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Wings Air Address

Lion Air Tower

Jl. Gajah Mada no. 7

Jakarta Pusat 10130

Jakarta, Indonesia

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Wings Air Profile

Wings Air (IW/WON) or Wings Abadi Airlines is an Indonesian airline, a subsidiary of Lion Air Group. Lion Air is as one of the most popular low-cost carrier in Indonesia. As the subsidiary of Lion Air, Wings Air serves regional routes that connect between smaller cities and hub served by Lion Air.

Wings Air commenced its commercial flight in the mid of 2003, headquartered at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport and Manado, North Sulawesi.

Besides domestic routes, Wings Air also serves international flight to two destinations, namely Pekanbaru to Malacca and Medan to Penang.

By the end of the year 2015, Wings Air is planning to add up to 27 units of ATR 72-600 and becoming the largest ATR operating airline by having up to 20 units of ATR 72-500 and 40 units of ATR 72-600.

Passengers of Wings Air get up to 7 kg free cabin baggage allowance, both domestic and international flights. Passengers also get up to 10 kg checked baggage allowance.

$airlineData.getName() ATR 72-500ATR 72-500/600
7 units
$airlineData.getName() De Havilland Canada Dash 8-301De Havilland Canada Dash 8-301
2 units

Wings Air Destinations

Hong Kong
Sri Lanka
Saudi Arabia

How to Book Online Wings Air

To book Wings Air ticket online, do as follows:
  1. Select route in the search box (see How to Use).
  2. Fill in passenger's requested information.
  3. Select Payment Method.
  4. Finish transaction and Wings e-ticket will be sent to your email.

Wings Air E-ticket

Wings Air e-ticket is an eligible proof from booking a regular or promo cheap ticket for Wings Air flight. The next thing you do after receiving e-ticket is to print it out and show it during check-in.

Changes/Cancellation/Refund for Wings Air

Refund Procedure

For more information, please refer to Refund Terms and Procedure FAQ page.

Name Change Option

  • Only available through Wings Air Call-Center: 0804-1-77-88-99.


  • Not allowed.


  • Through Traveloka Easy Reschedule
    • Rescheduling must be done at the latest 30 hours before departure
    • Reschedule Fee is IDR 15,000 per pax per segment
    • Airline Fees will depend on the airline policy
    • Not sure where to start? Visit this complete guide to Easy Reschedule
  • Through Wings Air
    • Only available through Wings Air Call-Center: 0804-1-77-88-99.
    • Rebooking/Rescheduling is only available for the same class or higher.
    • Over 48 hours, rebooking/rescheduling is subject to administration fee Rp 50.000 plus new flight fare difference.
    • Less than 48 to 24 hours, rebooking/rescheduling is subject to Cancellation Fee 50% of basic fare/pax.
    • Between 24 and 2 hours before departure time, rebooking/rescheduling is subject to Cancellation Fee 80% of basic fare/pax.
    • Less than 2 hours before departure time or after check-in time, rebooking/rescheduling is subject to Cancellation Fee 90% of basic fare/pax.
    • Rebooking/rescheduling for Infant is not subject to administration nor Cancellation Fee.
    • For higher price of new flight fare, the fare difference is not returned.


Wings Air has the rights to reschedule or cancel the flight when considered necessary for safety and technical reasons. Wings Air will try to provide flight substitution as soon as possible. This will be announced to passengers through announcement at the airport or by phone, directly communicated by Wings Air.

Wings Air History

Wings Air was founded in 2003 as an extension carrier of Lion Air serving regional feeder routes all throughout Indonesia. It operates from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport and is headquartered in Manado, North Sulawesi.

Initially, Wings Air functioned as a low-cost carrier of Lion Group, but then decided to function as a feeder carrier. Fleet of Wings Air is supported by McDonnell Douglas MD-80 and MD-82 priorly used by Lion Air and De Havilland Dash-8. Later on, those two types were discontinued and replaced by ATR-72.

The regional airline led by Rusdi Kirana first introduced 3 units of ATR 72-500 in 2010, followed by 15 units of ATR 72-500 and 15 units of ATR 72-600, spending up to USD 600 million. ATR 72-500 replaced MD-80, while the airline expanded its network. Routes overlapping with Lion Air were finally terminated and Wings Air focuses on regional routes.

In November 2010, Wings Air started to expand its network to international by serving Pekanbaru to Malacca and Medan to Penang, priorly served by Lion Air.

Along with time, Wings Air concentrates exclusively to use ATR 72-500 and ATR 72-600, despite ATR’s fewer capacity (72 passengers). Wings Air opts for more frequency than capacity.

Wings Air Flight Attendant Uniform

gambar pramugari Wings Air Wings Air flight attendant wears a skirt slight above the knee paired with a red short-sleeve blouse. Wings Air logo is displayed on the chest part.

Wings Air In-flight Meal

As a regional feeder, Wings Air does not provide on-board meal nor drinks.

Wings Air Pregnant Passenger, Children and Infant Policies

  • Above 28 weeks of pregnancy, passenger is obliged to provide a medical statement. Passenger has to fill-in a Form of Indemnity (FOI).
  • Infant younger than 2 days old is not allowed to board the plane. Passengers with Infant between 3 and 7 days old must provide a medical statement issued 72 hours before departure time at the latest.
  • Infant is classified as younger than 2 years of age. Parents must sign a Form of Indemnity (FOI).
  • Children is classified as older than 2 years of age, the same Adult flight fare applies.
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