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06 Aug 2019 - 5 min read

10 Interesting Themed Cafés in Tokyo for a Unique Experience

10 themed cafés that will make any trip to Tokyo memorable.

1. Alice in Fantasy Book

Image Credit: Inspired by the famous Lewis Carroll novel, Alice in Fantasy Book takes you to a world filled with dainty teacups, heart-shaped chairs, and huge, artificial flowers. Expect meticulously prepared dishes and fancy desserts on the menu.

Operating Hours: Mondays to Fridays: 5 PM to 11:30 PM; Weekends and holidays: 11:30 AM to 3 PM (lunch), 4 PM to 11:30 PM (dinner)
2. Maidreamin Tokyo

Japan is usually associated with cosplaying. At Maidreamin Tokyo, you will be greeted by waitresses dressed in a cosplay maid outfit, treating you like their master or lady for a day. Don't leave the place without a souvenir photo with these adorable maids. Click here to book a reservation.

Operating hours: Mondays to Thursdays: 11:30 AM to 11 PM; Fridays: 11:30 AM to 5 PM; Weekends and holidays: 10:30 AM to 11 PM
3. Zauo Fishing Restaurant

Image Credit: zauoshinjuku / Facebook As its name suggests, this café lets you fish for your meal. There are indoor tanks where you can catch fat fish—talk about enjoyable effort. You'll then give what you caught to the waiters and have it cooked based on your liking. At the center of the café is a wooden boat where you can eat your own catch of the day.

Operating Hours: Mondays to Fridays: 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM (lunch), 5 PM to 11 PM (dinner); Weekends and holidays: 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM (lunch), 4 PM to 11 PM (dinner)
4. Gundam Café

Editorial Credit: cowardlion / Oh, robots. For a lot of us, they are a part of our childhood, and can instantly make us reminisce. At Gundam Café, you'll be reminded of the good ol' days as you gorge on pasta or sip richly flavored coffee. Outside the restaurant is a giant Gundam that encourages visitors to come in.

Operating Hours: Mondays to Sundays: 10 AM to 10:30 PM
5. Yurei Izakaya

Image Credit: This scary bar and restaurant aims to make you scream. Dressed in creepy costumes, the zombie-like waiters serve you with food that looks a bit gory but tastes yummy. Get a free dessert if you come in a terrifying costume!

Operating Hours: Mondays to Sundays: 5 PM until the last train trip
6. Little TGV

Image Credit: girlune / Instagram A train-themed café with train decorations and dishes served in train platters—the inspiration behind all these is obvious. Enjoy glasses or mugs of drinks with names that are also inspired by train routes.

Operating Hours: Tuesdays to Fridays: 6 PM to 11 PM, Saturdays and holidays: 4 PM to 11 PM; Sundays: 12 PM - 11 PM
7. Soineya “Cuddle Cafe”

Image Credit: Feeling alone in the cold streets of Tokyo? Visit Soineya and get a hug! It doesn't come free, though. Here, you get to cuddle with a girl (yes, you read that right). This is a feature of the café for customers who want to, er, embrace someone after a long day.

Operating Hours: Mondays to Sundays: 3 PM to 10 PM
8. Ninja Akasaka

Image Credit: ninja_akasaka_official / Instagram Another café that can catch your fancy is this ninja-themed restaurant in Chiyoda. The moment you enter the cafe, a ninja will surprise you and take you to your special corner. Expect ninja-themed decor—from katanas to ninja stars—everywhere. Of course, the food is noteworthy, too.

Operating Hours: Mondays to Saturdays: 5 PM to 10 PM; Sundays and holidays: 5 PM to 9:45 PM
9. Kawaii Monster Café

Image Credit: kawaiimonstercafe / InstagramKawaii(or "cute") is uniquely Japanese. Of course, there's a café inspired by this idea alone. This restaurant is all about what's adorable and colorful. The dishes look so beautiful and quirky, and the staff members are dressed in peculiar yet interesting outfits. Each visit is a different experience.

Operating Hours: Mondays to Saturdays: 11:30 AM to 4:30 PM, 6 PM to 10:30 PM; Sundays and holidays: 11 AM to 8 PM
10. Pokémon Café

Editorial Credit: Hannari_eli / As you would expect, all the food here are Pokémon-related. Try the Snorlax Hamburg and Seafood Rice Plate, the Eevee Teriyaki Chicken Burger, and of course, the Pikachu Curry. For drinks, go for the Gengar Smoothie or Ditto's Ombre Fruit Tea.

Operating Hours: Mondays to Sundays: 10:30 AM to 9 PM

See the complete Tokyo Theme Cafes Restaurants Map tour guide below.

Banner Image Credit: small1 / Shutterstock.comThemed cafés are just one of the many sights to see in the Japanese capital. Check out this Tokyo food guide to see more Japanese grub.]]>