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About Gold Coast

Located on eastern Australia, with numerous options of attractions, from theme parks, beaches, wildlife parks, and shopping area, Gold Coast is one of the most favorite holiday destinations in the Down Under. While you’re in the city, be sure to try out its water activities, like surfing, jet skiing, and the most impressive one is whale-watching from the cruise. You can also spend an entire day in one of Gold Coast's numerous theme parks, like Warner Bros. Movie World, Dreamworld, Wet’n’Wild Gold Coast, or WhiteWater World, to name a few. These parks provide numerous kinds of exciting and thrilling rides for all ages, be it for kids, cartoon...
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About Gold Coast

If you're in search of the ideal destination to bask in warm weather, look no further than the inviting shores of Gold Coast, Australia. Nestled in Queensland, this metropolitan region is renowned for its sandy beaches and vibrant coastal lifestyle. Surfing reigns supreme as the main attraction, drawing thrill-seekers from far and wide to ride the waves along its pristine coastline. For those seeking a more serene experience, the underwater world offers tranquility and entertainment, with spectacular views waiting to be discovered beneath the surface.

Beyond its renowned surfing and aquatic adventures, Gold Coast boasts a wealth of attractions to explore. From family-friendly theme parks like Dreamworld and Warner Bros. Movie World to lush hinterland retreats in the nearby Lamington National Park, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Take a leisurely stroll along the iconic Surfers Paradise Beach, shop till you drop at the bustling Pacific Fair Shopping Centre, or indulge in world-class dining along the vibrant streets of Broadbeach.

Whether you're seeking adrenaline-pumping thrills or laid-back beachside relaxation, Gold Coast offers a diverse array of experiences to suit every traveler's taste. With its sun-drenched shores, lively atmosphere, and endless array of attractions, Gold Coast promises an unforgettable getaway filled with warmth, excitement, and adventure.

Top Things to Do in Gold Coast

If you love the sea so much, this place will spoil you with many things to do. However, there are also other places available for exploration.

1. Surfing in Paradise Beach

This is a destination where millions of people come for a treat of golden sands, vibrant waves, and a rare, magical skyline. Besides the shoreline, there are a bunch of fascinating activities you can do on its foreshore. It offers restaurants, cafes, lively nightlife, and a shopping center. There are always some things going on here.

2. Experiencing Wildlife in Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

If you crave a genuine connection with nature, this sanctuary is the perfect place for you to immerse yourself. In the 27 hectares of the lush rainforest, the wildlife experience has been waiting for you. There are native Australian animals you will encounter here. Not only observing them from afar, you can enjoy the flight bird show, feed them, and even ride a mini train.

3. Visiting Warner Bros Movie World

Are you a cinephile who is longing for a real life movie experience? This is your sign to visit this destination. Although it is not a movie set,  this theme park promises to deliver the same level of thrill and excitement as watching a blockbuster film. There are many rides that you can enjoy with your favorite characters in it, such as DC heroes like Batman and Superman or animation characters such as Looney Tunes.

4. Sightseeing in Skypoint Observation Deck

Through its 360° panoramic windows, you will be able to see the scenic view of Brisbane to Byron Bay. The stunning skyline is truly a sight to behold and is one of the highlights this destination has to offer. All of this pretty scenery can be seen from 77 and 78 floors in Surfers Paradise. They also have a bistro and bar, serving numerous items from breakfast to dinner.

5. Burleigh Head National Park

Driving 15 kilometers from Surfers Paradise, you will find a tranquil coast with a vast rainforest. If you are seeking a wildlife experience, this place offers encounters with koalas, eagles, rainbow lorikeets, and many other native animals you may wish to meet.

6. Immersing with Nature in Tamborine National Park

Let nature absorb you with its magical scenery and numerous activities to offer. From the outstanding waterfall to the mysterious rainforest, you can totally immerse yourself in Tamborine National Park. You can walk along its nine walking trails and meet many native species that live in this area.

7. Driving to Natural Bridge

This bridge is a part of Gondwana Rainforest of Australia World Heritage Area. It is a rock shaped feature made by the constant force of waterfall over the cave. On your way here, you will meet a pine forest that has been there since 180 years ago. If you go there on a day light, you will encounter native animals like koalas and even a threatened species like cascade tree frog.

8. Challenging Your Surfing Skill in Snapper Rocks

If you're seeking an unforgettable and challenging surfing experience, this place is designed for you. It is ‘designed’ because it is actually human-made. Sands have been pumped to this beach since 1990 to prevent erosion  and transform it into a rocky coastal landscape.

9. Experiencing Two Attractions in Dream World

Combining a theme park with wildlife is an unexpected experience you will never imagine. Dream World makes it happen. As the largest theme park, it has over 40 rides and attractions that you can try one by one. Your dream to interact directly with Australia's native wildlife will also come true since it has koalas and kangaroos. Do you think that's all? No! You can even hand-feed tigers here.

10. Starting an Adventure in Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast

Playing with water does not always have to happen on the beach. You can do it in a waterpark too, especially when you come with kids. Start your adventure, through the water slides. If you want to make it more challenging, try Aqualoops that will bring you into a long twisted slide after being released from a trap door.

