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03 Sep 2018 - 9 min read

10 Instagram-worthy Places to Visit in Taguig

Here is our list of the 10 Instagram-worthy places to visit in Taguig:

1. Mecha Uma

Mecha Uma Restaurant

(photo via Instagram, @mechauma) What’s up? Literally, look up when you get here. This Japanese restaurant has probably won unofficial records in the best ceilings of the year in our book. Apart from their delicious dishes and homey ambience - which can be considered a work of art in their own right - the ceiling itself is work of art too. According to our sources they wanted the customer to be able to be visually stimulated whilst waiting for their meal. The wooden bars are layered like lattice work and one can only imagine the number of man hours that was required to put everything up. The result: a beautifully concocted interior that both satiates the eyes as their food does the same to your tummy. Their dishes include Duck Soba, Octopus Korroke, Matsusakaya Hyun and Tai Usuzukuri, their plating turns an ordinary restaurant plate into a canvass. Perfect for your Instagram food photos.

Location: Ground Floor, RCBC Savings Bank Corporate Center 1634, 25th Street, Bonifacio Global City
Operation hours: 6pm-11pm
Best for: People who love Japanese food, Couples on a date night
Highlight(s): Try out the Duck Soba, which is one of their recommended dishes.
Insider info: Aside from their beautiful interiors, you’ll be surprised to find out that they have a full bar available.

2. The Mind Museum

Mind Museum Astronaut Display

(photo via Instagram, @themindmuseum) This is no ordinary, boring science museum mind you. This is on top of most people’s most entertaining things to do in Taguig. The Mind Museum is both an entertaining and interesting way to learn about science with exhibits that will enchant you. There are a great many interactive exhibits on display and there’s plenty of things to do for anyone of any age.

Location: J. Y. Campos Park, 3rd Avenue, Bonifacio Global City
Fee(s): P475 when you book with Traveloka
Operation hours: 9am-6pm
Best for: Students on field trips, Kids, Families
Adventure level: Mild
Highlight(s): Try out their fun static machine and see your hair rise up.
Insider info: The Mind Museum is a non-profit organization and they donate they donate most of their proceeds to public schools around the Philippines.

3. Sunnies Cafe

Sunnies Cafe Facade View

Check out this go-to brunch spot in the middle of Bonifacio High Street. With it's recognizable pink door, well-placed greenery, and stunning interiors, this restaurant is instagram-ready. Try their Matcha Milk Shake and feel the summery good vibes. Don't forget to bring your friends with you and enjoy good comfort food.

Location: B3, Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City
Operation hours: 11am-11pm
Best for: Anyone looking for a brunch spot, Group of friends
Highlight(s): Try out their highly recommended Matcha Milk Shake.

4. Wall Murals

Women Mural BGC

(photo via Flickr, Alfonso Venzuela) The street art movement and the arts in general are always abuzz in Bonifacio Global City, and if you’re looking for modern contemporary art, you probably don’t have to go too far. Scattered across the city are massive wall murals created by various artists and they’re leaving the city with a very artful modern touch. These pieces of modern art have become top of many lists of places to visit in Taguig as they really inspire the creativity in you. Also, these locations have become popular OOTD locations and we can definitely see why.

Location: Bonifacio Global City
Fee(s): FREE
Best for: Art enthusiasts
Adventure level: Mild
Insider info: Try looking for the wall art behind B1 building and along Lane O at Bonifacio High Street.
Activity tip: If you’re planning to take pictures on a sunny day, bring a cap with you as a shield against the sun.

5. Burgos Eats

Friends at Burgos Eats

(photo via Facebook, @maxsgroupinc) Looking for pretty places in and around Taguig is quite tiring. If you’re up for some early snacks at one of the most Instagrammable places to visit in Taguig, you should check out Burgos Eats. The shared space features contemporary architecture and interior design motifs that will probably give you ideas for DIY home designs of your own. This “food park” currently houses Krispy Kreme, Pancake House, Yellow Cab, Jamba Juice and Teriyaki Boy from the Max’s Group. They are all housed in a common space complete with contemporary rustic interior, exposed beams and pendant lights. This place also features a couple of murals akin to the street art of the city. This place can provide an excellent backdrop to your casual photos and is located at the corner of Rizal Drive and 29th street at Burgos Circle.

Location: Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City
Operation hours: 24 Hours
Best for: Groups of friends, Families, Officemates, Night shift employees
Insider info: You can order from one restaurant within the building and bring it to another without breaking any rules.

