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21 Sep 2017 - 14 min read

15 Fun & Unique Things to Do in Subic

15 things to do in Subic.

1. Get Wet and Wild at Inflatable Island

Ever wondered what it’s like to brave the “Wipeout” course or “Ninja Warrior” obstacles? Well, now, you can experience the same thing in Subic! Inflatable Island is the biggest floating playground in Asia. Situated at the Subic Bay waters, the 3,400-square meter inflatable course is as big as 8 basketball courts and features different slides, towers, bridges, swings and human launchers. Definitely an experience you will never forget!

Location: Subic Bay Waters, National Highway, Lower Kalaklan, Olongapo City
Fee(s): - P799 (two-hour pass) - P1,099 (half-day pass) - P1,499 (whole day pass)
Operation Hours: 8am-5:50pm daily
Best For: Barkadas, Adventure seekers
Highlights: Human Launcher, Giant Tarzan Swing and Slide, Giant Trampoline.
Activity Tips: - You can bring your gadgets to the playground(cellphone, camera, etc), just make sure it’s kept waterproof and has its own floaters. - The tickets include whole day access to Samba Beach, Bali Lounge and the Floating Zoo.
Insider Info: Tickets bought online are cheaper than walk-in rates, so best to book your passes earlier.
Contact Details: Phone: ‎+63 9171501103, +63 9178352665 Email/ Site:, Facebook: @InflatableIslandPh
2. Play with the Animals at Zoobic Safari

(photo via Facebook, @ZoobicSafariOfficial) Zoobic Safari is a 25-hectare land that is home to a diverse set of animals roaming freely in their simulated natural habitat. Possibly the best zoo in the Philippines, it offers over a dozen main attractions that the whole family will enjoy. From feeding crocodiles to having photos with pythons, getting up close with tigers to browsing through animal fossils, Zoobic Safari has it all.

Location: Group1 Ilanin Forest, Forest Adventure Park, Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Fee(s): P695 (adults), P595 (kids) | Check out Traveloka Xperience for the discounted rates.
Operation Hours: 8am-4pm (Day Safari), 6pm (Night Safari)
Best For: Families, Kids, Animal Lovers
Highlights: Sky Safari, Animal Photo Opportunity, Tiger Safari, Night Safari
Activity Tips: - You can purchase a whole chicken (PHP200.00) to feed the tigers during your safari ride. - Zoobic Night Safari registration starts at 5:00pm, better to register on time to avoid long queues.
Insider Info: You can purchase a Family package good for 4, inclusive of set lunch for P2,499.
Contact Details: Phone: +632 847 0413 Email/ Site:, Facebook: @zoobicsafariofficial
3. USS New York Sea Wreck

Subic Bay boasts of over 19 diving wreck sites and one of the most popular is the USS New York shipwreck. Built in 1891, it was used during World War I and II and was the fastest armored cruiser in the world. In was scuttled in Subic in 1941, to prevent the Japanese from using its armory. At a depth of 30m, its propellers and 8” guns are still intact perfect for exploring divers.

Location: Subic Bay
Operation Hours: - El Coral Reef Dive Center: 6:30am-7pm daily - Arizona Dive Shop: 8am-8pm daily
Best For: Experienced Divers
Highlights: The USS New York still has four of its massive turret guns intact and at 110m, the wreck is one of the largest in the bay with enough area for divers to explore.
Activity Tip: Bring an underwater camera! You wouldn’t want to miss capturing its beauty 100-feet deep.
Insider Info: Accommodations are usually available at diving shops too.
Contact Details: El Coral Reef Dive Center: Phone: +63 9295858244 Email/ Site:, Facebook: @diveinsubicbay Arizona Dive Shop Phone: +6347 222 0962, +63 9989938257 Email/ Site: Facebook: @arizonadivesubic
4. Cliff dive at El Kabayo Waterfalls

(photo via Instagram, @SuperJudzzz) El Kabayo Waterfalls is considered one of the best picnic spots in Subic. Aside from the option to cook your own food (or have the caretaker cook it for a fee), swimming in the cool fresh waters of the two cascading falls is something the whole family will enjoy. If you’re more adventurous, then you can try diving off the 15-foot cliff. Just take extra care and caution as lifeguards aren’t available in the area.

