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17 Sep 2019 - 6 min read

11 Types of Accommodations You Can Book on Traveloka

Traveloka's broad range of accommodations in both local and overseas destinations, you can have the most convenient and hassle-free experience. From hotels, B&Bs, and resorts, there’s something out there that would definitely suit your travel needs. Not sure what type fits you? Let us take you on a quick hospitality run-through.

1. Hotels

The Manila Hotel

Best for: Any type of traveler
What to Expect: Full amenities and services (the quality depends on the type and rating)
Unique Features: Private rooms and facilities, most are close to tourist destinations
Price range (per night): P1,200 to P3,500 for budget hotels, P6,000 and up for luxury hotels

The most popular choice for travelers, hotels offer private rooms with full-service amenities and facilities. Most hotels are found within tourist destination areas and vary depending on its star level. One to three-starred ones are budgethotels that offer clean accommodations but may lack in services or amenities. As the property rating increases to four to five stars, they become known as luxuryhotels and provide a wide range of services like a 24-hour concierge, multiple restaurants, and spa services.

2. Resorts

Shangri-La's Boracay Resort and Spa

Best for: Groups, families, and honeymooners
What to Expect: Full amenities, great facilities, and a paradise-like feel as they’re usually by the beach
Unique Features: Excursion and leisure activity offers
Price range (per night): P3,000 to P7,000 for smaller resorts, P10,000 and up for luxury resorts

Resorts are often located in more rural or isolated areas, which makes them the perfect getaway destination! Enjoy a broad range of facilities from large swimming pools to private beaches, plus the chance to just escape to paradise. This type also has all-inclusive options that make it more fit to your budget if you’re traveling with a group. Most also have complete services and amenities to make your stay as great and relaxing as possible.

3. Apartments

Astoria Plaza

Best for: Groups, barkadas, and families
What to Expect: Spacious rooms, complete amenities, and access to different facilities
Unique Features: Some have connecting studio rooms perfect for big families
Price range (per night): P4,400 to P7,000

The apartment concept is basically enjoying the features of a hotel in a larger space. Some apartments may be fully-serviced or not, but are fully-furnished and equipped with your basic needs. Apartments can also offer a variety of services including breakfast and access to wellness areas like gyms and swimming pools.

4. Villas

Astraa Guesthouse Tagaytay

Best for: Groups, families, and barkadas
What to Expect: Spacious rooms, complete amenities, and rooms that often come with a nice view
Unique Features: Luxury residences for longer stays, private accommodations, and complete services
Price range (per night): P2,300 to P8,000

The term, taken from the Romans, pertains to the luxurious country estates one would visit every now and then. Villas have complete amenities like that of a hotel but offer a more private and intimate setting that makes you feel right at home.

5. Lodges

Taman Safari Lodge

Best for: Groups, families, barkadas, and travelers who are adventure and nature enthusiasts
What to Expect: May offer basic amenities or have high-class facilities depending on location
Unique Features: Offers a more homey atmosphere and is usually close to the location’s tourism hub
Price range (per night): P1,200 and up (depending on location)

Lodges are perfect for group travelers because they usually have large accommodations. Often located in outdoorsy settings like parks or mountain grounds, lodges are great if you want to experience a more secluded and quiet holiday with the whole family or have a place to stay close to hiking trails or nature parks. Depending on the location, some may have complete amenities and services or are self-catering.

6. Hostels

KPop Stay – Hostel

Best for: Solo travelers, backpackers, youth travelers
What to Expect: Budget-friendly but most only have basic amenities and shared facilities
Unique Features: Dorm-like lodging with available private rooms. It also gives you a chance to meet new people from different places as most guests are backpackers or youth travelers.
Price range (per night): P500 to P2,000

These are generally low-budget guesthouses perfect for backpackers or travelers who are looking for a short and cheap stay. It offers basic amenities and shared facilities but some also have private rooms. Most are in great locations with easy access to transportation systems and close to tourist destinations.

7. Capsule or Pod Hotels

Tokyo Ekimae BAY HOTEL

Best for: Backpackers, solo and short-stay travelers
What to Expect: Upon your stay, you’ll be given a locker to put your belongings in. Bathrooms are shared, as well as other facilities. It’s definitely a much cheaper option than a regular budget hotel and it’s usually easily accessible by public transport.
Unique Features: Pod-like sleeping quarters with lockers for your belongings. Some capsule hotels have separate floors for women and men as well.
Price range (per night): P1,500 to P3,000

This concept originated in Japan with the first-ever capsule hotel having been established in Osaka. These offer pod quarters with basic amenities, shared bathrooms, and other facilities. Capsule hotels are one of the cheapest and most unique accommodations there is and is often located conveniently near stations or transportation hubs. It was meant to cater businessmen but is now flocked by tourists looking for a new lodging experience or to simply cut down on stay costs.

8. Bed and Breakfasts

Joaquin's Bed and Breakfast

Best for: Solo travelers
What to Expect: A small property with limited facilities but provides a homey and comfortable stay
Unique Features: A good place to enjoy a staycation at. B&Bs also offer delicious home-cooked breakfasts.
Price range (per night): P1,000 to P3,500

When B&Bs come to mind, most people think rural cottages with sweet hosts and a cat roaming around the property. Although that’s not far from what it truly is today, Bed and Breakfasts have evolved into more convenient and great stays for many travelers. Much like a hostel, it has private and shared rooms with limited facilities. It is often family-owned with six to eleven rooms and offers a breakfast meal for every overnight stay.

9. Motels

Mactan Golden Motel

Best for: Short-stay travelers, backpackers
What to Expect: A single bedroom and bathroom with bare minimum amenities
Unique Feature: Easy come and go access
Price range (per night): P800 and up (but some provide hourly rates)

Motels or "Motorists Hotels" are usually made for long-journey travelers looking for a place to stay the night before heading back to the road in the morning. They provide bare minimum services and facilities and will cost you much less than a hostel.

10. Homestays

Omah Pitoe Homestay

Best for: Solo travelers, backpackers, youth travelers
What to Expect: Great hospitality, basic amenities, and hosts who will personally take care of your needs
Unique Features: You get to experience being a local and truly immerse yourself in the culture and lifestyle of your chosen destination
Price range (per night): P400 to P2,000

A homestay is basically renting out a room (sometimes an entire property) from a local resident. Homestays vary per location and can offer more than just a place to sleep, like meals and amenities. Homestays also provide you with a chance to fully experience “how the locals do” as you get to chat with the hosts about local knowledge. Some might even be willing to show you around or cook a traditional meal for you.

11. Ryokans

Ryokan Hatsuneso

Best for: Solo travelers, people looking for an authentic Japanese culture experience
What to Expect: Great hospitality and the ultimate traditional Japanese Inn experience
Unique Features: Authentic Japanese culture experience
Price range (per night): P3,900 to P8,000

This is a traditional Japanese-style Inn that resembles a hostel with its shared rooms, public baths, and dining spaces. But what makes it unique is their impeccable hospitality and that Japanese touch: like the tatami-matted rooms, the yukatas (Japanese garments) offered for guests to wear during their stay, and the traditional meals served. Planning on a getaway with the family? An adventure with the whole barkada? Book your stay with Traveloka today!]]>