Osaka Prefecture

Osaka Prefecture


About Osaka Prefecture

Being the second-largest metropolitan city in Japan after Tokyo, Osaka offers numerous cultural heritage and historical sites alongside its majestic skyscrapers. For this reason, Osaka becomes one of the favorite tourist destinations among foreign visitors. Aside from its strong historical legacies, Osaka is also home to some modern attractions that is suitable for everyone, such as Universal Studios Japan, Osaka Aquarium, Osaka castle, Umeda Sky Building, and Minami Area. There are also city parks like Kema Sakuranomiya, Nagai, and Tennoji, where both local people and international tourists come to see the cherry blossoms in spring or the r...
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About Osaka Prefecture 

There are various tourist attractions in Osaka Prefecture that are very interesting to visit. One of the most popular is the Universal Studio Japan TM. This attraction offers many attractions, from those that trigger adrenaline to amazing performances. The Osaka Prefecture landscape is also very beautiful, making it a tourist destination that you can't miss. Osaka Prefecture is located on Honshu Island, the largest island in Japan. This area was formed on June 21, 1868, just after the Meiji Restoration. Previously, the Osaka Prefecture area was included in the provinces of Kawachi, Izumi, and Settsu. At present, Osaka Prefecture has five districts and 43 cities. Osaka Prefecture is the second smallest prefecture after Kagawa. The capital city is Osaka City, the largest city in the Kansai region. Osaka is one of the two urban prefectures in Japan besides Kyoto. In Osaka Prefecture is located in Kansai Airport, the second largest airport in Japan. An area of 735, 58 m2 is bordered by several regions, including Hyogo and Kyota in the north, Nara in the east, and Wakayama in the south. Meanwhile, the western part borders Osaka Bay. In the middle of this prefecture flows the water of the Yodo and Yamato rivers. In April 2012, 11% of the area in this prefecture was changed to a National Park. On the other hand, Osaka Prefecture is an area that is filled with various companies and factories, ranging from electronics, pharmaceuticals, heavy industry, food, and so on.

The Tourist Attraction In Osaka Prefecture

Universal Studios Japan™

One of the attractions of Osaka Prefecture is Universal Studios Japan. This playground has been opened since March 2001. Within an area of 39 hectares, there are many interesting playgrounds that you can try. One of the most popular is the Tokyo Disney Resort. Various interesting shows are also held regularly. In addition to fun attractions and game rides, visitors can also listen to filmmaking techniques such as Spiderman, The Terminator, Jurrasic Park, and so on. You can also boost your adrenaline with a hippogriff-shaped roller coaster, a pet character in a Harry Potter novel.

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

You can also visit Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, one of the largest aquariums in the world, located in Minato Ward, Osaka. The main attraction of this aquarium is the diversity of types of marine animals in it. Also, the aquarium design is beautiful and neat. Within this area, 15 aquariums present a variety of exciting things, ranging from species in the mysterious Pacific Ocean, cold Antarctica, and various other species. You can see the whale shark directly in the aquarium for 9x34 meters. The visitors can also witness the attraction of feeding fish which is impressive and unique.

Kuchu Teien Observatory

For those of you who are not afraid of heights, visit the Kuchu Teien Observatory. It will be a very memorable experience. The tourist attraction that was built in 1993 is located at the Umeda Sky Building. Kuchu no Teien itself means The Garden in the Sky. Here, you can enjoy views of Osaka to 360 degrees. This circular observation deck connects the two buildings, so it looks like it is floating. To get to the top point, you have to ride the escalator. You can visit this location, both during the day and night.

Harvest Hill

Harvest Hill is an interesting place that you can visit in Osaka Prefecture, precisely in the Sakai area. This tourism object is in the form of an agribusiness park with cool and green nuance. From downtown Osaka, you can reach this place in about one-hour drive. Some of the activities you can do at Harvest Hill include harvesting strawberries from the garden, making bread, or interacting with animals such as rabbits, turtles and foxes. In addition to harvesting strawberries, you can also taste various processed strawberries or buy souvenirs made from strawberries.

The Shitennoji Temple

Shitennoji Temple is a temple that stands on government development initiatives. It is interesting because individuals or families build most of the temples in Japan. In 593, the Shitennoji Temple became the centre of Buddhist learning in Osaka. There are also interesting tourist activities that can be done by visitors, among others, around the temple. As a building built for four kings, namely Kyoden-in, Hiden-in, Ryobyo-in, Seiyaku-in, this temple symbolises care for those who pray to it. Don't miss taking pictures at the Gojutou Pagoda. This five-level pagoda is a regional icon that looks very beautiful.

The Culinary In Osaka Prefecture

There are many traditional foods that you can find in Osaka Prefecture, including


Takoyaki is a traditional Japanese food that is well-known worldwide. This round snacks made of flour, eggs, with octopus inside. The taste is even more delicious with a sprinkling of katsuobushi, which is dried skipjack tuna fish shavings. Takoyaki should be eaten while it is still hot because it is tender and savoury.


You can also enjoy other foods, like okonomiyaki. The basic ingredients with takoyaki are almost the same, but the contents of okonomiyaki are cabbage, cheese, and various types of meat, both beef, pork, octopus, or squid. Because it's cooked in a flat-shaped skillet, okonomiyaki forms like pizza or martabak. The taste of this food is even better with the addition of mayonnaise, sauce, aonori, and katsuobushi.

Kitsune Udon

For those of you who will be visiting Osaka, don't miss the experience of tasting kitsune udon. As the best udon producer, Osaka has the restaurant Usami-tei Matsubaya which serves delicious kitsune udon. Udon is thick-textured wheat noodles. With broth mixed with pieces of aburaage (fried tofu), kitsune udon is a favourite food.

Momiji Tempura

One more food that must be tried while in Osaka Prefecture is Momiji tempura. It is the food that comes from maple leaves. The leaves are fried in flour. It feels a little sweet, salty on the bone of the leaf, crispy-shaped. You can only find Momiji tempura in Osaka, precisely Minoo City.

The Lodgings In Osaka Prefecture

There are many lodging options that you can find in Osaka Prefecture. Each offers different rates, ranging from cheap to luxurious. One of them, Swissotel Nankai Osaka. This five-star hotel offers a comfortable stay with a full range of amenities. There is also La'gent Hotel Osaka Bay, a three-star hotel located close to Universal Studio Japan. With an attractive and comfortable interior, the atmosphere to rest feels more pleasant and perfects your holiday experience.

Well, for those of you who are looking for lodging with practical, take advantage of the Traveloka application. There are many attractive accommodation options in Osaka Prefecture. With careful preparation, going on a vacation at tourist attractions in Osaka Prefecture will be even more enjoyable.