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25 Nov 2017 - 8 min read

Top 37 Hidden Tourist Spots in the Philippines Travel Pros Rave About

Danjugan Island 1/37

Cauayan, Negros Occidental (Check available Flights and Hotels)

danjugan island

© Yoshke Dimen and Vins Carlos, The Poor Traveler

Yoshke Dimen and Vins Carlos of The Poor Traveler say
- “Danjugan Island is a rainforest-covered island and rich marine sanctuary that can be reached after a 4-hour drive from Bacolod and a 30-minute boat ride from mainland Cauayan. The island has five lagoons, two of which you can explore by kayak. Since it’s a protected area, fishing is not allowed here, allowing marine life to explode in full color. The best part is, you don’t need to be a scuba diver to enjoy it, you can simply do so by snorkeling. There you can see the bluest giant clams, humongous table corals, and all sorts of fish including juvenile black-tip sharks (if your timing is right). Danjugan Island can accept only a handful of guests per day - this ensures that the island’s pristine conditions will remain so for a long time.”

Sundang Island 2/37

Lumot Mahipon Lake, Cavinti, Laguna(Check available Hotels)

sundang island

© JB and Renee Macatulad, Will Fly for Food

JB and Renee Macatulad of Will Fly for Food say
- “Have you ever fantasized about having your own private island? Well, you can with Sundang Island in Cavinti, Laguna. For as low as about P3,400 a night, you can rent this small island and house in the middle of a lake. The island in Lumot Mahipon Lake can be booked online, and it comes complete with boat transfers for groups as big as ten. Just hop into your car and make the 3-4 hour drive southeast of Manila to become king or queen of your very own island. Awesome!”

Bayugin Falls 3/37

Bulusan, Sorsogon(Check available Flights and Hotels)

bayugin falls

© Nina Fuentes, Just Wandering

Nina Fuentes of Just Wandering says
- “Visitors in Bulusan flock to the Bulusan Volcano National Park, but not many make it to Bayugin Falls. It's a small waterfall, but the water is very cold and refreshing, especially on a hot and humid day.To get there, drive or take a tricycle up to Bgy. San Francisco. Admission fee is only 15 pesos per guest, vehicle parking costs 20 pesos, and cottages can be rented for 150 pesos. You can also get a guide, but there is no set amount for his fee. Once there, you need to take a short trek, and climb 278 steps down to reach the waterfalls. You can swim and take countless selfies near or under the waterfalls, but there is also a bigger swimming area towards the other end where the water flow is not as strong. Make sure to bring some food and drinks with you, because there are no stores there!”

Bonbon Beach 4/37

Romblon, Romblon(Check available Flights and Hotels)

bonbon beach
Joshua Berida of The Wandering Juan says
- “Bonbon Beach in Romblon has fine, white sand, clear waters and a beautiful view. I first learned about Bonbon from another travel blog and decided to visit when I was in the province. Luckily, there weren’t too many people around! Make sure to wait until sunset so you get to see the sky turn into variants of red and orange before getting dark. The beach is easily accessible by public transport from the town. Simply board a tricycle, and tell the driver you'd like to go to Bonbon Beach. There are now flights from Manila to Tablas Island, Romblon, your next gateway to the beach.”

Kiokong White Rock Wall 5/37

Quezon, Bukidnon(Check available Flights and Hotels)

kiokong white rock wall

© Kara Santos, Travel Up

Kara Santos of Travel Up says
- “The Kiokong White Rock Wall is visible from a bridge along the Davao Bukidnon Highway. It's one of the main attractions at the Kiokong Eco-Tourism Project site where you can also go rock climbing, rappelling from a bridge or swimming in the Blue Water Cave Pool nearby. Adventure Technology Outfitters, an outdoor group based in Bukidnon, offers tours where guests can ascend and stay overnight on the ledge of a cliff, 400 feet above the ground. For extreme adventurers, this is an amazing experience definitely worth putting on your bucket list.The site is accessible by land travel from Davao City or Cagayan de Oro City. I booked my return flight to Davao via Traveloka to get to Bukidnon, but if you want to see more of the province, you could go on a road trip and fly back via Cagayan de Oro instead.”