11. Trying your Luck in The Star Gold Coast Casino

Test your luck in this world class casino by trying hundreds of both table and gaming machines. It also becomes a glamorous hub with a luxurious setting and vibrant atmosphere that will lift your night experience. Enjoy the best service that they provide.

12. Enjoying Weekend in Granddad Jack's Craft Distillery

If you are visiting North Burleigh beach, take a two minutes walk and you will find a place you do not know will give you a brand new experience. It is Granddad Jack's Craft Distillery, the only Gin, Vodka, and Whiskey distillery in Gold Coast that crafts the drink based on the old memory  recipe. Tours are available on weekends, so make sure to insert this one into your itinerary.

13. Treasure Hunting in Surfers Paradise Beachfront Market

Collect your unusual “souvenirs” from Gold Coast by visiting the market that is open on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. There is a bunch of stuff from fashion items to artworks. Start your treasure hunt by exploring more than 100 shops along the coastal line while enjoying some live performers giving out their best to romanticize your trip.

14. Whale Watching in Sea World

This is one in-a-life-time experience that you have you try. Witness the majestic humpback whales in their natural habitat and record it in your core memory. You can experience this from May until November while riding a cruise when over 40.000 whales migrate annually passing close to Gold Coast shore. 

15. Skydiving in Gold Coast Skydive

Unlock your first time heart-pounding experience flying over Gold Coast sky through this skydiving trip. You can enjoy your fun time in the air without worrying about safety  as they maintain an excellent safety record and provide thorough training before actual flight experiences.

Best Restaurants in Gold Coast

From experiencing omakase to combining foods and arts, you will get experiences like no other in these restaurants.

1. Restaurant Labart

This best regional restaurant in Queensland is a must visit when you want to taste local dishes with a European touch. Besides tasting its exquisite flavors , you can also enjoy  an open kitchen experience where you can watch the chef crafting their special menu to the exclusive guests in 60 seats only.

2. Yamagen Japanese Restaurant

Eating Japanese dishes in Gold Coast won’t hurt, especially when it gives you a selected menu in various serving styles. Yamagen has an izakaya concept that will allow you to have Japanese whiskey from its collections. You can also experience omakase at its sushi bar to have a more personal dining experience.

3. Critique

This is the best place to experience the paddock/sea-to-plate foods. Guests can choose ingredients from a fresh seafood buffet, such as tiger prawns, blue swimmer crabs, Pacific oyster, and many others. In addition to the seafood, there are several other ingredients, like duck.

4. Social Eating House

If you are looking for small bite-sized dishes while catching up about life with your long distance friend, this is it! However, if you want to have a more serious dining experience, they also serve it on other floors since this restaurant consists of three floors; a cocktail bar, a restaurant, and an exclusive dining experience.

5. Palette

Art and foods will always be a perfect duo. Palette is one of a few restaurants that blend this concept. Located under HOTA Gallery, the chefs are always ready to serve the menu while combining art and food, giving the exceptional dining experience.

Best Hotels Recommendation in Gold Coast

Sometimes accommodations are not only a place to stay, but also an experience while traveling. These places are for your new experiences.

1. Rhapsody Resort

Elevate your beach life experience by staying in this resort. Rhapsody Resort is a premier accommodation option in Surfers Paradise that you may want to consider for your stay. Besides the location, it also has a dramatic architecture like no other with a cinematic view of the beach.

2. qtQT Cabins

A comfortable place to stay is not always several floors high, it can consist of one or two floors only. qtQT Cabins proves it. You can have a quiet stay with a relaxing nature ambiance in this cabin. The place itself can be one of the destinations when you visit Gold Coast.

3. Albatross North Apartments

Another way of enjoying the beach is by watching it from afar. Albatross North Apartments make it come true. You can enjoy the beach view from its balcony. Other nice activities can also be done here, from swimming in an outdoor pool to gathering for a BBQ party.

4. The Cheshire Cat Motel

A touch of nostalgic feeling will linger when you first step in this building. No wonder because this was a motel that was built in the 1960s but has been restored to give a more comfortable experience. It offers nice rooms with customized design each and other facilities that will elevate your staying experience.

5. Q1 Resort and Spa

Having 230 meters high, this resort is the tallest residential tower. Staying here will offer you a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean. At night, the view changes into sparkling light from the city. Other features you will find here are from pool to spa coffee and bar. 

Tips When Visiting Gold Coast

Maximize your Gold Coast experience by following these tips to make the most of your visit.

  1. Most of the attractions and places here offer activities under the sun. To protect your skin, do not forget to always put on sunscreen and reapply it.
  2. Do not forget to do the research about what dress code you have to wear during any occasion. For instance, if you plan to dine in a fine restaurant, formal attire is typically required, while golf clubs often enforce their specific dress codes.
  3. Be sure to pack swimwear when visiting the city; you never know when you might need it.
  4. While looking stylish is important, wearing comfortable shoes is essential to keep your feet happy during long walks in parks or farms.

Enjoy your warm days in Gold Coast!