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Batik Air Address

Lion Air Tower

Jl. Gajah Mada no. 7

Jakarta 10130

Jakarta, Indonesia

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Profile of Batik Air

Batik Air (ID/BTK) is an Indonesian full-service airline, owned by Lion Air Group and headquartered in Manado, North Sulawesi.

Batik Air commenced its first commercial flight on 3 May 2013 flying from Jakarta to Manado. As of January 2014, Batik Air has operated six Boeing 737-900ERs and served routes to: Jakarta, Denpasar, Yogyakarta, Semarang, Balikpapan, Manado, Pekanbaru, Ambon and Jayapura. As a full-service carrier, Batik Air is in a tight competition with a government-owned full-service carrier, Garuda Indonesia.

With premium service quality, Batik Air provides free baggage allowance of up to 20 kg for Economy Class and 30 kg for Business Class. The cabin has a Boeing Sky Interior design, giving a comfortable spacious feel, with 32 inch seat pitch in Economy Class. Each passenger seat is equipped with capacitive touchscreen In-Flight Entertainment (IFE).

This high standard of service is accompanied by competitive affordable fare. The airline also offers flight deals and promo fares regularly.

Economy Class passengers of Batik Air get options for drinks, snacks and/or hot meal for free. For flights less than 2 hours, passengers only get snacks and drinks. Business Class passengers get free hot meal, welcome drink and dessert in all flight durations.

Batik fleet

$airlineData.getName() Boeing 737-900ER PK-LBMATR 72-500/600
4 fleets

Batik Air Destinations

Hong Kong
Sri Lanka
Saudi Arabia

How to Book Online Batik Air

To book Batik Air ticket online, do as follows:
  1. Select route in the search box (see How to Use).
  2. Fill in passenger's requested information.
  3. Select Payment Method.
  4. Finish transaction and Batik e-ticket will be sent to your email.

Batik Air E-ticket

Batik Air e-ticket is an eligible proof for Batik Air flight, received after completing your online booking transaction. The next thing you do after receiving e-ticket in your email is to print it out and show it at check-in.

Changes/Cancellation/Refund for Batik Air

Refund Procedure

For more information, please refer to Refund Terms and Procedure FAQ page.

Name Change Option

  • Only available through Batik Air call-center: 021-63798000


  • Not allowed.


  • Through Traveloka Easy Reschedule
    • Rescheduling must be done at the latest 30 hours before departure
    • Reschedule Fee is IDR 15,000 per pax per segment
    • Airline Fees will depend on the airline policy
    • Not sure where to start? Visit this complete guide to Easy Reschedule
  • Through Batik Air
    • Only available through Batik Air call-center: 021-63798000
    • Rebook/reschedule should be at minimum the same class.
    • Over 48 hours before departure, reschedule is subject to admin fee IDR 50,000 plus new ticket fare difference.
    • Less than 48 hours to 24 hours before departure time, reschedule is subject to Cancellation Fee 50% from basic fare/pax.
    • Between 24 hours to 2 hours before departure time, reschedule is subject to Cancellation Fee 80% from basic fare/pax.
    • Less than 2 hours before departure time or after check-in, reschedule is subject to Cancellation Fee 90% from basic fare/pax.
    • Infant is not subject to admin fee and Cancellation Fee.


Batik Air has the rights to reschedule or cancel the flight when considered necessary for safety and technical reasons. Batik Air will try to provide flight substitution as soon as possible. This will be announced to passengers through announcement at the airport or by phone, directly communicated by Batik Air.

History of Batik Air

The Manado-based Batik Air was launched by Lion Air Group at a period of economic stability. Public's interest in premium service with competitive price was increasing. Batik Air officially began its operation in April 2013, and commenced its first commercial flight on 3 May 2013, serving long-haul route from Jakarta to Manado.

Almost at the same time in mid March 2013, Lion Air priorly launched a LCC Malindo Air (joint venture with Malaysia NADI (National Aerospace and Defence Industries)). Currently, Malindo Air is serving domestic routes in Malaysia and limited international i.e. India and Indonesia.

Batik Air operates 4 Boeing 737-900ERs. By the end of 2013, the airline operated 6 aircrafts.

Batik Air Flight Attendant Uniform

Batik Air flight attendant uniform Batik Air female flight attendants look elegant and sophisticated in white kebaya and red purplish batik skirt. The batik is of typical Manadonese known as “kaeng Manado”. The uniform aims to popularize kaeng Manado as a national heritage from North Sulawesi.

Makanan di pesawat Batik Air

Batik Air inflight meal economy classBatik Air Inflight Meal (Economy Class)

As a premium full-service airline, Batik Air serves free meal and drinks. Flights less than 2 hours provide snacks (such as sandwich, cake, ice cream) and drinks. For flights longer than 2 hours, passengers also get hot meal.

Batik Air Policies for children, infants and expecting mothers

  • An expecting mother with pregnancy older than 28 weeks should provide medical reference as well as sign a Form of Indemnity (FOI)
  • Infants younger than 2 days old are not allowed to board the plane, while infants between 3 to 7 days old should be accompanied with medical reference issued at least 72 hours before departure time.
  • Infant category is under 2 years old (24 months). Parent(s) has to sign a Form of Indemnity (FOI). Children older than 2 years old are subject to Adult fare.

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