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Playgrounds in Jakarta


About Jakarta

Kid-Friendly destinations in Jakartais one of the main attractions in the capital of Indonesia. These recreational places are indeed important to ensure that the children get appropriate entertainment. Currently, Jakarta offers a number of exciting attractions so that children can play to their heart's content. Jakarta is the capital that plays an important role in Indonesia. As a capital, Jakarta is the center of all activities throughout the country. Government, economy, business, international relations, culture, and other fields are developing well in Jakarta. As a result, Jakarta grew and developed into the most developed city in Indonesia. The rapid development in various sectors has made Jakarta the largest metropolitan area in Southeast Asia along with several other cities in the vicinity. These vicinities include Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi. Together with Jakarta, these areas are referred to as Jabodetabek. Jabodetabek itself is well known; as a matter of fact, this metropolitan area is ranked second largest in the world. Jakarta's rapid progress cannot be separated from the history that built this city in the past. Formerly, Jakarta was known as a port called Sunda Kelapa. This port is an important part of the Sunda Kingdom. It is located in a strategic area that the trip to the royal capital only takes two days from the port. Sunda Kelapa Port was also a transit center for trade ships from various places in the world, such as Japan, China, and the Middle East countries. Jakarta has undergone several name changes. After Sunda Kelapa, its name had changed to Jayakarta, Batavia, Djakarta, and finally became Jakarta. The name change was influenced by the countries that occupied this region, such as Portugal, Netherlands, and Japan. Right now, Jakarta is more than a center of infrastructure, political, economic and business development. The city is also one of the favorite destinations to spend the holiday. This metropolitan city offers a variety of children's attractions aside from the shopping, cultural and culinary destinations.

Kid-Friendly Destinations in Jakarta

While Jakarta is relatively smaller compared to other provinces in Indonesia, it turns out to offer a variety of attractive holiday destinations. The city also has a number of fascinating kid-friendly destinations. Now, searching for Jakarta's tourist attractions is easier. These attractions are usually located around the city center which is easily accessible by a variety of transportation. There are multiple tourist attractions for kids in Jakarta. There are water parks, simple playground in parks, outdoor amusement parks, or indoor playgrounds. The indoor playground can usually be found in malls or modern shopping centers in Jakarta. However, if you want children to learn more about nature, going to the beach can be an alternative. To keep children comfortable, the tourist attractions in Jakarta usually induce special concepts and interiors. You can find a lot of places with unique designs, complete with tons of cute characters. In addition, these places are painted with bright colors to attract children’s attention. Moreover, most of the tourist attractions in Jakarta have been equipped with exciting rides. You can even find video game-based rides. These rides are entertaining and good for your child’s development. In addition, some rides can even train children's agility or speed.

The Recommended Kid-Friendly Destinations in Jakarta

Let’s invite your children to spend their vacation in Jakarta. Well, if you plan to let your child playing indoor, some of the following kid-friendly destinations in Jakarta can be used as a reference

Amazone Pluit Village

Located in Penjaringan area, Amazone Pluit Village is the best destination for your beloved family. Built with a unique design and concept, this kid-friendly attraction offers a variety of exciting and thrilling games. However, if you want to relax, there are several interesting arcades and video games you can play.

Don't forget to top up the Amazone card before playing. The top-up process can be done directly at the location. However, if you want to be practical, you can top up your balance through Traveloka. There are several top-up options, starting from Rp25,000 to Rp200,000. Using Traveloka, you can get a much cheaper price, you can even save up to Rp20,000!

Kidzania Jakarta

Kid-friendly attractions in Jakarta are not merely about playing arcade or video games. In fact, your Little One can both have fun and learn various things in Kidzania Jakarta. This thematic attraction has multiple rooms with amazing detail and qualified interior. You can find a pharmacy, police station, radio station, and even nugget factory. In this place, the children can play a variety of adult professions. Your child can express himself or herself by wearing special uniforms and professional equipment within a certain time limit. During that time, they can make something or do various things that is usually done by a professional.

Go book your Kidzania Jakarta ticket to enjoy all these educational attractions. If you don't want to bother waiting in line, you can get tickets easily and cheaply through Traveloka. During the weekdays, you only need to pay Rp159,750* per person. In Friday, you have to pay Rp143,500*, while on the weekends you can get an entrance ticket for Rp209,000 *.  All tickets can be selected for morning or evening sessions.

Timezone Kelapa Gading Mall 3

Aside from shopping, culinary, and other attraction, Mal Kelapa Gading 3 also provides a playground for children. This kid-friendly destination in Jakarta presents a variety of exciting rides, including arcades, video games, and other rides that require physical activity.

You need to top your Timezone card up to pamper the little one. With Traveloka, you can top up your balance from Rp200,000 to Rp500,000. Traveloka offers affordable prices for top-ups. You only have to pay half the price! You can even enjoy 5 to 20 games that use the non-redemption engine for free!

Miniapolis Lippo Mall Puri

Enjoy the excitement of traveling with your beloved children at Miniapolis Lippo Mall Puri. Operating since 2016, this kid-friendly destination in Jakarta has two areas: Fun Park and Trampoline Park. In Fun Park, your little one can play slides, wall nets, bath balls, even flying fox. While in the Trampoline Park area, your children are free to jump on the trampoline which is certainly very exciting.

To get cheaper entry tickets, buy it through the Traveloka application. No need to bother waiting in line, you are guaranteed to get a Miniapolis ticket easily. All you need to do is pay for the tickets for Rp81,000* (weekdays) and Rp144,000* (weekends and holidays). With these cheap tickets, the Little One can play to their heart's content in this kid-friendly destination in Jakarta.

* Ticket prices are subject to change

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