Your Security, Traveloka’s Top Priority

We know that performing online transactions can be daunting, especially if it’s your first time at Traveloka, but it doesn’t have to be. Traveloka uses leading industry data security and encryption standards so that you can enjoy your booking experience with peace of mind where your data and transactions are safe and confidential. But how exactly does Traveloka guarantee the security of my data? - you may ask. Well, here’s how:

You are connected through a private network

Both Traveloka’s website and mobile application are secured by HTTPS encryption, a secure and private network, used by other industry giants such as Google. The HTTPS system encrypts your activity so that anything you do on a site is confidential, even when you access the site through public WiFi hotspots. The safety of the HTTPS network has been proven as it is commonly used in banking transactions. On the other hand, websites using the HTTP network are more vulnerable to fraud and attacks from hackers.

Your credit card data is secure

For credit card payment, Traveloka partners with CyberSource®, a subsidiary company of Visa. Your credit card data remains protected, confidential and secure because it is encrypted with 256-bit security and isolated as a ‘token’ at the CyberSource server. In simple terms, CyberSource Tokenization is the replacement of sensitive data with a unique identifier, called a ‘token’ that enables us to process your payment securely.


Your personal information remains confidential

Your privacy is absolutely important to us. Traveloka will never share your data with any third party. Your personal data can only be accessed when you login to our system, which means you have total control over your data.

Your transaction security is monitored 24/7

Traveloka uses multi-layer cyber security solutions to ensure the security of your transactions. Through our fraud management system, every single transaction is monitored and reviewed so that we can identify and prevent fraudulent transactions by unauthorized parties.