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Ice Skating in Jakarta
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About Jakarta

As the center of the governance in Indonesia, Jakarta has everything you need, ranging from the culinary experience to entertainment facilities such as ice skating Jakarta. This is mainly due to the fact that almost every kind of company is based in Jakarta. Consequently, traffic jam becomes a common theme around the capital city. In addition, the Special Capital Region of Jakarta is also the center of economy and trade. You can find a plethora of buildings and towers here that belong to the locals, foreigners, to the governors and ministers. As a result, the city is packed with people from day to night in many parts. Currently, Jakarta is home for 28 million of multi-ethnic people. Almost every kind of Indonesian people exists in this city, including foreigners. Because of that, some might even consider Jakarta as the miniature representation of Indonesia. But most importantly, Jakarta has developed as the nation’s center of governance since centuries ago. During the journey, Jakarta had undergone changes in the city’s name, starting from Sunda Kelapa from the 4th to the 16th century. After that, the city turned into an economy center during the colonization era of the Dutch and changed its name to Jayakarta and Batavia before finally settled down as Jakarta to this day. As a result, Jakarta has become the center of Indonesia that piques the interests of people who come here looking either for a job or a pleasure. Such reason leads to the fast-paced public transportation development in Jakarta. Among the fruits of the labor, MRT is now fully operational in several parts of the city. Then, there’s also KRL commuter rail system and Transjakarta busway as the long-lasting, most recommended public transportations here. Of course, although it doesn’t offer as much tourism potential as the other regions in Indonesia, Jakarta still has tourism potential to show. Most of them are scattered across Kampung Seribu and the coastlines. Then, there are also notable cultural and historical architectures that are accessible for the public. Besides that, Jakarta is also considered among the best spots in Indonesia for its culinary tourism and shopping center. You can find shopping malls practically everywhere around Jakarta that sells fashions and household items, among others. As for the culinary experience, Jakarta is home for a diverse range of modern cuisine, food chains, and restaurants from all over the world.

Ice Skating Jakarta Review

Apart from business and culinary experience, Jakarta is also well-known for its entertainment potential. You can find numerous places to relax and have a good time, one of them being ice skating. Indeed, ice skating Jakarta is considered a rare and exciting commodity for the people who wish to experience the freezing sensation and skating experience. This is interesting to note, considering that ice skating in Jakartaitself is also rare. After all, compared to the regions and nations with four seasons and winter such as Europe, ice is something extremely rare in Indonesia. As a result, ice skating facilities are hard to find in Indonesia, although it has now become a more accessible facility as time goes by in Jakarta. If you wish to experience the joy of ice skating in Jakarta, it’d be best to choose the right location. Many ice skating facilities offer an ice skating course where you can learn how to navigate the surface with the bladed shoes. Also, several facilities are situated in the heart of the shopping center, thus they will be crowded during the weekends. Therefore, try to visit the facility when it’s not the peak season to fully experience ice skating safely. But what makes ice skating Jakarta more sought-after as time goes by? For one, ice skating itself is a unique entertaining sport rarely found anywhere else in Indonesia. Then, considering the heat in the city, ice skating in Jakarta can refresh both your body and mind. And lastly, it’s an exciting way to enjoy the capital city, other than the shopping or culinary experience.

Recommended Ice Skating Jakarta

As one of the alternatives for leisure,ice skating Jakarta is an exciting activity to do. If you’re interested in ice skating, check out these 3 recommended ice skating locations

Oasis Centre Arena

In addition to being a place for leisure, thisice skating Jakarta facility also offers an array of exciting ice skating attractions. There’s a thrilling hockey tournament where you can watch the players fighting on the ice field, then there’s also a figure skating show led by professional skaters. Occasionally, the facility is closed for the public for the purpose of being used as a competition venue. Therefore, it’s recommended to ask for the schedule before playing around the facility.

But most of the time, you can enjoy ice skating in Oasis Centre Arena with your family during the weekdays or weekends. Of course, the ticket price may vary depending on the day, and the starting price is ranged at Rp77.000. Oasis Centre Arena is located in AEON Mall Jakarta Garden City, Jalan Jakarta Garden City, RT.1/RW.6, East Cakung, East Jakarta.

Sky Rink by Mall Taman Anggrek

With the size of the field at over 1.248 m2, Sky Rink by Mall Taman Anggrek is one of the largest skating fields in Southeast Asia. The high-quality ice surface makes this ice skating Jakarta facility safe to use even for amateurs and exciting in every part of the field.

Ticket price starts at Rp130.000, including a safe locker and a pair of ice skating shoes. Sky Rink opens from 9.00 to 20.00 during the weekdays and 9.00 to 21.30 during the weekends. The facility is located in Mall Taman Anggrek 3rd floor, RT.12/RW.1, South Tanjung Duren, Grogol Petamburan, West Jakarta. However, if you wish to learn ice skating in Jakarta, it’d be best to visit the facility during weekdays. This is because the field is always crowded during weekdays, and it’s almost loaded during weekends. At the very least, you can enjoy the facility without having to crash to the other people if the situation’s less packed during weekdays.

BX Rink

Located in Bintaro XChange, the winter sensation inside the facility and on the field is so indulging. This is partly because the facility is separated and isolated from the mall to preserve the winter ambience better than anywhere else.

During weekdays, ticket price starts at Rp88.000 and rises to Rp110.000 during weekends or holidays, excluding locker and shoes. To rent them, you’ll have to pay an additional Rp20.000 fee. Also, at 12.00 or 17.00, the ice on the field will thicken, so it’s best to visit this facility outside of the schedule. Don’t worry though, because the process will last for 30 minutes only. This ice skating Jakarta facility is situated in Bintaro Jaya XChange Mall UG Floor, No. 3A CBD, Jalan Boulevard Bintaro Jaya, Bintaro.