6. Venice Grand Canal Mall

Venice Grand Canal Mall Gondola

(photo via Instagram, @bajumer) If you like couple photographs in the most picturesque of settings then you should probably visit Venice Grand Canal Mall. Apart from boasting an array of pretty upscale establishments, it features a canal with gondoliers ready to serenade you and take you and your significant other downstream. Pledge your love on a rock and whispers sweet nothings as you enjoy the dreamy landscapes. Prepare to have your camera ready as you and the SO embark on a romantic mini-Venice getaway.

Location: Cluster B, McKinley Hill Garden Villas, Upper McKinley Rd
Operation hours: 11am-11pm
Best for: Families, Groups of friends, Couples
Highlight(s): The famous gondola ride is one of their main attractions.
Activity tip: Go to the mall early to take beautiful photos without too much people crowding your shot.

7. Bonifacio High Street

High Street Signage by Old Navy

Looking for a place to showcase your latest OOTD? Or do you just want to walk around a sprawling assortment of modern architecture and luscious fauna? Take a walk around 5th avenue to Bonifacio High Street as this place is really an Instagram-worthy location in BGC. Combining nature and modern architecture, this place is definitely a go-to place for people looking for the prettiest spots in the metro. There’s the sprawling greenery where it’s clean enough to have a picnic, well designed stores that feature your favorite brands and of course plenty of modern art to complement the contemporary look.

Location: 5th Avenue to 11th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City
Operation hours: 24 hours
Best for: Shopaholics, Groups of friends, Families, Couples, Shoppers who want to bring their pets with them
Insider info: Try to catch musical performances by BGC Impromptu if you’re in town.
Activity tips: Wear comfortable shoes because you’ll mostly be walking as you shop and stroll through this open mall.

8. Miracle Art Happyworld Museum

Gorilla Photo Miracle Art Museum

(photo via Facebook, @miracleartph) Who’s up for some 3D fun and crazy optical illusions? The Miracle Art Happyworld Museum located at Market Market, McKinley Parkway features life sized optical illusions that will leave you mind-boggled. Have fun with perspective and take cool pictures with images that just pop off the walls… and sometimes even the floors. Watch as you fall into waterfalls, animals come alive and you trick your friends into thinking that you’re bigger than you actually are. This place offers enough fun for kids (and kids at heart.) They’re so popular that they’ve expanded to different locations around the country, If you’re all for snapping up these optical illusions (with yourself) for some Instagram or Facebook-timeline fun then this is the place for you!

Location: Market! Market!, Mckinley Parkway
Fee(s): P150 to P200
Operation hours: 10am-9pm
Best for: Families, Kids, Group of friends
Activity tips: The beautiful 3D paintings are perfect for posing so get those moves ready for the camera.

9. Burgos Circle

Busy Burgos Circle Street

Burgos Circle is Bonifacio Global City’s hub for dining and lifestyle, and if you like pretty places, faces and good food you should really check it out. It’s casually relaxing atmosphere coupled with colorful architecture makes it an endearing place to spend time with your families, take photos and grab some wonderful grub. If you run out of photographs to take, just stop by any one of the uniquely designed restaurants and snap away. There are al fresco dining options and most of these restaurants really pay attention to not only how their food tastes, but how it looks, as well. The list of places of restaurants in Burgos Circle is overwhelming. You have picks such as Locavore, B&B: Burgers and Brewskies, Stacy’s, Wrong Ramen, Bowery and The Farm. Each with it’s own unique theme and each able to catch your eye and your tummy.

Location: Bonifacio Global City
Operation hours: 24 hours
Best for: Group of friends, Officemates
Activity tip: Go on a food trip and try out some of the many restaurants in the area.

10. Serendra

Serendra Mckinley Parkway Facade

(photo via Flickr, Kai Lazarte) Serendra is a 12-hectare community located between McKinley parkway and 11th Avenue. It is a garden community that houses The Shops at Serendra, a highrise residential community and awe-worthy designs. With 65 percent of its overall design dedicated to landscaped greenery it is certainly one of the more beautiful places in the metro. It combines European design motifs with Tegel harbor and Berliner Strasse combined with the stone style houses of the Philippines. It’s certainly a great place to visit (or live in, since it is a residential community) and you can most definitely let your mind wander at the beautiful architecture amidst the wonderfully sculpted green flora.

Location: Bonifacio Global City
Operation hours: 11am-10pm
Best for: Groups of friends, Families, Couples
Highlight(s): If you’re craving some Chinese food, try out the new Wang Fu restaurant.

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