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Leez Inn

1139 J. Nakpil St. corner Angel Linao St., Malate, Malate, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines, 1004
Exterior / Building
Functional Hall
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According to 81 guests
Clean, affordable and accessible, quite and safe environtment
Ronald G.
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24-Hour Front Desk

Nearby attractions
Pedro Gil LRT Station
(0.63 km)
Quirino Avenue LRT Station
(0.66 km)
University of the Philippines - Manila
(0.78 km)
Paco Park
(0.82 km)
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One of the staffs were arguing in the front desk saying bad words.
It could have been better if there is an outlet near the bed because it's inconvenient to have your personal stuff like phones, laptops plugged in near the sink. It's too far from the bed where you sleeping or resting. But over all it was a good experience! Looming forward to book another 1 from you again. Thanks!
- Romantic Vacation
It was nice, the staff were accomodating and the room that we chose has a great view from the city
- Backpacking
5th floor by using stairs. Then the room too small even 3 in 1 sachet tea or coffee not giving.
- Romantic Vacation
No elevator. No menu for breakfast. No slippers provided.
- Romantic Vacation
It's so difficult when your room is on the 5th floor.
My experience with the hotel is great. It's clean and the receptionists are accommodating. Though there was no elevator going up to the 4th floor just stairs.
- Romantic Vacation
No cable connection and WiFi but staff are nice
- Romantic Vacation
The staff are very friendly and they try hard to communicate in English especially for foreign guests. The price is very reasonable too. The only setback for me is the accessibility from main roads/LRT station. Also, food retail price is quite expensive. But nonetheless, it was a nice stay
- Romantic Vacation
No elevators, our room is on the 5th floor.
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132 reviews
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Ericka J
Very underrated place, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Travis and I stayed in Leez Inn twice—in December 2016 and in July 2017. Both times, we stayed for more than a week. As per my understanding (because I don’t do the bookings!), we always got the cheapest room. I think it’s less than 1000 Philippine pesos (20 USD) per night. That includes breakfast. I will get into detail, so I recommend you read this review if you want a realistic feel for Leez Inn before you book. Overall though, I really recommend this place. Before I start with the detailed review, a little background about us. I’m a 24-year-old Filipino who lives in the metro, and Travis is a 29-year-old American who is in the military. We are both practical, but we are also very particular about cleanliness. Okay, that’s about it. LET’S START WITH THE GOOD THINGS! :) 1) LOCATION. It’s in Manila, and it’s relatively close to everything you can possibly need in the area—mall, restaurants, US embassy, tourist spots, whatever. It’s not smack in the middle of a huge highway though. It’s in a street parallel to the highway, so that means you’ll have to look at a map if you’re to find the place on your own. Grab and Uber will make the job easier, but you can easily find the place on your own if you need to. If you need to go to Robinsons Place Manila (really huge mall with everything you can possibly need), there are jeepneys passing by right in front of the hotel. All you need to do is hail them, get on, say “Robinsons,” and pay 8 pesos per person. Very easy! :) Don’t bother getting a taxi or Uber for this. Save your money. Robinsons is about 5 minutes away by jeepney, and that’s mostly because the jeepney has to make stops in order to pick up/drop off passengers. Getting back to Leez Inn from Robinsons….you can hail motorcycle/bicycle-driven cabs. I’m with a foreigner, so whenever I ask them how much it costs, they tell me it’s 75 pesos (1.5 USD). We just give them 100 (2 USD), no big deal. It still ends up being cheaper than getting a taxi. And in our experience, those cab drivers immediately know where Leez Inn is, unlike taxi drivers. Plus…taxi drivers also tend to rip us off (because….FOREIGNER, sigh), so the cabs are really just the cheaper option. SM Mall of Asia is just less than 200 pesos away on Uber. Manila Zoo is also nearby. Really, a lot of attractions are in this area of Manila, and Leez Inn is a great place to stay at if you want to visit those attractions. 2) VISUAL ASPECTS. I suppose it doesn’t look like much on the outside. The building is only 6 or 7 storeys. You won’t really realize it’s a hotel if you don’t already know what you’re looking for. The front façade of Leez Inn is a glass wall—inside, you can see the dining area where you eat your breakfast in the morning. The entrance to Leez Inn is on the side, just a couple of feet off the street. There’s no real lobby to this hotel—all they have is a couple of sofas inside the entrance, a small coffee table, the front desk, and then a few more table set-ups plus a fridge that stores drinks (which you can purchase). We personally didn’t have a need for a hotel lobby, so I don’t see why this should take away from their score. The walls are a lovely purple color, more like deep lavender. It’s very soothing to the eyes. And it looks well-maintained. We’ve been here twice, 7 months apart, and the paint looks as nice as ever. The furniture inside the room is very easy on the eyes, and very functional. In our experience, we never saw anything that looked grimy or moldy or disgusting in our rooms. The breakfast area is also a really bright, sunlit place in the mornings. So in conclusion, do NOT be deceived by what the place looks like on the outside. It really doesn’t look like much if you look at the building. But when you’re inside…you can let your guard down and just act like you’re at home. Everything is clean and visually pleasing. 