Mausonoan Island 6/37

Linapacan, Palawan(Check available Flights and Hotels)

mausonoan island

© Ferdz Decena, Ironwulf

Ferdz Decena of Ironwulf says
- “Mausonoan Island is easily accessible from Sibaltan, El Nido. Unspoiled by tourists and development, the island boasts of white powdery sand and incredibly clear turquoise waters. While you’re there, make sure to visit the nearby islands of Magransing and Binulbulan for excellent snorkeling.”

Codcod Rice Terraces 7/37

San Carlos City, Negros Occidental (Check available Flights and Hotels)

codcod rice terraces

© Jeffrey Rilles, Traveling Morion

Jeffrey of Traveling Morion says
- “The Codcod rice terraces are the results of the artistic labor and dedication of the Codcod locals. With the cool weather, stunning views of Mt. Kanlaon, and the wonderful people, the terraces could possibly be the next ecotourism site. The Codcod Rice Terraces are located in Barangay Codcod, an upland barangay of San Carlos City.From San Carlos City, take a bus bound to Bacolod. Alight at the crossing going to Barangay Quezon. From there, hire a habal-habal that will take you to Barangay Codcod after passing Barangay Quezon. Alternately, you can also hire a habal-habal from San Carlos City proper to go directly to Barangay Codcod."

Panguan Island 8/37

Sitangkai, Tawi-Tawi(Check available Flights and Hotels)

panguan island

© Ervin Malicdem, Schadow1 Expeditions

Ervin Malicdem of Schadow1 Expeditions says
- “Around 30 minutes away from Semporna, Sabah, and under the municipality of Sitangkai in Tawi-Tawi, Panguan Island is considered one of the most remote islands in the southern part of the Philippines. Also known as “Malamanok” in the local dialect, the island is where sea farers from the Sulu archipelago head over to roast their chicken for meals before heading to Malaysia. Luckily, I was able to get to Panguan Island through an invite from the marine corps for my mapping expedition, reconnaissance, and extraction mission. If you plan a visit, it can be reached via a 6-hour boat ride from Bongao."

Bulusan Volcano Natural Park 9/37

Bulusan, Sorsogon(Check available Flights and Hotels)

bulusan volcano natural park

© Lilliane Cobiao, Wanderlass

Lilliane Cobiao of Wanderlass says
- “The town of Bulusan, Sorsogon is embraced by lush tropical greenery. In fact, the town’s pride, Bulusan Volcano National Park is located at the foot of the country’s fourth most active volcano in and serves as a sanctuary for a variety of plants and birds.Guests can choose to hire a guide to explore the area, or they can simply rent a kayak (about P100 per boat) to paddle around the clear waters. The park has hanging bridges that give you aerial views of the lands, as well as different treks, and areas for resting."

Niludhan Falls 10/37

Bayawan City, Negros Oriental(Check available Flights and Hotels)

niludhan falls

© Jeffrey Rilles, Traveling Morion

Jeffrey of Traveling Morion says
- “Niludhan falls is the pride and joy of Negros Oriental. It is a natural attraction that has yet to be explored by most. This waterfalls is hidden deep within the city’s forests and sugarcane plantations. Despite the different projects created to make it more accessible, Niludhan falls is still quite a long travel. But it’s actually the best part about it. It leads you so far from the urbanized city, making you feel like you are one with nature.The waterfall is around 25 meters wide and has a 40-meter vertical drop that builds a beautiful curtain of water. The plants around the area are also magnificent. The white color of the falls combined with the green of the plants and the blue of the sky make every angle a perfect shot.There are flights that can be booked headed to Dumaguete City. Once you are there, you can choose which one of the routes you would like to take. From there you can take the Bayawan Route (ride a Ceres bus near Robinson's Place mall headed to Bayawan City. From there, ride a bus to Mabinay and go down on the stop of Niludhan Falls."

