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06 Nov 2018 - 1 min read

Auro Chocolate has Officially Opened Their First International Branch in Tokyo

Auro Chocolate, a Filipino chocolate brand from Davao, has opened their first international branch in Tokyo last October 7. The homegrown brand by partners Mark Ocampo and Kelly Go only sources their cacao from local farmers in the Philippines, particularly in Mindanao. Auro Chocolate Japan Store Image credit: @aurochocolate via Facebook Their Tokyo branch boasts cool, industrial-style interiors, and crisp lines. Auro Chocolate Bars Image credit: @aurochocolate via Facebook For now, the store only sells their retail chocolate bars, but other chocolate ingredients, and products exclusively for the Japanese market will be included soon. Before officially setting shop in Tokyo, Auro Chocolate was discovered by their Japanese partners thru social media. More than just appreciating the quality of their products, their Japanese counterparts were also moved by the brand’s vision. Cacao Harvest Image credit: @aurochocolate via Facebook Surprisingly, Ocampo and Go first discovered the world-class quality of locally sourced cacao beans at a cafe in the US. This experience inspired them to dig deep into the rich and barely-talked-about history of cacao farming in the Philippines. From there, they met the people behind the beautiful chocolate bars and learned about their struggle to make ends meet. Vowing to grow the brand beyond just a bean-to-bar company, the founders also made it a point to educate their farmers about managing their own businesses, organic farming, and more. What’s best is these farmers are paid significantly higher, and can now afford a more comfortable life for their families. While the work began as early as 2015, their products were only launched to the public a little over a year ago. Since then, the young brand has already made waves in the international chocolate scene. Earlier this year, Auro Chocolate, along with other Pinoy chocolatiers, Malagos and Theo & Philo, bagged several prizes in the Academy of Chocolate Awards held in the U.K.. They won a bronze for the Tree to Bar Category and the Flavored White Chocolate Bar Category. Want to visit Auro’s first international branch? Book your flights to Tokyo with Traveloka today! ]]>