3) WIFI. They have wi-fi, and it’s really fast. I’ve overheard some people complaining to the front desk that the wifi doesn’t work….while we were using it. So I believe this complaint is honestly an issue with instructions. The way wifi works at Leez Inn is….you ask for a slip of paper from the front desk. It’s a printed list of usernames and passwords. Each set expires in 24 hours. So if you’re staying for more than a day, you have to ask for another slip every day. When you connect to the network named Leez Inn, you have to open your internet browser and punch in the username/password into the website that should pop up immediately. If there are more than one of you staying in the room, ask for one slip per person. I don’t think the password combo works for more than one device at a time. If you have multiple devices (like I do), turn off the wifi in one before switching the other one on. 4) PRICE. It’s a great price. For the quality you’re getting, you’d be hard-pressed to find another hotel in the area which prices this low. The only difference would be customer service, I suppose. You get an excellent place to stay at, but do not expect the personnel to be fawning over you the way they might do in 80USD/night hotels. 5) FOOD. I’m about to tell you something amazing here! But before that, let’s talk about Leez Inn’s breakfast. They will ask you if you want iced tea or coffee. If you choose coffee, it’s the brewed kind. You get one cup. If you ask for another, they will ask you to pay 50 pesos. If you ask them to give you instant coffee or anything (if brewed isn’t your thing), you’re out of luck. They’d just tell you they don’t have it. You don’t have much of an option, in other words. I’ve listened to a few complaints about this while we were in the breakfast room. Some people just don’t like brewed, you know? But they’re not changing that, so yeah. The food varies every day, but it only rotates several sets. It can be 2 slices of bread + two eggs + cucumber slices + sausages, sometimes they serve several spoonfuls of fruit. The bread never goes away, you get exactly two squares. But anyway, I promised you an amazing thing, didn’t I? Here it is. YOU CAN ORDER DELIVERY! Lol, this hotel does not have food other than the breakfast I just described. So either you don’t eat dinner, or you’re forced to go out. But I’m a local, so I had some tricks I can try. I tried food delivery, and it works. You don’t even have to fetch it from the lobby. They will let the delivery guy up to your floor. Just tip the guy, I suppose…especially if you’re on the 5th floor. BTW, when I say food delivery, I’m referring to fast foods. And you don’t need a landline to call them. We can order through online sites (or apps, if you install them). Here are some fast foods that accept online ordering and delivery: McDonald’s, Jollibee, KFC, Yellow Cab, Shakeys, Wendy’s. 6) ROOM. The room itself is spacious. Remember, we booked the cheapest room, so I’m assuming the other rooms can only get bigger. So much rooooooom. You can leave your luggage open and still have enough floor space to walk on or sit on. So many lights too, haha. You can choose which ones to close or open or whatever. The bathroom is small, but that’s to be expected to budget hotels. It’s meticulously clean though. (The shower, though small, can fit two people at the same time. Yeah.) The shower can be scalding hot if you want it to be, or pleasantly warm if that’s what you like. Just fiddle with the knobs. There’s a handheld shower head, and there’s also rainshower. The toilet’s flush is strong. The bowl itself is large and comfy. The air conditioning in the room does its job marvelously. The bed is a good balance between soft and firm. The pillows are not flat, not too lumpy either. The comforter is thick enough. There are multiple wall sockets around the room—you can easily have your laptop be plugged in while in the bed, just be sure to bring your laptop’s charging cord. ON TO NEUTRAL THINGS NOW. :) 1) ELEVATOR…or lack thereof. Damn, the first time we booked, we were placed in the 4th floor, on the side facing the street. Our room was the one right next to the stairs, so at least we can just stumble in right after getting on our floor. The second time we booked….5th floor! Wow, hahaha. It was a workout, I tell you. I don’t exercise, so the stairs gave me my daily dose of workout every day as we headed out. Travis…is a soldier. He had no complaints with the stairs whatsoever. 2) ROOM SERVICE/HOUSEKEEPING. As stated above, Leez Inn does not offer any kind of food options. So no room service for food. They have a fridge and some noodles and snacks on the first floor. That’s about it. As for housekeeping….I honestly cannot comment. Travis and I never get our room done in any hotels we stay at. We always turn on the Do Not Disturb button. The room is clean when we got there, and that’s all we need. We don’t accumulate a lot of trash, so we just keep those neatly in plastic bags in a corner of the room. Toiletries were provided, but I prefer to use a specific brand of shampoo, so we never bothered asking for refills. Towels dry out during the day, so no real need to ask for a fresh one. I guess the takeaway here is…they really won’t enter your room (or even knock) if you don’t want them to. We prefer it that way, so this worked out for us. BTW, you can bring your breakfast plates up to your room after getting