Aglicay Beach 11/37

Tablas Island, Romblon(Check available Flights and Hotels)

aglicay beach

© Carlo Domniguez, Travelosyo

Carlo Dominguez of Travelosyo says
- “Tablas Island is the largest of the islands that comprise Romblon. When people hear the word Romblon, they will immediately think about marble. Indeed, the province is the marble capital of the country, but only a few know that it is also home to some of best beaches just waiting to be discovered.Overshadowed by its neighboring superstar, Boracay, Tablas Island is just a few hours boat ride from Caticlan. Aglicay Beach is one of my favorite beaches. Its shoreline features almost a half-kilometer stretch of white sand, while the surrounding water is calm, clear and turquoise green. This place is perfect for people who are looking for a relaxing vacation.Aside from Aglicay Beach, there are so many things to see and do on Tablas Island. That is why you should visit Romblon before everybody does. To get here You can book a flight from Manila to Tablas Island via Traveloka.”

Panampangan Island 12/37

Sapa-Sapa, Tawi-Tawi(Check available Flights and Hotels)

panampangan island

© Marky Ramone Go, Nomadic Experiences

Marky Ramone Go of Nomadic Experiences says
- "Panampangan island is a 12-hectare property located in between the municipalities of Panglima Sugala and Sapi Sapi. Though the island is undeniably breathtaking with its white sand and towering palm trees, it still remains to be fairly unvisited by tourists.During low tide, the island reveals a 3.1-kilometer long sandbar that extends its reach to the neighboring island in the same reef. Wade a few hundred meters offshore and you’ll be greeted by one of the richest marine life you’ll ever see. Sea urchins, turtles, colorful fishes, and pristine corals -- still unspoiled. Today, the island has a few simple huts for visitors looking for a relaxing retreat. It’s managed by a family of friendly locals who will gladly provide you with a delicious feast straight from the sea. The nearest jump-off point is about 24 kilometers away in Panglima Sugala where you can take a two-hour boat ride to the island."

Cabgan Islet 13/37

Barobo, Surigao del Sur(Check available Flights and Hotels)

cabgan islet

© Gabz Gabiano, Pinoy Travel Freak

Gabz Gabiano of Pinoy Travel Freak says
- “Surigao del Sur has plenty of hidden gems and one of my recent discoveries is the Cabgan Islet in Barobo It's one of the three islands that you can visit in Barobo along with Turtle Island, but Cabgan Islet is the best for me in terms of sand quality, clarity of water and fantastic view! I first learned about it when I was looking at the Google Maps during my backpacking trip in Mindanao. To get there, just take a bus from Butuan City, Surigao City or Davao City that passes by Barobo. From the bus terminal of Barobo, take a tricycle to the port where you can hire a boat for an island hopping tour which costs P1,500 for three islands.”

Cambais Falls 14/37

Alegria, Cebu(Check available Flights and Hotels)

cambais falls

© CJ Estrada, Four Eyed Laagan

CJ Estrada of Four Eyed Laagan says
- “Cambais Falls is a gorgeous waterfall in Alegria, Cebu. It is located 11.3 km from the highway, thus a long and adventurous ride awaits.The 2-tier waterfall is undeniably worthy of its distance. The cold spring and the awe-inspiring view of the waterfall itself say it all. The wide pool of icy cold water and second level tier makes for a great jumping-off point for adventurous travelers.To get there, you can ride a bus from Cebu City straight to Alegria Market for P160-180 (depends on the bus type). From there, you can ride a motorcycle taxi (habal-habal) going to Cambais Falls for P150-200 each (depends on negotiation). Entrance fee to the waterfall is P30 per person. You can also opt in to bring your own vehicle but I would advise to bring a vehicle that can handle rough roads.”

Casino and Kandungaw Peaks 15/37

Dalaguete, Cebu(Check available Flights and Hotels)

casino peak

© Mel Jun Mendoza, D'YAN LANG

Abbie Ruiz of D'YAN LANG says
- “Aside from the more famous attractions like the highest Osmena peak, Dalaguete has more mountains to climb. They say it’s a 20-minute trek up Casino Peak, but it took us a good 45-minutes thanks to the instagram-worthy scenery. Once you get to the top, you’ll be greeted by the breathtaking views of the hills that resemble the Chocolate Hills in Bohol. In fact, the view is so beautiful that travelers come all the way just to see it. The trek to Kandungaw is a more challenging experience. To get to the top, you have to climb 195 steps, pass through muddy trails, and climb steep rocks. It’s not for the faint of heart, but if you’re up for an adventure, the view is more than worth it. To cap off your trip, you can pass by Sergio’s Farm where you can pick and pay for some strawberries and all kinds of herbs depending on the season."

