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JR Pass (Japan Rail Nationwide Coverage) Ordinary Car - Indonesia Only
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Japan Rail JR Pass for Whole Japan (Soekarno-Hatta Airport Pick Up) - Indonesia Only
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Discover the charms of Japan in 7, 14, or 21 consecutive days
Enjoy unlimited access on JR-operated transportations, including Shinkansen, airport train, rapid bus, ferry, and train lines that are part of the Japan Railways Group
Conveniently pick up your Exchange Order (MCO) at the airport in Indonesia and exchange it for your JR Pass in Japan!
Reserve a seat in a Green Car section to enjoy an executive travel experience with extra comfortable, spacious seating (Green Car JR Pass only)
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What You’ll Experience

This pass allows unlimited rides on all JR Shinkansen bullet trains, Limited Express trains, local trains, local buses, and other JR-operated transportation. Valid for 7, 14, or 21 consecutive days after the activation date, it's great value for those who want to visit major cities in Japan like Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Fukuoka, and more. Take advantage of this great offer to see a lot more for a lot less!

What is the Difference Between the Ordinary Car and the Green Car?

If you are on a limited budget or if you want a more efficient trip, the Ordinary Car offers great value. With the Ordinary Car, you also enjoy the convenience of not having to reserve seats before you get on the train, making transfer between trains much easier.

Travel comfortably on Ordinary cars with 2+3 or 2+2 seating layouts

Marked with the green clover symbol, the Green Car carriages of the train offer more spacious seating with bigger legroom for you to travel in comfort. It is also typically less crowded than the Ordinary Car, as all seats must be reserved before boarding, which you can do at the ticket office. Reservations can be done at the reservation center (Midori-no-madoguchi) or at a JR-associated travel agency sales office.

Get the Green Car ticket to enjoy more spacious and comfy seatings on the Green Car carriages  

In addition to that, with the Green Car pass, you can ride on both the Green Car and the Ordinary Car, while with the Ordinary Car pass, you can only ride on the Ordinary Car.

Travel as far as Hokkaido with your JR Pass to visit the beautiful flower fields in Furano

Visit Kanazawa or Takayama using your rail pass, then take a day trip to nearby Shirakawago

Your rail pass includes the JR West Miyajima Ferry that lets you witness this spectacular view

Coverage Area

Travel across Japan using most JR-operated transportation

How do I buy and use the JR Pass?

Select the JR Pass type you want. Then, select a date to pick up the Exchange Order at the airport in Indonesia. Before completing your purchase, make sure you have inputted your full name according to your passport. After you complete this purchase, you will receive a Traveloka E-Voucher.

The Traveloka E-Voucher MUST BE exchanged into an Exchange Order at Java Mifi Booth, Terminal 3, International Departure, Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Jakarta, 2nd Floor, (Operational Hours: 00:00 - 23:59).

Once you receive it, show the Exchange Order at the JR Exchange Office when you arrive in Japan to get the JR Pass. This exchange has to happen within 90 days after your purchase in Traveloka.

Bring your passport, the Exchange Order, and fill in the form. You must include the date you plan on using your JR Pass for the first time. Once received, you don't have to directly use the JR Pass. In fact, you can select any date to start using it as long as it is within 30 days of you receiving the JR Pass.

Location Details
1917-1 Chūzanchō, Kagoshima, 891-0105, Japan
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Additional Information

Check all the transportation options your JR Pass is valid for at 

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is JR Pass (Japan Rail Nationwide Coverage) Ordinary Car - Indonesia Only open?
JR Pass (Japan Rail Nationwide Coverage) Ordinary Car - Indonesia Only open at 00:00-23:59. For more information on operational days and hours, please find more on this page JR Pass (Japan Rail Nationwide Coverage) Ordinary Car - Indonesia Only.
Where is the details location of JR Pass (Japan Rail Nationwide Coverage) Ordinary Car - Indonesia Only?
JR Pass (Japan Rail Nationwide Coverage) Ordinary Car - Indonesia Only is located at Japan. Visit this page JR Pass (Japan Rail Nationwide Coverage) Ordinary Car - Indonesia Only for guidance on how to get to JR Pass (Japan Rail Nationwide Coverage) Ordinary Car - Indonesia Only.
What are some similar places like JR Pass (Japan Rail Nationwide Coverage) Ordinary Car - Indonesia Only that can be found in Kagoshima-shi?
Similar places like JR Pass (Japan Rail Nationwide Coverage) Ordinary Car - Indonesia Only that can be found in Kagoshima-shi are Tokyo Subway Ticket, Osaka Amazing Pass, dan JR - West Rail Pass.
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Mon, 00:00-23:59 (Last Redemption Time: 23:59)
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    More about JR Pass (Japan Rail Nationwide Coverage) Ordinary Car - Indonesia Only