it from the first floor. But if you ask them to bring it up for you, they’ll charge an extra fee. I think it’s a tad over 300 pesos. Again, something I heard someone complain about in the breakfast area. The policy is weird, but even the staff cannot explain it when the woman complaining asked why it was that way. 3) ROOM DETAILS. There’s a closet partition, a safe, a lot of drawers, and several shelving (depending on your room). They were all nice, very clean, very functional. The safe can’t hold a lot though. I doubt it can even hold my 15 inch laptop. It doesn’t look like it will fit a DSLR unless you remove the lens. I felt safe and secure enough in the room though, so we never felt a need for the safe. We left gadgets out in the open (inside the room), and never lost any. In fact, we never lost anything in Leez Inn. Zero complaints about that. I dunno about the other rooms, but the rooms facing the street have small balconies. Sometimes the AC unit is right above the balcony though, so it drips water. So it’s a hit and miss. Not much of a view either, since the building isn’t that high. But it worked enough for us during New Year. 4) CUSTOMER SERVICE. As other reviews also stated, their personnel seem to be doing a lot of jobs all at the same time. The security guard is also sometimes manning the front desk. I suppose this is not something you would see in a pricey hotel, but there’s no reason it should bother you either. My only observation is that they don’t seem to be the best at communicating with foreign guests. You’ll get there eventually, but they definitely run into problems with snobbish guests who expect ALL of the hotel management team to converse with them fluently in English. If you’re patient, everything should be fine. But language can easily be a barrier if you let other factors affect it. But other than that small hiccup, the staff is amazing. They are friendly and warm, and they don’t give you that feeling that they want to rip you off (something we unfortunately had to deal with a lot, especially during the holiday season). We had no problems with check in or check out. There was a deposit—I cannot remember now if it was 1500 pesos or 2500 pesos. I think they also mentioned you have the option of leaving your passport with them instead. We never did that though. If your stay is for a staycation, the room is very comfortable to be in. Just without a view of the city. That’s one thing that Leez Inn can’t really offer given the location and building design. If you want to go out, Robinsons (and everything else) are just short rides away. There’s nothing around the hotel itself, no shop or restaurant, so that’s one downside. But the closer you get to the main streets, the noisier it gets and the pricier the hotels become. Leez Inn is a SOLID find, if you’re okay with traveling just a teeny tiny bit whenever you wanna go to places. And as long as you don’t need to interact much or depend heavily on customer service. Worth your money, definitely. Travis and I truly had an amazing vacation because Leez Inn provided an easy and comfortable place for us to stay, making the whole experience seamless. Hope this review was helpful. Feel free to ask questions if I missed anything. -Ericka
Couples - Nov 15, 2017
Imah L
👍🏻 Clean room Clean sheets Clean floor Clean ref Clean towels Friendly staff Room’s pic = actual room 👎🏻 No lift just stairs No parking lot You get what you paid for. Don’t expect too much. Best for staycations. We’re at the 5th floor (which I requested) so it’s not that noisy. We paid 2k+ for 2 nights - deluxe room, no breakfast, it was a nice experience👌🏻
Couples - Nov 14, 2017
Reyla Jay M
Friendly staff and clean room
Such a very friendly and smiling receptionist they have. You will also get amazed for their lobby guard acts as receptionist and concierge all at the same time. Pros: 1. Nice and clean room 2. Very good hot and cold shower 3. Everyone is very helpful and smiling 4. Comfortable and big bed 5. Accessible to restaurants and other stores Cons: 1. Late check out with charge even only 30mins later 2. The room is clean but the lavatory needs fixing, molds are already building up 3. No elevator so you need to walk you way up 4. Wifi not working in the room Over all, twas a nice and comfortable stay. 🙂👍🏻
Couples - Sep 30, 2017
Affordable Hotel in Malate
My cousin recommended this hotel to me, when he visit Manila last year. I gave it a try and was satisfied with my stay as well. Price is affordable and rooms are nice. Staffs are helpful enough. Limited breakfast though since they only serve 1 menu per day. No elevator also but i don't mind this since i need my exercise anyway. My room was on the 4th floor. The staffs help me carry my things to my room, even the guards are always there to help. I enjoyed my stay. My wife likes this hotel too. We will stay here again if we visit the Philippines next year.
Couples - Aug 8, 2017
Affordable with Quality
My daughter booked this room for us because of its proximity to the embassy and the affordable rate that it offers. However, we are pleasantly surprised that the room is very nice and modern, complete with everything you will see in a 3-4 star hotel room. The staffs are friendly though they don't speak english fluently, they do speak enough english for you to understand and communicate with them. They are also very helpful to us. Everyday we are served sumptuous breakfast like everyone else, you don't get to choose but its alright with us. We just look forward to what will be served to us every morning. Nice little hotel. See you again next year!
Business - Jul 14, 2017
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Deposit is required during check-in using cash, or credit card.