Alibijaban Island 16/37

San Andres, Quezon(Check availableHotels)

alibijaban island

© Jay Noma Ramos and Angelo Nivera, The Byajayro

Jay Noma Ramos and Angelo Nivera of The Byajayro say
- “Alibijaban Island is a virgin paradise located at the most southern tip of Quezon and is in the municipality of San Andres.From Manila, you will need to take a nine to ten-hour bus ride or six to seven hours of driving, if you have your own car. Having to endure the bumpy and itchy trip to San Andres pays huge rewards at the end, as the island is amazing.Alibijaban Island offers a very scenic and picturesque view of golden to white sand, crystal clear waters and undisturbed forests. To get there, take a bus going to San Andres, Quezon via Barney Bus (Alabang Starmall). Travel time is at least 8 hours.”

Palani Beach 17/37

Balud, Masbate(Check available Flights and Hotels)

palani beach

© Lloyd Salac, The Lost Boy Lloyd

Lloyd Salac of The Lost Boy Lloyd says
- “To manage expectations, I’d be honest and say Palani Beach isn’t exactly at par with Boracay’s White Beach. Nonetheless, it has the trifecta of what makes a great beach: an unspoiled stretch of white sand, crystal clear waters, and a pure breeze that wafts towards the shore. The beach resort was developed with the inspiration of “old Boracay” in mind -- calm, beautiful and away from pollution.From Masbate Airport, you can take a jeep or a bus heading towards Balud Town. About 10 kilometers before you hit the town proper, along the National Highway, there will be an access road on the right that will lead you to Palani. From there, habal-habal drivers can be hired to take you straight to the beach."

Pinipisakan Falls & Sulpan Cave 18/37

San Jorge, Samar(Check available Flights and Hotels)

pinipisakan falls and sulpan cave

© Joni Bonifacio, Trexplore the Adventures

Joni Bonifacio of Trexplore the Adventures says
- “Hard to get to, Pinipisakan Falls & Sulpan Cave are truly Samar’s hidden gems because even locals are hesitant to take the trip.The journey requires a lot of physical strength and determination with its treacherous climbs, strong currents, and slippery terrain. But the sight of the falls alone will cure any aches and pains the trek might have caused you. After crossing the crystal clear river, the towering curtains of water will greet you -- you’ve made it! Though you can choose to camp by the pool, it’s is advisable to climb the 4 layered falls to reach the hidden Sulpan Cave. From there, you can traverse from one opening of the cave to the other, marvel at the rock formations, and jump off cliffs to the cool water below."

Maligcong Rice Terraces 19/37

Bontoc, Mountain Province(Check availableHotels)

maligcong rice terraces

© Ferdz Decena, Ironwulf

Adah Grace Dela Cruz of Pinay Wanderess says
- "Bontoc, Mt. Province is the road less traveled of the Cordillera region. Whenever we'd talk about Cordillera terraces, we would often have Banaue and Batad in mind. But what everyone does not know is there's this hidden and equally gorgeous slopes of rice fields. I discovered this hidden gem in 2015 during my first solo backpacking trip in Cordillera. My friend who had been there first told me about it and he wasn't kidding when he told me that it is indeed stunning. The best time to see this paradise is in the morning as the glorious flares of sunrise reflect on the magnificent rice terraces. It requires an easy hike that is totally perfect for beginners! I'd been here in November, February, and May; and the best month by far was November. You can take the van from Banaue to Sagada and ask the driver to drop you off at Bontoc proper. There should be a jeepney terminal near the tourism office that will bring you to Maligcong. Look for Ate Suzette, she has always been my host and a friend. She also has the best oatmeal cookie in town!"