Location: El Kabayo Road, Binictican, Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Fee(s): P50 (per person for the Falls), P100 (for the picnic), P500 (overnight stay)
Best For: barkadas, thrill-seekers
Highlights: Cliff diving is a must! But for those who are less adventurous, a picnic by the falls will be very relaxing.
Activity Tips: - Safety first! Take the necessary caution while enjoying the falls. - If you plan to stay in the area overnight, don’t forget to bring your tent
Insider Info: The trail could be very muddy after rain, so make sure to wear the right footwear.
Contact Details: Phone: (SBMA Tourism) +6347 252 4655/ 4049/ 4242, +6347 252 4154/ 4829 Email/ Site:
5. Survive a Real-Life Hunger Games at JEST Camp

At JEST Camp’s Hunger Games, everyone volunteers as tributes! The Jungle Environmental Survival Training (JEST) Camp has been offering indigenous survival skills training for more than half a decade now and now it has added a Hunger Games arena to its attractions. Learn how to make and cook over fire, build shelter, stalk and camouflage in the jungle to be the Hunger Games victor. It’s definitely an experience you’ll never forget!

Location: Upper Mau, Cubi-Triboa, Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Fee(s): P999 per person (minimum of 20)
Operation Hours: 8:30am-5pm daily
Best For: The Ultimate Adventurer
Highlights: The games! After a morning full of training, it’s time to survive in the “arena” where all other trainees/ tributes fight to remain in the games using the skills learned from training. “Weapons” and survival items are available in the games’ Cornucopia, just like in the hit movie “The Hunger Games.”
Activity Tips: - Advance booking is required for the Jest Camp Hunger Games. - The adventure will require running, jumping and other robust movements, be sure you’re actively capable before joining the game or you might injure yourself.
Contact Details: Phone: +6347 252 1489, +63 9177964668 Email/ Site:, Facebook: @JESTCamp
6. Play with Dolphins at Ocean Adventure

(photo via Facebook, @OceanAdventureSubicBay) Ocean Adventure is the first open water marine theme park in Southeast Asia and has become of the best tourist spots in Subic. It features over two dozen attractions for the whole family to enjoy. If you want the ultimate experience, you can choose to swim with the dolphins and sea lions for a fee. A visit to Ocean Adventure is one of the best things to do in Subic for kids and animal lovers.

Location: Camayan Wharf, West Ilanin Forest Area, Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Fee(s): P788 (adult), P628 (child and senior), check site for additional activity fees and Traveloka Xperience for promos.
Operation Hours: 9am-6pm daily
Best For: Families, Animal Lovers
Highlights: Watch the dolphins and whales do tricks and perform in front of you! For an additional fee, you can even swim with them.
Activity Tips: - The sun could make your trip warm and at times sweaty, be sure to dress appropriately. Bring a cap and sunscreen. - Charge up your phones and cameras so you won’t miss a moment. Snap away!
Insider Info: Certified divers may go underwater with dolphins for P4,250. But if you aren’t a certified diver, you may take the course with Ocean Adventure’s partner Camayan Divers.
Contact Details: Phone: +6347 252 9000, +6347 252 5885 Email/ Site:, Facebook: @oceanadventuresubicbay
7. Challenge Yourself at the interactive Funtastic Park

Funtastic Park is an educational theme park in Subic that offers kids and kids at heart fun and unique activities. It features 10 main attractions that will challenge the mind, promote creativity and ultimately entertain the whole family.

Location: Bldg. 2070 Corregidor Highway, Ilanin Forest, East District, Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Fee(s): P323 per person, when you book with Traveloka
Operation Hours: 9am-6pm daily
Best For: Kids, Families
Highlights: Mirror Maze, Trick Art Paintings, Optical Illusion Wall
Activity Tip: Ticket purchase is at Funtastic Park front office. For big groups though, you may contact them ahead for arrangements.
Insider Info: Funtastic Park is just a few minutes away from Zoobic Safari and Ocean Adventure, so you can visit them after.
Contact Details: Phone: +6347 250 3099, +63 9985309377 Email/ Site: Facebook: @funtasticsu
8. Go Bird Watching!

(photo via Subic has been declared as one of the 13 best bird-watching sites in the Philippines. And while this may not be among the popular things to do in Subic, it definitely is an experience won’t forget! There are over 11 spots in the town ideal for appreciating the beauty of nature and more than 180 bird species, but you can visit the two best sites: Magaul Bird Park or Ilanin Forest.