Hotel only accept guests with minimum age of 21.

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  • Nearby Facilities
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    • Beauty salon
    • Grocery
    • Hair salon
    • Laundry
    • Shops
    • Supermarket
  • In-room Facilities
    • Cable TV
    • Desk
    • In-room safe
    • Refrigerator
    • Shower
    • TV
  • Hotel Services
    • 24-hour Receptionist
    • 24-hour security
    • Luggage storage
    • Tours
  • Public Facilities
    • Breakfast restaurant
    • Safety deposit box
    • WiFi in public area
  • General
    • AC
    • Non-smoking room
    • Terrace
  • Accessibilty
    • Accessible bathroom
    • Braille or raised signage
  • Food and Drinks
    • Restaurant with AC
    • Breakfast
  • Things to Do
    • Massage
  • Connectivity
    • Free WiFi

Check-in and Check-out Time

Check-in: 2:00 PM
Check-out: 12:00 PM

Leez Inn is a hotel in a good neighborhood, which is located at Malate.

The hotel has a very good location, also near the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (MNL), which is only 7.48 km away.

The hotel is located only 8.71 km away from Asistio Avenue Railway Station.

Not only well positioned, but Leez Inn is also one of hotels near the following Pedro Gil LRT Station within 0.63 km and Quirino Avenue LRT Station within 0.66 km.

About Leez Inn

Leez Inn is highly recommended for backpackers who want to get an affordable stay yet comfortable at the same time.

For you, travelers who wish to travel comfortably on a budget, Leez Inn is the perfect place to stay that provides decent facilities as well as great services.

From business event to corporate gathering, Leez Inn provides complete services and facilities that you and your colleagues need.

If you plan to have a long-term stay, staying at Leez Inn is the right choice for you. Providing wide range of facilities and great service quality, this accommodation certainly makes you feel at home.

Leez Inn is the smartest choice for you who are looking for affordable accommodation with outstanding service.

24-hours front desk is available to serve you, from check-in to check-out, or any assistance you need. Should you desire more, do not hesitate to ask the front desk, we are always ready to accommodate you.

WiFi is available within public areas of the property to help you to stay connected with family and friends.

Leez Inn is a hotel with great comfort and excellent service according to most hotel's guests.

Leez Inn is a wise choice for travelers visiting Malate.

Breakfast time start from 06:30 until 10:00.

Smoking is strictly not allowed in this property, and smoking area is available.

Pets are NOT allowed.

Hotel may accept Early check in, subject to room availability, with additional fee.

Hotel may accept Late check out, subject to room availability, with additional fee.

Extra-person charges may apply and vary depending on hotel policy.
Government-issued photo identification and a credit card or cash deposit are required at check-in for incidental charges.
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