Pinacanauan River 20/37

Penablanca, Cagayan(Check available Flights and Hotels)

pinacanauan river

© Estan Cabigas, Langyaw Travel

Estan Cabigas of Langyaw Travel says
- “Pinacanauan River is pristine, cool and meanders through some of the amazing natural landscapes in Cagayan province. You can take a cruise, or paddle through its rapids, stop and watch the circadian bat flight at dusk or just enjoy the rock walls and rock formations along it's route. I happened to know it during a trip to Callao Caves. From Tuguegarao, head to Peñablanca where Callao and Sierra Caves are.”

Callao Cave 21/37

Penablanca, Cagayan(Check available Flights and Hotels)

callao cave

© Omar Chad M, 500px

Roxainne Ritual of Dorang Petite says
- “Callao cave is a limestone cave with seven chambers situated at the northern tip of the Philippines. There are also several spectacular formations inside the cave.Getting to the cave itself requires you to climb 184 concrete steps. It has natural crevices that let light into it, giving you lots of opportunities for Instagram-worthy moments. If you’re particularly religious, its first chamber has actually been turned into a chapel by the community because of its cathedral-like dimensions. The Callao Cave is also near the Bat Cave, where you can watch the daily circadian flight of bats at dusk.To get to the Callao Cave, take a bus to Tugegarao City. This is a 10 to 14 hour drive, so if you can’t stand that, book a flight to Tugegarao City. The flight cuts down your travel time to one hour. From Tugegarao, take a 20-minute tricycle ride to Penablanca. After that, take another tricycle from Penablanca to the Callao Cave. Total trip time is 40 minutes.”

Lapsay Lagoon 22/37

Taganaan, Surigao del Norte(Check available Flights and Hotels)

lapsay lagoon ©Jeffrey Rilles, Traveling Morion

Jeffrey Rilles of Traveling Morion says
- “Surigao del Norte never fails to amaze me! I have good memories of the place, especially of the beaches, the fresh seafood, wonderful people and its newest gem, the beautiful Lapsay Lagoon located in Tinago island in the municipality of Tagana-an. I don’t want to compare but the lagoon is similar to the Kayangan Lake in Coron or Sohoton of Bucas Grande (located also in Surigao del Norte). It’s definitely paradise on earth!”

Vanishing Island 23/37

Malilipot, Albay(Check available Flights and Hotels)

vanishing island

© Jay Noma Ramos and Angelo Nivera, The Byajayro

Jay Noma Ramos and Angelo Nivera of The Byajayro say
- “In the middle of the ocean of Malilipot, Albay you will discover a spell-binding sight that emerges when the tide recedes. It is believed to have come about as a result of the huge waves that hit the area during strong typhoons. It is not surprising how this charming and beautiful island has become a main tourist attraction of Albay.Vanishing Island was the name given to this magical place because it literally vanishes during high tide - not there, gone, nada!The island is an hour away from either Tabacco or Bacacay Port. You will know you are near when you can see in the distance tiny cottages that appear to be floating on the ocean.During high tide, most adults can wade through the knee-high water, but maybe that might be too deep for the younger kids. It’s deep enough to swim in and the quality of the emerald green water is amazing. When the low tide comes and the water disappears, the magical island begins to appear, so hurry before the place becomes crowded!From Legazpi City, look for a passenger van at Legazpi Bus Terminal that is en-route to Bacacay, Albay. Travel time takes around 30 minutes. From the last stop of the passenger van, Bacacay Port is already walking distance. The fare should not be more than P50. Once at the port, look for a passenger boat that has trips to Vanishing Island. If there are no available passenger boats, you may opt to rent a boat good for 10 people for P1,000. Travel time by sea will take around an hour from the port.”

Sambauan Island 24/37

Biliran(Check available Flights and Hotels)

sambawan island

© Celina Cruz and Ssiala Azores, Your Loca Locals

Celina Cruz and Ssiala Azores of Your Loca Locals say
- “This small island gives you the best view after only a 5-minute hike. It’s best to experience the island when the tide is low so you can witness the beauty of its white sand beach. You can also check out its three waterfalls -- Casiawan, Kasabangan, and Tinago. Those are just three of the island’s 10 accessible waterfalls. Hikers say that there are more waterfalls that can be reached if you trek long enough.To get to this island, all you need to do is take a flight to Tacloban. From there, a two and a half van ride will take you to Biliran’s capital, Naval. If you can’t afford a flight, there are buses that travel straight from Manila to Naval. It’s a 19-hour trip, though, so be prepared for that. To get around the island, just rent one of the habal-habal’s available.”

