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24 Oct 2018 - 1 min read

Solo Parents Get 20% Off in QC Restos Every First Saturday of the Month

Solo Parents’ Welfare Act or Republic Act 8972, single parents can get some of the help they deserve. If you don’t already know, solo parents living in the Philippines can apply for an ID which entitles them to benefits such as solo parent leaves, a flexible work schedule, and most recently, discounts on certain establishments. According to an article by Manila Bulletin, the Quezon City government has approved a proposal which entitles registered solo parents to a 20% discount in QC restaurants every first Saturday of the month from 12 PM to 6 PM. The discount applies to any solo parent dining with his or her children with a bill not exceeding P2000.

Haven’t registered yet? Here’s how:

Before heading to the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), make sure to complete your documents: 1. Barangay certificate to verify your home address 2. Income Tax Return (ITR) or any document that shows your income level if you’re a stay at home parent 3. Birth certificates of your children 4. Filled up Solo Parent ID application form Once all requirements are complete, submit them to the DSWD for assessment. Processing will take around 30 days.

Benefits of Solo Parent ID:
1. Parental leave

- Single parents are entitled to an additional 7 days leave a year on top of the regular amount of leaves. This is only given to employees who have worked with their company for over one year. Unlike a regular vacation leave, these leaves should only be used for:

Children’s birthdays
Parental obligations (school events, programs, etc.)
Attend to medical and social needs of children
Others applicable
2. Flexible work schedule
Employees can request for a flexible work schedule from their employer but this must be agreed upon by both parties.
3. Additional support (if needed)
If the parent falls under the poverty threshold, he/she can apply for medical, educational, and housing assistance.

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