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26 Sep 2017 - 10 min read

15 Fun & Unique Things to Do in Boracay

15 other fun and unique things you might want to try out.

1. Group Island Hopping

The island hopping tour will give you a chance to marvel at the tropical paradise that makes up Boracay. The usual route will take you and your friends on adventures around the colorful coast. Go out and enjoy nature at its finest!

Location: White Beach, Station 3
Fee: P1000 to P1400 per person, depending on peak season and boat availability
Operation Hours: The whole thing will take 5 hours, so best to do this in the morning at around 10AM.
Best for: Barkadas, company outings, families
Highlight(s): Snorkeling, eating by the beach, cliff jumping
Activity Tips: You’ll be able to discover personal, virgin beach spots, like Puka Island. Sightseeing aside, enjoy yourself amidst Boracay’s neighboring islets. Snorkel on Mainland Panay or eat lunch by the rainforest in Nabaoy.
Insider info: Ask the tour guide about spots that don’t get a lot of tourists, so you can dive without a crowd hovering around!
2. Fly on a helicopter

(photo via Pixabay @pixelpepe)

Engage in your inner thrill-seeker by booking a helicopter ride! Its island hopping, but without any obstructions! Most helicopters you book will meet you at the heliport of Cagban.

Location: White Beach, Station 2
Fee: P4500 per person for 10 minutes, minimum of 2 people. P6750 per person for 15 minutes. P8500 per person for 20 minutes. Rates are subject to peak season and tour guide.
Operation Hours: 9am-5pm
Best for: Couples, bloggers, small families, small barkadas
Highlight(s): Looking at the coral reefs from a bird's eye perspective, seeing the blue ocean without any obstruction.
Activity Tips: Try and request for the most scenic view possible, so you have time to enjoy the flight, and spot all the special tourist spots that you might normally miss out on if you take a boat!
Insider info: Ask if you can attach a GoPro on the helicopter for the best shots of the landscape.
Contact Details: Phone Number: +63 9985457220 Website:
3. Become a mermaid

When you’re in Boracay, all your dreams and fantasies can come true! Believe it or not, Boracay has certified Mermaid instructors who are ready to teach young and old how to be under the sea.

Location: Fisheye Divers, White Beach, Station 2
Fee: P2000 per person, minimum of 2 people per class. Bookings will require a 50% deposit.
Operation Hours: 9am-5pm
Best for: Girlfriends, barkadas, families
Highlight(s): The lessons will last for around 90 minutes, and the lesson plan includes learning how to pose as a majestic mermaid, plus three swimming techniques that will let you swim efficiently while wearing a mermaid’s tail.
Activity Tips: Try and catch the sunset for a great backdrop on the beach!
Insider info: Bring a waterproof camera and ask the guide to take pics while you're submerged.
Contact Details: Phone Number: +63 9173243947 Website: Facebook: @PhilippineMermaidSwimmingAcademy
4. Good ‘ol scuba diving

(photo via Pixabay, @axistravel)

Have you ever given scuba diving a try? In Boracay, you’ll find yourself choosing among 10 to 15 different dive sites, depending on high or low tide. Wander away from the coast and situate yourself among Boracay’s thriving sea life, with corals, underwater tunnels, and secret coves to name a few.

Location: Along White Beach, Stations 2 and 3
Fee: Prepare around P3500 per dive. You can't dive without a PADI certification, so the fee includes the training required. If you are certified, however, then yu can just pay P1600 for the diving session.
Operation Hours: 7:30am-11:30pm, though depending on the tide, this may vary
Best for: Family, couples, barkadas, solo travelers
Highlight(s): Checking out the coral reefs with your own two eyes!
Activity Tips: Have a guide stay close to you if you require glasses or contacts to see clearly, because you can't bring those with you on the scuba dive.
Contact Details: Phone Numbers: Boracay Sea World Dive Center: +6336 2883033 Calypso Beach & Dive Resort: +6336 2883206 WaterColors Boracay Dive Resort +63 9985541675
5. Take the reverse bungee

Adrenaline-junkies can participate in Boracay’s reverse bungee, which will have you and two other friends sit inside a caged bungee cart before you’re catapulted 60 meters above sea level!