Ulan Ulan Falls 25/37

Biliran(Check available Flights and Hotels)

ulan ulan falls

© Karla Ramos, Karla Around The World

Karla Ramos of Karla Around The World says
- “Ulan Ulan Falls , known to have the sweetest water, is located in Barangay Sampao, Almeria, Biliran. It’s a must see when in Biliran.We rented a motorbike for P300 roundtrip. It was a 30-minute ride and a 20-minute hike down the waterfalls. The hike was easy and almost straight going forward. Be careful though, it can get slippery when raining.If you want to swim, walk upstream for about 10 minutes where you will see the Recoletos. It is the smaller falls but it has a huge basin perfect for taking a dip. The temperature of the water, though cold at first, is refreshing.To get to Ulan Ulan Falls, take a flight to Tacloban. From there, take a van to Biliran. It is a 2 hour ride for P140 per head. From Biliran, hire a habal-habal to take you to Barangay Sampao, Almeria, Biliran. Make sure the driver knows where it is. From our experience, the driver almost took us to the wrong place, which would have taken us hours. Specify Recoletos and Ulan Ulan falls at Barangay Sampao.”

White Island Sandbar 26/37

Camiguin(Check available Flights and Hotels)

white island sandbar

© Bernice Termulo and Paula Ferrer, Fat Girls Day Out

Bernice Termulo and Paula Ferrer of Fat Girls Day Out say
- “A pear-shaped volcanic island on the northern tip of Mindanao, Camiguin is a relatively unspoiled land gifted with many waterfalls, springwater pools, fresh seafood and sweet juicy harvests from its land. It is also known as the second smallest province in the Philippines with only 92-95 sq mi, making it easy to explore in just a day. The 10km waters of Gingoog Bay separating the island from the mainland are partly responsible for keeping a high volume of tourists from its shores. It is one of the most tranquil islands in Mindanao and a place where you see God’s work thru nature. Aside from the numerous waterfalls and springs that made me fall in love with the island, there are also many centuries-old churches and ruins that will take you back to the Spanish colonial times. A few kilometers from Camiguin Island is the White Island Sandbar, one of the most beautiful sandbars in the Visayas/Mindanao region, where every angle is picturesque at different times of the day. Rent a boat and explore the surrounding area of serene crystal clear blue waters. To get toCamiguin, book a flight going to Cagayan De Oro then take the Ocean Jet boat which is relatively the fastest and most convenient way. The only downside though is they only have one (1) trip every day. Book your tickets and plan ahead. Visit Camiguin on the 3rd week of October when they celebrate the Annual Lanzones Festival.”

Rapang Cliffs 27/37

Itbayat, Batanes(Check available Flights and Hotels)

rapang cliffs

© Potpot Pinili, Travel Trilogy

Potpot Pinili of Travel Trilogy says
- “Itbayat is the northernmost inhabited island in the Philippines. Its most iconic landmark is Rapang Cliff, a long, towering & jagged stretch of limestone karst wall that faces the Pacific Ocean. To get to Itbayat, you have to sail three to four hours on a traditional boat called falowa from the capital island of Basco. The best time to start the trek is at 4AM to catch the golden sunrise creeping in the horizon.”

Tinuy-an Falls 28/37

Bislig, Surigao del Sur(Check available Flights and Hotels)

tinuy-an falls
Carlo Valmonte and Enah Laroza of Journey Freaks say
- “Tinuy-an falls is a beautiful three-tiered waterfall located in the city of Bislig, Surigao del Sur. Hailed as the Philippines’ Niagara falls, it stretches across 95 meters and has a height of about 55 meters. Tinuy-an falls is truly a wonderful masterpiece of nature and what makes it more breathtaking is the surrounding untouched greenery. During its full flow, Tinuy-an falls’ white curtain-like formation is a sight to behold. The falls has mini pools but the best pool is located in the first level. To get to Tinuy-an falls, the best jump-off is at Manganoy (Bislig) bus station and from there visitors can either rent a private van or motorcycles (locally called habal-habal). After which, prepare to brave a 30-minute ride through the bumpy, muddy unpaved paths but rest assured everything will be worth it at the end.”

