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Flight from Dumaguete (DGT) to Beijing (PEK)

Flight from Dumaguete (DGT) to Beijing (PEK)

Beijing is the capital of the People's Republic of China. It is located in the northern part of the country. Beijing is considered as one of the important world capitals. What makes the city great is that it is a leading capital. However, it is also the leading city in culture. The background of the city can still be seen in many of the architectures and also event happenings.

Best time to fly from Dumaguete to Beijing

The best time to fly to Beijing would be in the spring season or autumn season. Spring would be from April to May while autumn is from September to October. Spring is an excellent time to visit as the temperature increases and is not too cold. The average temperature is around 20 °C. While autumn is a good time to travel as it is starting to cool down from the hot period in summer. There might be rainfall, but this is the period where it is not too hot and is still not too cold. It is the best time to explore the city.

Main airports available in Dumaguete and Beijing

Sibulan Airport – The airport in Dumaguete is Sibulan Airport. It is also known as Dumaguete Airport or Dumaguete–Sibulan Airport. The airport got its name from one of their provinces which in Sibulan. This is the main airport for the whole of the Dumaguete area. The airport is located at the Negros Oriental province in the Philippines. This airport has been established as a major airport. Hence it is a Class 1 airport. This was declared by the body of the Department of Transportation and Communications. Some of the airlines that operate here are Cebu Pacific and also Philippine Airlines that are due to Manila, Cagayan de Oro and also Cebu.

Beijing Capital International Airport – This is the main airport for the whole of Beijing. It is 32 kilometres away from Beijing's city centre in Chaoyang District. Some of the airlines that operate here are Philippine Airlines, Korean Air, Emirates and many more.

Beijing Daxing International Airport – This is the new airport in Beijing. It is the second airport which was opened in September 2018. The airport is nicknamed Starfish. It is located 46 kilometres from Beijing city centre. The airport was built to help support the many airlines and passengers from the Capital Airport. Some of the airlines that operate here are Air China, Himalaya Airlines, Malaysia Airlines and many more. There is no direct flight to Manila from here.

Climate pattern in Dumaguete and Beijing

Beijing’s climate pattern is continental. This is due to the fact that the city is located in the northeast of the country and is 140 kilometres away from the Bohai Sea Coast. The climate would result in cold but sunny winters as well as hot and rainy summers. Other than that, the city is still affected by the monsoon. Between July to early October, the city is very likely to be hit by typhoons and also several other cyclones.

Highlights Dumaguete in Beijing

  • The Imperial Palace and the Forbidden City – This is one of Beijing's most famous and the most visited attraction in the whole city and country. It is the palace that has been around since the Yuan Dynasty, which can be dated back in the 13th century. It is a very big vicinity with 720,000 square meters, surrounded by 10-meter-high towers at its four corners and also a 50-meter-wide moat. Many visited the palace and would take on a guide to know how to manoeuvre their way inside the walls and to learn about the history of the place.
  • The Great Wall of China - The Great Wall of China is one of and still is one of the wonders of the world. What makes it a wonder is that The Great Wall can be seen all the way from out of space. It is located around an hour from Beijing. It was built back in the 16th century. It is 8 meters high and is 21,196.18 km long. The Great Wall has been considered as the heart of the country. There is also a saying 'if you come to China but did not go to the Great Wall, then it means you have not come to the country'.
  • Beijing National Stadium – The Beijing National Stadium was built for the Olympics held in Beijing back in 2008. The stadium was built with an inspiration of a bird’s nest and also Traditional Chinese ceramics. Bird's nest is also the stadium's nickname. Ever since the Olympics, it has hosted many big events there. While during winter, it is turned into the world's largest manmade indoor ski slope.

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