 aircrafts
Airbus A321 Airbus A321
189 aircrafts
Airbus A330 Airbus A330
24 aircrafts
Boeing 737 Boeing 737
277 aircrafts
Boeing 757 Boeing 757
54 aircrafts
Boeing 767 Boeing 767
38 aircrafts
Boeing 777 Boeing 777
67 aircrafts
Boeing 787 Dreamliner Boeing 787 Dreamliner
17 aircrafts
Embraer ERJ-190 Embraer ERJ-190
20 aircrafts
McDonnell Douglas MD-80 McDonnell Douglas MD-80
61 aircrafts

American Airlines Destinations

Bali & Lesser Sunda Is.
South Korea

Changes/Cancellation/Refund for American Airlines

Refund Procedure

For more information, please refer to Refund Terms and Procedure FAQ page.

American Airlines History

American Airlines (AA) used to be a part of conjoined fleet of 82 small airline companies, including the Trans Caribbean Airways, Air California, Reno Air, and more. When it was first officially launched on 25 January 1930, the company went with the name American Airways.

At the beginning, American Airways’ major income came from postal and expedition service. At the time, planes had not been used as a mode of transportation like today. By the year 1993, American Airways had served flights to 72 cities in the United States.

In 1934, the American Airways Company was led under E.L. Cord, and the name was changed into American Airlines like it is known today. The first aircraft used by AA to transport passengers was a DC-3 that was developed by Donald Douglas. This marks the first time AA branched its source of income outside from postal service.

After some time, AA has gained loyal passengers and therefore added a new route from New York to Los Angeles, with transit in Dallas. To facilitate this route, AA joined forces with Firello LaGuardian to build an extraordinary airport in New York. This is how the LaGuardian Airport (LGA) lounge, known as Admirals Club, was initially built.

After the World War ended, AA continued to spread its wings. The company also headed the American Export Airlines, which changed its names to American Overseas Airways (AOA), and served international flights to Europe. However, it was not long until AOA was sold to Pan Am in 1950. After that, AA launched its new fleet, the American Airlines de Mexico S.A. But AA did not only add new aircrafts to its fleet, the company also helped build new airports in Mexico to facilitate their new routes. AA continued growing bigger and on 30 March 1973, they employed the first female pilot in the world, Bonnie Tiburzi. With this, AA became the first airline in the world to employ a female pilot.

With the company’s rapid growth, AA continued to add new destinations in the United States and Europe. In 1999, together with other major airline companies such as Cathay Pacific, Qantas Airways, British Airways, and Canadian Airlines, AA established the Oneworld organization for airlines. Not only that, AA also established a service focused on cargo shipping.

Unfortunately, in the early 2000s, AA experienced a pretty bad loss after buying Trans Airworld, which was already at the border of bankruptcy. To be able to maintain its existence, AA was forced to laid off its 950 flight attendants.

This struggle reached its peak on 29 November 2011, when AA’s parent company, the AMR Corporation, declared their bankruptcy. AA had to gradually lose its fleets and operated less flight. Moreover, AA was also forced to send their pilots into early retirement.

But with great effort, in October 2012 American Airlines finally rose from its fall and announced its plan to recruit 2,500 new pilots for their domestic and international routes. In January 2013, American Airlines introduced its new logo. In 2015, the company announced to offer lower cost flights, in order to compete with other commercial airlines. Today, with 923 fleets and 113,300 crew, American Airlines flies to 344 destinations around the world.

American Airlines Passengers Policy

  • Always prepare birth certificate for identification purposes for child and infant passengers.
  • American Airlines allows infant passengers aged more than 2 days old, with a permission letter from a certified medical professional and accompanied by an adult aged at least 16 years old.
  • Infant passengers between below 2 years old are permitted to sit in the same seat with their accompanying adult.
  • Passengers flying with infant aged below 2 years old must inform the airline during the booking process, since certain tax may be applied for infant passengers.
  • If infant passengers aged below 2 years old requires an individual seat, they will need to purchase a full-priced ticket and bring their own safety seat, approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
  • Child passengers above 2 years old are required to purchase individual ticket and seat, and must be accompanied by an adult.
  • For international flights, infant and child passengers are required the same set of travel documents as adult passengers.
  • Passengers below 18 years old can travel alone on an international flight, but requires a letter of approval.
  • Pregnant passengers who are due to deliver in 4 weeks or less are allowed to fly as long as granted permission from a certified medical professional, proven with a medical check-up result.

American Airlines Flight Attendant Uniform

American Airlines Flight Attendant Uniform

The materials chosen for the American Airlines flight attendants uniform are intended for delivering the best service. Dominated by the color black, complemented with a beautiful neck scarf, and paired with a knee-length skirt, the uniform ensures flight attendants to be able to move comfortably on board and be ready whenever needed. Moreover, the fabric is well-fitted, flexible, yet fashionable.

American Airlines In-Flight Meal

American Airlines In-Flight Meal

To attract as many passengers possible, certain American Airline flights offers meals and snacks for its Economy Class passengers, free of charge. However, snacks are available to purchase on board shall anyone would need anything to nibble.

American Airlines also offers a variety of delicious in-flight meals. American Airlines understands their passengers well, thus special menus such as vegetarian and halal cuisines are available upon advance request. Passengers can order their meal starting from 30 days prior to departure date, and up until 24 hours prior to departure time. For most routes, drinking options are varied from tea, coffee, fruit juices and soft drinks. Heavier drinks like alcohols and wines are available on international routes.