Subic Beach "Pink Beach" 29/37

Matnog, Sorsogon(Check available Flights and Hotels)

subic beach pink beach

© Jay Noma Ramos and Angelo Nivera, The Byajayro

Jay Noma Ramos and Angelo Nivera of The Byajayro say
- “Otherwise known as the Pink Beach in Sorsogon. The sand here is fine and when viewed from afar when the sand is directly hit by the sunlight, it takes on a pinkish colour that makes this island famous!Travelers usually stay overnight on Subic Island. There are a number of cottages and huts that provide accommodation. If you’re traveling from Manila, there are plenty of buses that offer direct routes to Matnog. You may opt to ride PhilTranco, Raymond or Isarog buses. Fare is around P800 to P1200 depending on the bus you’ll choose. Travel time is around 14 hours.”

Sikulan Island (Saluag) 30/37

Sibutu, Tawi-Tawi(Check available Flights and Hotels)

sikulan island

© Edmar Gujiub, Edmaration

Edmar Gujiub of Edmaration says
- “Sikulan (Saluag) Island is the southernmost island in the Philippines. It's closer to Sabah than to any major city in the Philippines. Its location, shallow waters, white sand beaches and the seafaring people that inhabit the island make it an amazing destination. The Badjao people have painted a culture and way of life on this small island that's so colorful - that the indigenous traditions and practices are beautiful to behold.”

Limasawa Island 31/37

Limasawa, Leyte(Check available Flights and Hotels)

limasawa island

© Estan Cabigas, Langyaw Travel

Estan Cabigas of Langyaw Travel says
- “Limasawa isn't just the location of the first mass in the Philippines. It has an amazing coastline with unspoilt, non-touristy white sand beaches. Seafood is cheap and people are friendly. I've read some accounts of its beautiful beaches and that's why I visited the island. From Tacloban, head to Padre Burgos in the south and take a motorized pumpboat at the port.”

Asik-asik Falls 32/37

Alamada, North Cotabato(Check available Flights and Hotels)

asik-asik falls

© Brahma Foz, Brahmin Eyes

Brahma Foz of Brahmin Eyes says
- “Only “discovered” in April 2012 by local students on a field trip, Asik-asik Falls in North Cotabato opened its doors to visitors in September that same year. At 140 meters wide and about 60 meters high, this natural formation resembles a vast jade wall veiled with silky smooth curtains. Unlike most waterfalls, Asik-asik does not have a visible water source at its top, instead, water flows out from the mountain’s side like a series of springs. From Cotabato City, take an hour-long van ride going to Midsayap, North Cotabato. From there, you can take a habal-habal or a jeepney that will take you to Alamada."

Dingalan 33/37

Dingalan, Aurora(Check availableHotels)


© Kevin del Prado, The Outcast Journey

Kevin del Prado of The Outcast Journey says
- “Too often, locals or actually even tourists, skip this southern municipality and head over to the main attraction of Aurora Province, Baler---tagged as one of the best surfing spots in the country. One reason maybe is because of the location and the transportation going to Dingalan. However, do not underestimate the place as it offers amazing views comparable to a top destination like Batanes. It is not surprising why it is called the “Paradise of the East” due to overlooking mountain ranges that seem to roll forever. We discovered the place through some mountaineers who climbed neighboring mountains and went to Dingalan as a side trip. Visiting this hidden gem in just one day can be quite a challenge since there are a lot of things to do! You have to consider the time and ensure that you get the most out of the pesos that you spend. I must say that this place is not only scenic but affordable too. For only P1000 or less you can already experience the wonders of Dingalan. One of the best ways to enjoy Dingalan is to simply walk along the shores of White Beach, hike to the top of the mountain and take in the view. Lastly, spend the rest of the day in the cold and clear waters of Tanawan Falls. The fastest way to reach Dingalan, if not by a private car, is by bus. Ride a bus going to Cabanatuan via SCTEX. They will drop you off at the terminal where you can find vans going to Dingalan. There are also buses going to Dingalan. On the other hand, considering the time spent traveling, I recommend to just go with a van instead which is not that bad for a hundred pesos. From the Dingalan plaza, ride a tricycle for P20 and ask the driver to take you to the feeder port. You have two options to go to the Lighthouse and mountain view. First is trekking for 45 minutes and second is to hire a boat for 10 minutes for P500 pesos roundtrip.”