Locations: - Magaul Bird Park: Upper Mau, Cubi-Triboa, Subic Bay Freeport Zone - Ilanin Forest, Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Fee(s): - Magaul Bird Park: P650 - Ilalin Forest: FREE
Operation Hours: 8:30am-5pm daily
Best For: Nature Lovers
Highlights: - Wings of the World show in Magaul Bird Park features over 500 birds flying over you all at once. Discover rare species and colorful feathery friends in a one-of-a-kind spectacle. - For serious bird watchers, Ilalin Forest is the best place to find a variety of forest birds, including the Philippine pygmy woodpecker.
Activity Tips: - Birds at Magaul Bird Park get up close and personal, so make sure your kids won’t freak out so the birds won’t too. - You can rent a bike and pedal away in the Ilalin Forest to explore its beauty while looking out for rare bird species.
Insider Info: You need a birding permit to go Bird Watching at Ilanin Forest but the process is worth it. They’ll give you a full list of birding trails in Subic as well.
Contact Details: Magaul Bird Park JEST Camp Phone: +6347 252 1489, +63 9177964668 Email/ Site:, Facebook: @JESTCamp SBMA Ecology Department: +6347 252 4155
9. Ride the Waves with Networx Jet Sports

Swimming is not the only thing you can do in Subic Bay’s waters, extreme water sports is also an awesome option. Networx Jet Sports offers thrill seekers a range of watersports equipment to rent or even purchase -- from the usual jet skis to more rip-roaring gadgets like flyboards, hoverboards and parasails.

Location: Water Front Road, Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Fee(s): - Jetovator: P4,500 for 20mins - Bandwagon: P350 for 15mins - Jetski: P3,500 for 60mins - Banana Boat: P250 for 15mins - Hoverboard: P4,500 for 20mins - Parasail: P1,500 for 10mins
Operation Hours: 7am-11pm daily
Best For: Thrill seekers
Highlights: Banana Boat, Parasailing, Flyboarding, Hoverboarding
Activity Tip: If you have the budget, you may inquire about their Yacht cruise and schedule a rental ahead of time.
Insider Info: They regularly add new offers and attractions, so best to inquire ahead of time.
Contact Details: Phone: +63 9228129832, +6347 252 3469 Email/ Site:, Facebook: @NetworxJetsportsSubic
10. Drink Up at Baguio Craft Brewery Subic

(photo via Facebook, @BaguioCraftBrewery) Nothing beats a good conversation over good food and drinks and at Baguio Craft Brewery in Subic you get that and more! The pub offers drinks unlike any other in Manila -- fresh, traditionally-brewed, handcrafted beers with no preservatives and additives. They offer more than 50 brews and 21 craft beers, the largest selection in the country. For those who’d prefer non-alcoholic beverages, Baguio Craft Brewery also features a selection of mocktails and mouth-watering dishes perfect for bonding moments with friends.

Location: Riverwalk, Harbor Point Ayala Mall, Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Fee(s): drinks start at P150
Operation Hours: 5pm-1am (Mondays to Fridays), 1pm-1am (Saturdays to Sundays)
Best For: Barkadas, Beer lovers
Highlights: Fruit Beers
Activity Tip: Try their refreshing Mocktails too, non-alcoholic drinks made from fresh fruits and herbs.
Insider Info: Baguio Craft Brewery is 100% Filipino-owned and aims to provide jobs to locals at their three branches - Baguio, Subic and Cebu (soon to open).
Contact Details: Phone: +6347 306 5699 Email/ Site:, Facebook: @BaguioCraftBrewery
11. Scootourista Festival

Festivals are usually decorated by dancers in colorful costumes and floats adorned with flowers and all kinds of grandiose elaborations. But in Subic, they do a certain fiesta differently -- instead of people, they parade their scooters. A common mode of transportation in the city, what with their wide roads and fresh air, Scootourista Festival celebrates Subic Bay as an entry point for bike brands and manufacturers while also encouraging the use of the cheap transport option. It’s a one-of-a-kind festival with over 3,000 scooters participating -- something you’d wouldn’t to see for yourself.

Location: Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Fee(s): FREE
Best For: Bike enthusiasts and Tourists
Highlights: Aside from the parade, races and rallies are organized for festival attendees to join. At night, live bands and trade exhibits entertain the crowd, in true pinoy fiesta-style.
Activity Tip: If you don’t have a bike, you can rent one and join the parade that runs from Olongapo City to Zambales, Bataan and stops at Subic Bay.
Insider Info: The festival is commercial and nature, with brands like Honda and Mitsubishi joining regularly.
Contact Details: Phone: (SBMA Tourism) +6347 252 4655/ 4049/ 4242, +6347 252 4154/ 4829 Email/ Site:
12. Swim, Dive, Snorkel at Capones Island

About a two-hour car and boat ride from Subic Bay is Capones Island. The island is known for its clear blue waters, white rocky sand beaches and one of the best coral reef diving spots in the country. The natural beauty of the place, coupled with the awe-striking sunset will be the perfect cap to your trip.

