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Traveloka Team

15 Apr 2020 - 2 min read

Rest in Luxury: Make Your Bedroom Look and Feel Like a Hotel Room

Frequent travelers know the simple joy of opening the door to your hotel room and seeing your temporary home for the first time. A good hotel room is comfortable, relaxing, homey, and inviting all at the same time, and taking all of that in—especially if you just came from a long journey—can sometimes make you just want to stay inside the whole day.

With the community quarantine being extended, here’s how you can get that same warm and welcoming atmosphere in your own bedroom so it feels like staying at home was your own choice:

Remove all visible clutter

Not all hotel rooms are big, but most of them look spacious. Maximize whatever space you have by tidying up and decluttering. Stow items you don’t use regularly, and yes, that means luggage that has yet to be unpacked and that pile of books you’ve been putting off reading. If you have a trash bin in your room, place it in an area that is inconspicuous.

Use the freshest white sheets/linen you can find

If you don’t have white sheets at home, choose one that has the most simple design. The point is to refresh the look of your room with linen you don’t usually use. If it’s been in the closet for a long time, make sure it still smells fresh—if you have it on hand, use some linen spray. Don’t forget to tuck in your sheets and fluff your pillows every time you make your bed.

Replace your curtains

Hotel drapes give you the option of letting natural light come in or completely blocking them out. If you’re a morning person, use sheer curtains to allow sunlight in every morning. If you’d rather sleep in, use your thickest ones. If you have options, go for longer curtains—ideally, they should be long enough so the ends float just above the floor.

Use lamps to create warm lighting

Lighting can completely change how a room looks. Natural lighting is still best during daytime, but once night falls, having warm lighting is better as it helps make you relax and lull you into sleepiness. If your lamp is too bright, try dimming it by draping a sheer scarf over it.

Create a sitting area

If you have the space for it, curate an area where you can just sit, read a book, or just chill. Get your most comfortable chair, place it into an area that gets a lot of natural light, and surround it with some minimalist decor.

Add touches of luxury

Hotels are all about luxury, and while you may not have the most luxurious room, you can still decorate it to make it feel extravagant. Have a Bluetooth speaker? Place it on your bedside table. Add a snack station or a mini-bar if you have the food and drinks for it. Put on display that piece of artwork you bought a while back. Even a glass and a carafe of water will elevate the look of your room. After all, everyone needs to hydrate.