Ampere Beach 34/37

Dipaculao, Aurora (Check availableHotels)

ampere beach

© Celina Cruz and Ssiala Azores, Your Loca Locals

Celina Cruz and Ssiala Azores of Your Loca Locals say
- “If you’re the kind of person who goes to the beach to lounge on the shore, Ampere Beach is not for you. But if you’re the kind of traveler who likes stunning landscapes that make for great photos, then head on over to this location. Unlike other more famous Philippine beaches, Ampere Beach is known for its rocky shoreline filled with smooth rocks and its massive waves. The waves make an explosive sound whenever they hit the shore, and the locals say this predicts how intense the weather is going to be. When in Baler, make sure to visit this beautiful beach at sunrise; It's just a few minutes away from Sabang beach.To get to Ampere Beach, you can choose to take a bus to Baler. From Baler, you can take a tricycle to Ampere Beach for P500. This is good for two people and a trip back to Baler. If you have your own car, you can head to Cabanatuan City and exit at La Paz. From there, take the road to Baler but rather than heading to the town proper, take the Baler-Casiguran Road. Ampere Beach is just outside Baler town.”

Itbayat Island 35/37

Batanes(Check available Flights and Hotels)

itbayat island

© Ferdz Decena, Ironwulf

Ferdz Decena of Ironwulf says
- “Much of the spotlight on Batanes is focused on Batan and Sabtang island. Intrepid travelers venture further to Itbayat island. This huge upheaved coral is the largest of the province's three islands. It has no shores but it makes up for it with breathtaking cliffs, undulating vast greens and caves waiting to be explored. Remnants of Ivatan's past can be seen through ancient stone burials sites. Itbayat has one of the most unreal landscapes in the country.”

Bojo River 36/37

Aloguinsan, Cebu City(Check available Flights and Hotels)

bojo river

© Jeffrey Rilles,Traveling Morion

Ian Limpangog of Freedom Wall says
- “Bojo River is saline during high tide due to the intruding seawater. This makes the riverbank an ideal ecosystem for mangroves and plankton, and at the same time, a nesting sanctuary for mothering fishes.Recognized as one of Green Destination's Top 100 Sustainable Destinations in 2016, you can book and enjoy a cruise along the river with a trained guide, who will paddle you along the one-kilometer stream. During the tour, you will be introduced to a variety of mangrove species along the way.The place is around two to three hours from Cebu City, but getting there is a bit of a struggle. However, if you give in to your thirst for adventure you will definitely find your way to Bojo River—no matter how hard it is to reach. To get there, hop on a regular bus bound for Pinamungahan at Cebu South Bus Terminal, then alight at the Tourism office of Aloguinsan, also known as The Farmhouse.”

Bucas Grande Islands 37/37

Socorro, Surigao Del Norte (Check available Flights and Hotels)

bucas grande islands

© Bea De Guzman, Wander B

Bea De Guzman of Wander B says
- “I’ve never heard of Bucas Grande Islands until our Siargao tour guide told me about it. Bucas Grande is all about thick evergreen islets, amazingly clear water, Sohoton Cove, stingless jellyfish, the famous and beautiful Club Tara and a lot of islands still waiting to be discovered. Bucas Grande is between Siargao Island and Surigao Del Norte. If you’re coming from Siargao, there are boat rentals in General Luna that offer a Bucas Grande day tour. But if you’re coming from Surigao, boats to Bucas Grande are available in Hayanggabon Port, which is almost 2 hours away from Surigao City.Our day tour consisted of holding our breath to enter Hagukan Cave, a cave with bio-luminescent azure water (featured in the photo above), spelunking, cliff diving and touching stingless jellyfish.”

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