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Waterparks in Jakarta
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About Jakarta

Waterbom Jakarta can be the best tourist destination when you want to refresh yourself for a moment in the hotness of the capital city. With a small but dense area, it’s indeed challenging to find a place to play natural water that’s clean yet exciting. But here we are--waterbom in Jakarta have sprung up to answer this very problem! Speaking about Jakarta, the province has a land area of ​​662.33 km2 and an ocean of 6,977.5 km2. The capital region is divided into six administrative cities, including Kepulauan Seribu administrative district. Jakarta itself is a provincial-level city with a population of 10,374,235 (according to the 2017 BPS census). This makes Jakarta the most populous city in Indonesia. The density of Jakarta residents isn’t without reason. As the national capital, it’s not surprising that all infrastructures are developing rapidly. The development in other various fields like business and economy was also similarly steadfast. You’ll find tall buildings for shopping centers and offices occupying all corners of the city, along with residential buildings for locals and tourists. Geographically, Jakarta is in the lowlands. The area is averagely located at an altitude of about 7 meters above sea level. Since it’s considered pretty low, it’s not surprising that some areas of Jakarta are occasionally affected by tidal floods. Flood, in particular, is one of the main problems here. Some areas filled with many canals and rivers are always flooded during the rainy season every year. Besides flooding, one of the problems occurring in the capital city is traffic jams. Congestion in Jakarta is quite severe because of the high intensity of residents’ daily activities. According to the 2018 Traffic Index surveyed by a traffic control technology company TomTom, Jakarta was ranked seventh out of 403 cities as the city with bad traffic congestion. To reduce this problem, the Jakarta government is promoting the use of public transportation, such as TransJakarta, MRT, and KRL. Despite having these problems, Jakarta remains a sought-after business and tourism destination. Many tourist objects, such as children's playgrounds, water parks, restaurants, and shopping centers, can easily be found in Jakarta.

Waterbom Jakarta Review

Jakarta's dense and hot region often makes anyone think twice about leaving the house. Moreover, due to the limited natural beaches that are safe and suitable for playing water with family, refreshing water retreats like Waterbom Jakarta have become the best option. It's not difficult to find a Waterbom in Jakarta since they are trendy and loved by visitors who want to vacation with family or friends. Besides being affordable in terms of cost, the location of the Waterbom is also accessible within the vicinity of the city center. That way, Waterbom in Jakarta can be an economical vacation alternative, especially if you don't want to go far to the beach just to play in the water. In general, most Waterbom Jakarta already offers complete and modern facilities. Each waterpark has presented swimming pools and rides such as fun and challenging water slides in international standards. The concept that each waterpark carries is also unique, seen from how the designs and supporting facilities are arranged. For example, the Waterbom Jakarta applies the theme of Urban Cool or Atlantis Water Adventures to bring Mediterranean civilization that was lost due to natural disasters. Most waterboms in Jakarta are integrated with other recreational areas and form larger tourist areas. That way, tourists can also enjoy various additional attractions to fill the holidays while in town.


Are you planning to spend a vacation this time at Waterbom in Jakarta but still confused about where to go? Here are some suggestions

SnowBay Waterpark

This water park is in the TMII area and offers at least 13 exciting water games, even the adrenaline-challenged ones. Lovers of extreme rides can try Tube Coaster, Flush Bowl, or Hurricane. If you want a more relaxed option, you can enjoy calm waves in the Wave Pool. Inaugurated in 2009 with the concept of life in a snowy area, the waterpark also presents exciting attractions and performances like mini-concerts, Snow Fun Party, Pillow Warrior, even SB Dance and Band usually held during the holiday season or weekends.

You can enjoy an exciting vacation at SnowBay Waterpark with cheaper tickets at Traveloka by purchasing an Easy Access ticket at Rp75.060*.

The Wave Pondok Indah Waterpark

Located in the Pondok Indah area, this waterpark can be an alternative vacation in Jakarta. There are many rides you can try, such as Olympic Pool, Tube Slide, Whizzard Slide, and Lazy River. Don't miss the excitement of FlowRider, a simulation vehicle that allows you to feel the sensation of surfing without having to go far to the sea. A professional guide is ready to guide you with the right position and attitude when surfing.

Circled by the view of the nearby attractive golf course, The Wave Pondok Indah Waterpark also allows you to access the surrounding malls easily. Order an entrance ticket through Traveloka now for Rp154.000* (all day) or Rp89.000* (business days).

Atlantis Water Adventure

With a ​​7-hectare area, you can feel the fun of playing water in Atlantis Water Adventure. This site is integrated with several other tourist attractions in the Ancol Dreamland. Get here with an all-day entrance ticket of Rp182.410*, annual pass of Rp291.755*, working days of Rp92.150*, or holidays/weekends of Rp132.300* at Traveloka.

There are eight swimming pools and several other water rides in Atlantis Water Adventure. One extreme ride that is quite popular in this place is Crazy Slide. These two challenging slides have a height of 18.6 m and 22.8 m with a length of 122 m and 149 m. Now, can you imagine how thrilling it is to play here?

Waterbom Jakarta

Located in the Pantai Indah Kapuk area, this largest waterpark in Jakarta offers a refreshing tropical atmosphere. Surrounded by shady green trees, Waterbom Jakarta presents several pools and water games, such as Aqua Tube, Speed ​​Slide, The Hairpin, The Whizzard, and Twizter. If you want a more relaxed activity, you can try kayaking or stroll around the Wild River with River Cruiser.

Without waiting in line, you just need to order an entrance ticket through the Traveloka application or website. All-day entrance tickets can be booked at Rp140.000*, while the weekend tickets are priced at Rp99.000*. Don't miss the Traveloka promo to visit this waterbom!

*Prices are subject to change