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    More about JR Pass (Japan Rail Nationwide Coverage) Ordinary Car - Indonesia Only

    Visit Various Tourist Attractions in Japan with Japan Rail (JR) Pass

    As a high-income country, Japan has a sophisticated transportation system. This is proved by the existence of the Japan Rail (JR) Pass which is the main transportation mode in Japan. Japan has always been one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia. The Sakura Country's expertise in processing and combining cultural tourism and modern attractions is able to attract the interests of million tourists from all over the world, including Indonesia. Unfortunately, for most people, the price of public transportation tickets in Japan is considered to be too expensive. As an illustration, one-way train fare from Tokyo to Osaka is 1.8 million rupiahs! To avoid overspending, you can buy a Japan Rail (JR) Pass through Traveloka. With this ticket, you can use all transportation facilities that belong to Japan Rail for free. The price is very friendly, to use a regular JR Pass for 7 days, you only need to pay a 3.4million rupiah fee. If you already have a Japan Rail (JR) pocket, complete your holiday desires by visiting some of these cool attractions:

    Fushimi Inari Taisha and Kinkakuji Temple in Kyoto

    Japan is famous as the land of a million temples, and one of the best locations for "hunting" cool temples is Kyoto. At this location, you can find thousands of temples with high historical value that are believed to contain spiritual power. Fushimi Inari is a popular temple in Kyoto. Located in Mount Inari area, the temple is the center of about 40 thousand Inari shrines scattered across Japan. The uniqueness of this temple lies in the presence of ten thousand gates (Torii) at the entrance. The gate with bearing Buddhist silk verse is an offering to the God of Rice. Another temple that you must visit is Kinkaku-Ji. This spiritual tourism destination, which is built around the 13th century, has been recognized as a world cultural heritage by UNESCO. The main attraction of this temple is Kuol Rokuon aka "gold pavilion" that’s completely coated with real gold paper. The beauty of this temple is a picture of Japan’s glory in the past, especially in the era of Shogun Muromachi's rule.

    The densely populated Akihabara district in Tokyo

    The Japan Rail (JR) Pass also has a direct route to Akibahara district. For those who like anime, comics, knick-knacks, and Japanese idol groups souvenirs, this region is the center! In addition to shopping, there are many other activities you can do in the Akihabara district. First, you can visit the AKB 48 theater in the Donki area. As you know, this idol group is the "big sister" of the famous JKT 48 group in Indonesia. Satisfied watching AKB 48, you can stop by to Maid Cafes across various corners of Akihabara. One of the very popular Maid Cafe in this place is Mononopu. Last but not least, take your time to stop by Electronic Town in the center of the Akihabara area. This location is a center for electronic goods made in Japan that sells a variety of sophisticated products at low prices. There is no tax for products that are sold here! That is why the price is very affordable.

    Feel the Excitement of the Game at Legoland Nagoya

    Japan Rail (JR) Pass can also be used to visit Nagoya. This location is where the newly opened in 2017, Japanese Legoland was built. Legoland offers an integrated tourist sensation with a family-friendly concept. This amusement park is made from around 10 million pieces of lego which are divided into 7 super-wide areas. In addition to exhibiting various lego collections arranged to resemble famous buildings in Japan, this location also has numerous interesting tourist attractions, such as Splash Battle and Submarine Adventure. Uniquely, you can also find a variety of foods and snacks made to resemble lego, such as ice cream, sushi, and French fries.


    If you have plans to come to the Sakura Country in the near future, don't forget to buy the Japan Rail (JR) Pass through the Traveloka website and application.

    Following are the prices for a Japan Rail (JR) Pass entrance ticket:

    ● 7-day JR Pass - Easy Access: Rp3.449.389

    ● 14 Days JR Pass - Easy Access: Rp6.024.669

    ● 21-day JR Pass - Easy Access: Rp7.707.784

    ● 7 Days JR Pass Green - Easy Access: Rp5.049.345

    ● JR Pass Green 14 Days - Easy Access: Rp8.175.316

    ● JR Pass Green 21 Days - Easy Access: Rp10.632.456

    With this ticket, you can cut transportation costs while traveling around Japan. At Traveloka, you can get a Japan Rail (JR) Pass promotion every day!

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