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12 Jul 2017 - 5 min read

10 Foreign Bloggers Who Love The Philippines

1. Phil of ESCapology

Flying in from Germany, Phil's love for Asia and his dream of traveling to each and every country it comprises is apparent in his blog “ESCapology.” A few years back, Phil quit his work for one of Germany's biggest telecommunication companies for a life of adventure, surfing, diving, trekking, and photography. Phil's trip in the Philippines took him three months, with him traversing the urban jungle that is Makati to places of luscious greenery in Cebu and Bicol.

2. Matt Gibson of XpatMatt

Having grown up in the great outdoors of a small Canadian town, it's no surprise that Matt's love for being active and nature have continued on well into adulthood. As an adventure travel writer and photographer, he publishes his work on his website in hopes that his stories and travel tips will help fellow outdoor and travel enthusiasts on their own journeys. With regards to his traveling in the Philippines, Matt shared that the country wasone of the most “biologically diverse” nations in the world. He also acknowledged Filipino hospitality. He went on to describe his Filipino friends as the “friendliest” and “most generous” people on Earth.

3. Ivana and Gianni of Nomad is Beautiful

Ivana (Slovakian) and Giani (Italian) call themselves “digital nomads” thus their website, “Nomad is Beautiful”. Similar to other travel bloggers, both of them left their jobs and sold everything to go backpacking on the road. They left Germany in the summer of 2013 and first traveled to Thailand.They have been to the Philippines numerous times and have written various articles about the locals and the food. You may check it out on their website indicated above.

4. Sabrina Lovino of Just One Way Ticket

Sabrina is the founder of “Just One Way Ticket.” The half German and half Italian beauty has been to 50 countries and counting. Sabrina left Berlin in 2008 and spent a collective eight months in the Philippines. She labeled Filipinos as “happy” and “smiling” people.

5. Clelia Mattan of Keep Calm and Travel

Clelia is an Italian blogger who inspires people to travel no matter how old or how rich they are. In fact, she personally started traveling at the age of 35. After leaving her home at 19 to lead a nomadic life in Europe, she finally settled in England for a while before the travel bug once again bit her. In 2013, she finally flew to southeast Asia.According to the Two Monkeys Travel Group, Clelia loves the Philippines because of the stunning beaches and the people. She noted that Filipinos are “so easy and natural.”

6. Alexandra Baackes of Alex in Wanderland

She is Alex in Wanderland. This New Yorker has quite the passion for aquatic adventures. The Philippines, being an archipelago, has been the perfect place for her so far. Alex is an expert diver and a brilliant photographer in one. That being said, her last visit in the Philippines exposed the underwater magnificence of Donsol, Bicol.More than diving, Alex is an advocate of coral reefs, too. She's been on the move since 2011 and has no plans of slowing down.

7. Hannah and Adam of Getting Stamped

In 2013, couple Hannah and Adam "gave up the American dream" to realize their dream of traveling the world. So far, they've been to 63 countries and are still on the go. The couple first met in college and decided to settle down after graduating. They had well-paying jobs and lived in a great neighborhood, but after getting married - they realized it was the best time to go traveling, which is why they packed their bags, left home and have been on the road since.

8. Jonathan of Two Monkeys Travel

For one, Jonathan, a British blogger, is married to a Filipina. The “Two Monkeys Travel” started in 2014, and since then, Jonathan and his wife have been to seven continents and more than 75 countries together already. The couple has been to the Philippines several times as Kach (his wife) is from Laguna. But even then, Jonathan is apparently the better cook when it comes to Tinola with carrots and peas. The couple is currently in Africa, on a mission to sail around the world.

9. Nathan Allen of I Dreamed of This

In 2016, Nathan was recognized as the second most influential male travel blogger in the world by Huffington Post - and for good reason! His blog is dedicated to promoting the Philippines as a dream destination to the international community. Having worked with local officials and agencies to promote their respective regions, his blog has catapulted local destinations into the spotlight with millions of readers across the world.

10. Kyle Jennerman of Becoming Filipino

Kyle’s blog, “Becoming Filipino,” says it all. The 27-year-old Canadian loves the Philippines so much that he aims to be called “part Filipino”. Kyle apparently knows how to weave, commute and loves to dance at local festivals. His blog is full of stories about Pinoy hospitality and all the adventures that he's had while bringing out his inner Filipino. Want to be like these bloggers and travel around the Philippines? Discover cheap hotel deals and cheap flights from carriers like Philippine Airlines, AirAsia, and more with Traveloka!]]>

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