Location: G-Max Reverse Bungy Philippines, White Beach, Station 3
Fee: P1500 per person, add P750 for video recording
Operation Hours: 8am-11pm
Best for: Friends, barakadas, thrill-seekers
Highlight(s): When the ride reaches 200kph before bouncing back to Earth!
Activity Tips: Don't wear any fancy footwear since you'll be required to remove them. Remove anything that can easily fly away too, like glasses.
Contact Details: Phone Number: +63 9215323550 Email: Facebook: @GMaxPH
6. Paddle while standing

(photo via Pixabay, @fsHH)

If surfing the waves of Boracay aren’t your thing, practice with the unique art of stand-up paddle boarding! What this does is it allows you to balance and strengthen your core so that all your effort is poured into paddling the boat with your entire upper body. You can do this alone, as a couple, or with one or two kids present on the same paddle board.

Location: Bulabog Beach or Boracay White Beach Station 1, Stations 2, or 3
Fee: Board rentals and lessons for beginners can begin at around P300-P500 per hour. If you book an extensive tour, prepare as much as P1000 per person, inclusive of guide and equipment.
Operation Hours: 7am-6pm
Best for: Solo travelers, families, barkadas, sporty people
Contact Details: Phone Numbers: Boracay's Enrico's Paddle Board Rentals: +63 9973759353 Reef Riders Windsurfing & SUP Center: +63 9088202267
7. Ride the paraw

Since you’re already taking the scenic route down in Boracay’s blue waters, why not wait for the beach island’s world-famous sunset? But don’t watch the sun go down on the beach, take the paraw instead! Paraw sailing is a local boat activity where the boat mechanism only uses two sails to catch the wind.

Location: White Beach, Station 3
Fee: Standard rates can go as low as P1000 for 1-2 people, or P1500 for 3-4 people, depending on how well you can negotiate with the tour guide owner. On peak seasons, it can go as high as P4500 per trip.
Operation Hours: It can be enjoyed at any time of the day starting business operating hours at around 7:30am-8:00am. But to enjoy the sunset, best to do this at 5:30pm-6:00pm.
Best for: Couples, solo travelers
Insider Info: Haggle for a cheaper price until it can go down to an ideal range of P1000-P2000. They will always start offering you with an exuberant price so negotiations are expected. If you don't want to fight for a paraw sail, book it in advanced within the day, with a 50% deposit.
Contact Details: Phone Numbers: Boracay Sailing Charter and Tours: +63 9217387372, +6336 2887794 Email: Boracay Travel: Asia Travel:
8. Parasailing

(photo via Pixabay, @Gaudis99)

No Boracay activity list would be complete without mentioning parasailing. Riding on an engine-powered boat is one thing, but to be strapped behind one while wearing a parachute that will send you flying for 15 glorious minutes? That’s a complete Bora-experience!

Location: Boracay's Highway Central and White Beach Station 1 tour booths
Fee: P1,000 to P2,500 for solo rides
Operation Hours: 8:30am-6pm
Best for: Families, barkadas
Contact Details: Diamond Water Sports along Station 1: +6336 2886621 Mr. Rey Monteza: +63 9391735417
9. Helmet diving

If you want to feel the shallow sea floor with your own two feet, book you and your friends a helmet diving session! This is arguably much safer than scuba diving, since you don’t need any sort of training or certification to go below the water. Once your helmet is on, feel free to take a deep breath; you don’t even need to remove your eyewear or contacts!

Location: White Beach Stations 1 to 2
Fee: P500 to P1,000 per person
Operation Hours: 9am-9pm
Best for: Solo travelers, bloggers, friends in small groups
Contact Details: Phone Number: Calypso Beach & Dive Resort: +6336 2883206 Milkys Dive Center along Boracay Highway Central: +6336 2882243 WaterColors Dive Resort along Station 1: +63 9985541675
10. Enter the Zorb!

(photo via Commons)

Take the Zorb ball experience if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to roll around like a hamster in a ball! Also known as “orbing” or “globe-riding,” riding a Zorb involves stepping inside a transparent, inflatable bouncing ball and getting pushed down an incline, usually a hill or a special Zorb obstacle course. Depending on how confident you are, you can try the non-harness orbs that can carry up to three people inside. There’s also the harness-type orbs that are made for just 2 riders who have at least 5lbs of weight difference between them, to balance out the bounce of the ball!

