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Flight from Dumaguete (DGT) to Caticlan - Boracay (MPH)

Flight from Dumaguete (DGT) to Caticlan - Boracay (MPH)

Caticlan is located at the northern end of Panay Island. Caticlan is a village in the Malay township of Aklan province with a population of 7,996 according to the census in 2015. Catclan's land area is 468.6757 hectares. Caticlan is a world-famous tourist destination. The name Caticlan comes from Capaclan which means banana to the locals. In addition, the name Catih is a tool used to catch birds and wild chickens. Caticlan is an agricultural and commercial space. Whereas the Caticlan locals are looking for fishing and agriculture. Caticlan has an amazing spot called Crystal Cove.

Best time to fly from Dumaguete to Caticlan - Boracay

The best time of year to visit Boracay is ideal between the dry and wet seasons. This is because of the weather. You can enjoy the good weather. Visiting Caticlan in November is the best month to visit the city. Caticlan Boracay to attract tourists in these months. In Caticlan Boracay, the peak of tourism takes place in January. Higher accommodation rates than other seasons.

Main airports available in Dumaguete and Caticlan - Boracay

Sibulan Airport - It is also known as Dumaguete Airport or Dumaguete-Sibulan Airport. This airport serves the public areas of Dumaguete. The airport is named after its location located in the city of Sibulan in the North. The airport is classified as the first-class airport. It provides daily flights to and from Manila and Cebu via Cebu Pacific, Cebgo and PAL Express.

Godofredo P. Ramos Airport - The airport is also known as Caticlan Airport or Boracay Airport by developer Transaire. The airport serves the general area of Malay towns including the city of Caticlan. The airport is one of two entrances to Boracay, a popular tourist destination. The airport is classified as a Class 2 airport and is the seventh busiest airport in the Philippines. While it is the third busiest airport in the Western Visayas region. A total of 761,961 passengers were employed by the airport in 2008. The airport was named after the late Godofredo P. Ramos on November 8, 2002. He was a former Congressman and a native of Malays.

Climate pattern in Dumaguete and Caticlan - Boracay

Caticlan weather generally is divided into two seasonal weather patterns, which is the Amihan and Habagat seasons. This season is known to the locals of Caticlan. The northwest is a cold northeast wind characterized by moderate temperatures, little or no rain, and northeast winds. Whereas Habagat means the West or Southwest winds, the southwest monsoon characterized by hot and humid weather, frequent heavy rain, and wind from the west.

Highlights in Caticlan - Boracay

  • Boracay - Boracay is a small island in the Philippines. This place is famous for its resorts and beaches. The beach in Boracay is home to a water sports centre due to the strong winds blowing there. Boracay is one of the competition sites for the Windsurfing Asia Tour. The observation deck located on Luho Mountain offers panoramic views of the island. Sea reefs, coral reefs and carcasses become placement for various marine life.
  • Punta Bunga Beach - A quiet beach with blue water and white sand. It is the perfect getaway for anyone looking to enjoy their beach vacation. Flower Beach has great views. The beach is not crowded at one time and you can enjoy the beach in peace.
  • Crystal Cove - Crystal Cove is a park on Laurel Island. The place has spectacular panoramic views of the crystal-clear blue waters of the South China Sea. It also has areas for snorkelling and some relaxing trekking. This place is perfect for taking pictures because of the beautiful scenery.

Airport in Dumaguete

Airport in Caticlan - Boracay

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