Location: San Antonio, Zambales
Budget: P1,800
Operation Hours: Boats for rent are available from early morning to sunset, best to travel during the morning.
Best For: Nature lovers, Divers, Adventurous
Highlights: - The beautiful coral reef formations are what makes Capones Island a must-visit for divers and nature lovers. The clear blue waters makes it easier to appreciate the beauty of the reefs and the reef fishes around. - Faro de Punta Capones, or Capones Island Lighthouse, is an icon in Zambales.
Insider Info: Capones Island is close to several other islands, coves and diving spots. You may want to go island hopping too.
Contact Details: El Coral Reef Dive Center: Phone: +63 9295858244 Email/ Site:, Facebook: @diveinsubicbay Boat Rental: Phone: +63 9093120345, +63 9162732887 Email/ Site:
13. Shop ‘til You Drop at Royal Duty Free

Filipinos love food, and they also love shopping. But if there’s one thing Filipinos love the most, it’s a good discount. Big sales happen every month in the biggest of mall chains in Manila, but in Subic bargains are as normal as the sunset. The land of outlet stores and bargain shops, Subic is also synonymous with Royal Duty Free. Because items are tax free, you’ll find almost everything for super low prices. Food, chocolates, apparel, toys, perfume, shoes -- you name, they have it at bagsak presyo.

Locations: - Manila Avenue, cor. Canal Road, Subic Bay Freeport Zone - Palm Street, Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Operation Hours: 9am-8pm daily
Best For: Barkadas, Families, Shopaholics, Foodies
Highlights: Scouring through thousands of items all on sale is a highlight in and of itself!
Activity Tips: - It is best to come prepared with a budget in mind so you won’t overspend. - Prices are more often than not in US Dollars, so bring a calculator (or your smartphone) and search about the latest conversion rate (more or less) so you can do the calculation before checkout.
Insider Info: Aside from the always-on-discount prices, they also have regular sales, so check their Facebook page to be updated.
Contact Details: Phone: +6347 252 3258 Email/ Site: Facebook: @royaldutyfreesubicph
14. Party ‘til sun down at Summer Siren Festival

Summer Siren Festival brings three of the best parts of summer together: art, music and the beach. Already on its fourth year, the festival offers three days of non-stop fun -- from themed pool parties to concerts by the shore to art activities. Possibly the biggest summer musical festival in the country, Summer Siren Festival is the ultimate summer escape for beach lovers and party people!

Location: Subic Bay Beach, Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Fee(s): P3,000 (VIP), P1,500 (party only passes)
Best For: Barkadas, Beach lovers and Party-goers
Highlights: Bands and DJs performances
Activity Tips: - Plan your trip ahead of time by purchasing your tickets online and securing accommodations and transportation to and from the venue. - Food and drinks purchased outside aren’t allowed on the festival grounds, so make sure you bring enough money for the concessionaires inside.
Insider Info: Rock and alternative bands usually perform on Day 1, while DJs play their sets on Day 2.
Contact Details: Phone: +632 746 5119, +63 9178475341 Email/ Site:, Facebook: @SummerSirenFestival
15. Get the Latest for Less at Nike Factory Store

This is nirvana for sneakerheads, athletic wear fans and athletes! Nike Factory Store in Subic offers Nike shoes and apparel at a major discount. Purchase running shoes for just over PHP1,000.00 or even get your second pair for free! The Nike Factory Store is one reason why shopping is one of the best things to do in Subic.

Location: Petron Station, Rizal St. corner Argonaut Highway, Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Operation Hours: 9am-9pm
Best For: Everyone
Highlights: Nike shoes and apparel for 30, 50, 70% off. They even have Buy 1 Take 1 offers every so often!
Insider Info: They also have an outlet in Marikina Riverbanks.
Contact Details: Phone: +6347 252 2188 Email/ Site: Facebook: @NikeFactoryStorePhilippines

Enjoy a fun experience and check out other tourist spots to visit, restaurants to try and more in Subic. Discover cheap hotel deals and cheap flights from carriers like Philippine Airlines, AirAsia, and more with Traveloka!Back to top]]>