Location: Ilig-Iligan, Yapak
Fee: P300 to P700
Operation Hours: 9am-6pm
Best for: Families, couples, barkadas
Insider Info: Ask if they can massage you with the Zorb ball.
Contact Details: Phone Numbers: +63 9475059154, +6336 288 1912 Email:
11. Fly Fishing

This is parasailing’s more extreme cousin. “Fly fishing” involves sitting on an inflatable raft while a speedboat pulls you and your friends across the water. As soon as you hit maximum speed, the raft will begin to “fly” out of the water, pulling you up, down, sideways, over, and under! The catch is to fall into the water in the most fun way possible, and since you have floaties to help even the most inexperienced swimmer, fly fishing is totally safe. The speedboat driver eventually comes back to collect you from your fall, and you repeat the “fishing” all over again!

Location: Boracay's Highway Central and White Beach Station 1-2 tour booths
Fee: P450 to P1,000 per person
Operation Hours: 9am-6pm
Best for: Families, barkadas, couples
Insider info: Ask to be taken to a scenic route!
Contact Details: Phone Number: Diamond Water Sports along Station 1: +6336 2886621
12. ATV or Buggy

(photo via Pixabay, @Deuter)

ATV—otherwise known as All Terrain Vehicles—has to be part of your Boracay itinerary. Imagine getting behind the wheel to endure some of the island’s roughest and toughest ground! Your adventure begins by revving up the engine towards the Northern part of Boracay, wherein you start gaining a bit more bang for your buck when the ATV encounters rocky and muddy uphills that will test your mettle!

Location: Boracay Butterfly Garden near Bulabog Beach
Fee: P1500 to P2,000
Operation Hours: 8am-5pm
Best for: Couples, families, barkadas, or office outings
Insider Info: If you're staying near the Long Beach, many locals wil try to sell you the buggy/ATV tour at exorbitant prices. Go around the area and canvass prices before deciding on the best and cheapest one.
Contact Details: Mang Denny: +63 9298831403
13. See the Boracay Oceanarium

If you need a break from the outdoors but you still want to surround yourself with the majesty of the sea, then take a look at the Boracay Oceanarium, located at the Crown Regency Resort and Convention Center. Imagine seeing a giant aquarium inside the basement of the hotel, creating a calming ambiance for trekkers taking a break from the beach. And at 11AM, they hold a mermaid show where you get to see their trained merfolk entertain crowds from the other side of the glass! Picture-taking is a must!

Location: Crown Regency Resort & Convention Center, Boracay
Fee: P600
Operation Hours: 9am-7:30pm
Best for: Families, couples, barkadas
Insider Info: Ask if the Oceanarium Scuba Diving or Helmet Diving tours are available on the day of your visit.
Contact Details: Phone Number: +6332 845 0211, +6332 845 0215 Email:
14. Take a Magical leap of faith

(photo via Pixabay, @tpsdave)

As if you haven’t done enough diving during your Boracay trip, cap it all off by jumping into the comforting sea water yourself, no safety vests or equiment necessary. Take that leap of faith in the island’s most famous cliff-diving point, Magic Island. 15 minutes away from Boat Station 3, you’ll be picked up by a rental motorboat. When you get to your destination, choose which height to cliff dive from—the lowest is 3 meters, while the tallest is 10 meters! Another place to cliff dive is Ariel’s Point, which is a bit more on the expensive side.

Location: Go to White Beach Station 1 or Station 3 to rent a boat ride. You'll be taken to the island of your choice--the more expensive one is Ariel's Point. The cheaper one is Magic Island. It's 15 minutes away from Boat Station 3.
Fee: Boat rentals: P3,000 for 3-4 hours Entrance to Magic Island: P150-P200 Ariel's Point Package: P2,000
Operation Hours: 9am-7pm
Best for: Barkadas, families, and couples
Insider Info: Boats leaving from Station 3 will get to Magic Island faster.
Contact Details: Ariel's Point: +6336 288 6770
15. Pubcrawl the night away

Finally, what better way to end a list of fun and exciting things to try in Boracay than to party like a local? After exhausting all that the beach life has to offer when the sun is up, now it’s time to see the bustling nightlife that has characterized Boracay tourism for years! In particular, join the Boracay Pubcrawl which will allow you to travel to 5 different bars on the island, all night long! If you fancy yourself a lone wolf, let the night of your Pubcrawl change the way you see partying with strangers.

Location: Boracay Pubcrawl, Boracay BeachPub, Station 2, Balabag
Fee: P990
Operation Hours: 8pm-3am
Best for: Barkadas (make sure everyone is over 18 years old!)
Contact Details: Phone Number: +63 9062075343 Website: Email:

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