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22 Apr 2022 - 3 min read

Iloilo International Airport Guide: Everything a Traveler Needs to Know

Iloilo soon? Get to know more about its primary airport, the Iloilo International Airport. Also known as the Cabatuan Airport, it is considered as the main gateway in Western Visayas.

Image courtesy of WikiCommons, Ryomaandres

Serving local and international flights, it is now considered as one of the five busiest airports in the country.

It started operating commercially in 2007, after about 10 years of planning and development.Here's a first-timer's guide to Iloilo Airport.

COVID-19 Safety Measures in Iloilo

Iloilo is currently in a Alert Level 1 and both international and domestic travelers are allowed to enter its province.

Only recently, any travelers are no longer required to take an RT-PCR test. This was issued to make the border more accessible for both tourism and essential travels.

However, S-Pass permit is still being used and travelers coming in will still need to present it upon entry.

How to Get There

1. Via a Multicab

If you're in Iloilo, takea multicab in Bangga Dama. The trip from the multicab terminal to the airport only takes 10 minutes and costs P10.

However, waiting time may take longer as the drivers only leave when the vehicle is full.

2. Via a Taxi

You may take a cab ride going to the airport if you're coming from any point in Iloilo.

The driver usually asks for a fixed rate, though, as opposed to using the cab meter. The trip may cost you about P400.

3. Via a Private Car

Those traveling with a private car from Iloilo City won't find a hard time going to the airport, as there are a lot of signs and direction markers in the area. The trip only takes 20-30 minutes.

List of Airlines Operating in Iloilo Airport

Air Juan
Cebu Pacific
Cebu Pacific (by Cebgo)
Philippine Airlines
Philippines AirAsia

Destinations vary depending on the airline chosen. Local destinations include Manila, Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, General Santos, and Davao, among others. There are also direct flights to Hong Kong to Singapore.

Departure Protocols

Iloilo Aiport interior

Image courtesy of WikiCommons

1. Security Check

Have your travel documents ready, including your passport and travel itinerary, for inspection. The security personnel assigned at the entrance will check these requirements.

2. Payment of Travel Tax

Head straight to the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA) counter immediately, only if you're traveling abroad.

Present your passport, boarding pass and prepare to pay the travel tax amounting to P1,620. Keep the receipt as proof of payment.

3. Check-in

Those traveling domestically may go here right after the security check. Line up at the check-in counter designated to your airline.

You will have to present your passport, travel tax receipt, and plane ticket. This is also where you will check-in your baggage, if you have any.

4. Payment of Terminal Fee

Proceed to the Terminal Fee counter to pay the passenger service charge amounting to P200 (domestic) or P700 (international).

5. Immigration

Before heading to the immigration counter, get yourself a departure card and fill it out completely. Present this card, along with your passport and boarding pass, to the immigration officer.

The officer will be asking questions related to your trip. Be honest and give direct answers.

6. Final Security Check

Security is of utmost importance in any airport. You will be inspected again, together with your hand-carry luggage.

Collect your things afterwards, then proceed to the boarding gate assigned to you. It should be printed on your boarding pass.

7. Boarding

Iloilo International Airport announces boarding's, as well as the change of gates and delays - so stay attentive the entire time. Once you're up for boarding, present your passport and boarding pass to the attendant.

Arrival Protocols

Iloilo Airport facade

Image courtesy of WikiCommons

Before landing in Iloilo International Airport, you will be handed with a disembarkation card.

All foreign passport holders and local passport holders with a foreign immigrant visa are required to fill this out. You will usually have nothing to declare if you're coming from a leisure trip.

1. Immigration

The immigration counters are classified based on passenger types. Line up in front of the designated counter and wait for your turn. The officer will ask for your passport and disembarkation card, then stamp the former.

2. Baggage Carousel

Proceed to the baggage claim area and wait for your bag to come out.

3. Customs

After collecting your bag, walk towards the Customs area. Queue in the red lane if you will declare items, and in the green lane if not.

4. Exit

Head over to the exit. Coordinate with your fetcher to look for you in the correct spot.

Contact Information

Telephone Number(033) 320 8058

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