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Explore Circus Lane with Edinburgh Professional Photographer

54 St Stephen St, Edinburgh EH3 5AL, UK
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Take pictures of you and your loved ones surrounded by Circus Lane's charming scenery
Get the help of a professional photographer to help you take photos from all the best angles and lightings
Receive 30 amazing, high resolution photos that you can download to post on your social media feed
Enjoy an exclusive 1-hour photo shoot session to capture your best moments

As one of Edinburgh's most scenic areas, the small neighborhood of Circus Lane is a hidden gem not to leave out of your itinerary when in the city. Known for its traditional brick houses and colorful shops, the cozy atmosphere here in Circus Lane will surely leave you in awe. Now with the help of SweetEscape photography, you can capture your best moments as you explore the many interesting corners of this historic lane. No need to worry about bringing a heavy camera or shaky hands and bad angles ever again and make memories with your friends, family, or partner with the help of professional photographers. Afterward, you'll receive 30 edited photos that you can keep and cherish forever!



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