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Cheap flights to Ozamiz (OZC)

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Price from

Manila (MNL) → Ozamiz (OZC)
Philippine Airlines
Monday, 01 Jan 2024
₱ 1,885.00
Cebu (CEB) → Ozamiz (OZC)
Friday, 15 Dec 2023
₱ 2,730.90
Bohol (TAG) → Ozamiz (OZC)
Philippine Airlines
Friday, 08 Dec 2023
₱ 3,384.00
Davao (DVO) → Ozamiz (OZC)
Philippine Airlines
Friday, 15 Dec 2023
₱ 4,951.63
Bacolod (BCD) → Ozamiz (OZC)
Tuesday, 19 Dec 2023
₱ 5,322.60
Dumaguete (DGT) → Ozamiz (OZC)
Philippine Airlines
Sunday, 17 Dec 2023
₱ 5,607.00
Clark - Pampanga (CRK) → Ozamiz (OZC)
Philippine Airlines
Saturday, 16 Dec 2023
₱ 5,622.27
Iloilo (ILO) → Ozamiz (OZC)
Thursday, 28 Dec 2023
₱ 6,116.60
Kalibo - Boracay (KLO) → Ozamiz (OZC)
Tuesday, 19 Dec 2023
₱ 6,958.56
Puerto Princesa - Palawan (PPS) → Ozamiz (OZC)
Philippine Airlines
Sunday, 31 Dec 2023
₱ 7,505.27

Flights to Ozamiz, Philippines

Ozamiz located in an archipelagic province of the Misamis Occidental, Philippines in Northern Mindanao region. Ozamiz is a small province surrounded with many heritage-rich and naturally stunning cities with charming townships, regional produce and outdoor adventures. Known as a vibrant and tranquil destination, most of the tourist visit this city to relax and escape from the bustling big cities. The main forms of livelihood in Ozamiz are farming and fishing. Hence, you can see many plantations and fishing village along the road in this town. Showers with almost of sun throughout a year, this province is the best choice for tourist to visit and do a lot of outdoor activities whether a leisure stroll along the beautiful gardens or something more adventurous on boats, bikes and hiking. There are many attractions to explore in this province. If this is your first time visiting Ozamiz, do not worry as you can learn more about the city in the Visitor Information Centre.

Airports in Ozamiz

1. Labo Airport

Labo Airport is an airport located in Labo, Ozamiz. It is also known as Ozamiz Airport among the locals and got its name from the area where it is located. It is the only airport in the province of Misamis Occidental, Philippines and serves the general area of the city of Ozamiz including the nearest cities like Oroquieta and Tangub. To go in and out of the airport is easy because there are many types of transportation available at Labo Airport for the visitors.

How to Get Cheap Flights to Ozamiz?

Traveloka is a travel search engine that makes it easy for travellers to find the cheapest flights to Ozamiz. All you need to do is key in the information in the search box, and the application will recommend the best trip according to your budget. It compares flight prices across some trusted airlines to help you to get the best possible deal. Use Traveloka’s price alert feature to be notified of flights in your desired price range to get the best flight price to Ozamiz.

When is the Best Time to Fly to Ozamiz?

The off-peak season is around May to November. The climate during that season is humidity and windy where it is always raining but the rain isn’t constant and rarely impacts on travel plans. Sometimes the weather can unpredictable and typhoons can sometimes occur anytime. It is advisable for visitors to check the weather reports before going to this town. During this season you will find better flight tickets and hotel deals. Peak season in Ozamiz is November to April. If you plan your trip well, you can save your money because the price for hotels and flights during peak season will cost you a lot of money. The best time to visit Ozamiz is around December to February as during this season, Ozamiz will have settled weather as the entire country will go through a dry season, resulting in clear skies, perfect for outdoor activities.
Ozamiz’s climate is under the hot sun for most of the time. Usually, it will be warm and sunny throughout the years with little rains. The average maximum temperature in Ozamiz is around 27 and 33 degree Celsius while the average minimum is around 20 and 24 degree Celsius. While around December to February will be the peak of seasons because it will be the warm and pleasant season of the year. If you plan to visit Ozamiz during this season make sure you book your flight and hotel early as both fill up quickly.
In Ozamiz, you can enjoy many outdoor activities as it is Ozamiz is surrounded by beautiful islands and beaches. There are so many parks where you can leisurely take a stroll, embrace the beauty and feels the wind blowing to your body. You can also walk along the beach and watch the sunset there. Besides that, you can also visit the historical place in this city to learn more about the history of this city.

What are the Top 3 Things to Do in Ozamiz?

Ozamiz is one of the most visited places in the world. Many attractions can be found in Ozamiz.
1. Mount Malindang Range Natural Park – Mount Malindang Range Natural Park is home to several endangered species of animals in the Philippines. It is located in Mount Malidang. Mount Malindang Range Natural Park is surrounded with almost 53,262 hectares of forest and mountains. Mount Malindang is an extinct volcano which is a volcano that not had an eruption for at least 10,000 years and is not expected to erupt again in a comparable time scale of the future. If you like bird watching activity, you can do this activity in this natural park as this park is also home for many bird species in the Philippines. Another attraction in this natural park is the Cobra Falls. In order to reach Cobra Falls, you need to walk through the challenging trails first. The moments after you reach the falls is truly rewarding as you can see the beautiful waterfalls and naturally round pool surrounded by the bedrocks and green forest. In addition, this park has been declared by the ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity as an ASEAN Heritage Park in 2011.
2. Misamis Occidental Aquamarine Park – Misamis Occidental Aquamarine Park is located in the municipality of Tudela. The local government developed it to create a sustainable aquatic environment for the fisherfolk by creating a breeding ground for fishes through its mangrove forest and fish hatcheries. Those that are grown in the hatcheries and nurseries will eventually be released into the wild. Aside from aquatic life, the Misamis Occidental Aquamarine Park also has a mini-zoo, where you can find different kinds of monkeys, birds, and reptiles. There are also some turtles in the sanctuary.
3. Dolphin Island – Dolphin Island is also located in the municipality of Tudela. It is another popular attraction located near Misamis Occidental Aquamarine Park. Dolphin Island is not a real Island. It is a manmade structure which provides a sanctuary and a rehabilitation facility for injured dolphins. In this island, visitors will learn more about the dolphin and the best part, visitors also can feed and swim with the dolphins there. If you love snorkeling, this island is the best spot for you to do it. This island is home to more than 100 different species of fish and sea creatures. You can rent floating vest and snorkeling gear from the facility at reasonable price.

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